Cao Wangfa’s speech level is really high, so it’s no wonder that he is so young and promoted step by step.

June 6, 2024

"President Cao is really well informed, so I won’t bother the employees when I do things by the way. Besides, it’s a private matter and it’s not appropriate for me to find employees to handle it."
Ji Shu, tell the truth. What kind of boss is this if you find an employee?
Cao Wangfa rolled his eyes and pointed to the desk newspaper. "Where am I well-informed? Look at the school magazine. It’s written in detail. Look at Song Qiaoqiao’s classmate’s photo of your office. Boss Ji is really amazing. Song Qiaoqiao’s article is rare."
Ji Shu thinks that Song Qiaoqiao is really following closely. This office has just finished, and all the reports in her school magazine are out. She is really amazing.
Ji Shu took the school magazine and read the report and found that Song Qiaoqiao’s writing was relatively neutral, and there was no criticism or prejudice. There was a little bit of affirmation in the lines.
The girl is beginning to understand.
People are not afraid of going astray, but they are afraid that one road will go black and scold other passers-by who don’t take this wrong road.
Ji Shu smiled. "Then President Cao should have no problem doing things today?"
Ji Shu handed his resignation letter and the contract he just got to him.
Cao Wangfa took it with his hands and looked at it with his eyes.
"It’s certainly no problem. Resignation will help you get paid immediately, but a boss as big as you doesn’t want that dozens of dollars."
Ji Shu snorted, "I am rare for a penny."
The richest man in Asia has to pick up and drop a dollar.
Cao Wangfa saw Ji Shu’s cold face and cold heart, and said nothing more. Continue to look at the materials and pull a face and smile. "In fact, general contractors are not school employees, but I will make an exception for you today! Why not? This contractor has also made great contributions to the school! "
Jishu had expected his remarks.
She took out a document from her purse and put it on Cao Wang’s desk.
"President Cao, you don’t do this favor anymore. Look at this. It’s just outsourced to the school through documents. Enterprises as legal persons and enterprises are stable, and employees and women can enjoy the school’s supporting medical care and education."
Cao Wangfa took the document and read it carefully. "Did this document pass yesterday?"
"Yes, it’s not well-informed that our library curator Zhang proposed that the school Committee pass President Cao. It seems that President Cao can’t send out human feelings. Business is business!"
It’s a gray area, and the former school contractor’s child is also enrolled in the middle school attached to Polytechnic University. Cao Wangfa just said that he wanted to borrow flowers to offer Buddha.
Exaggerate the difficulty of a simple thing first, and then say that you can solve it yourself. Isn’t that what you’re doing?
I didn’t expect Ji Shu to come prepared. Cao Wangfa’s face was green and embarrassed. It was extremely difficult to watch.
He can immediately put on a look of surprise. "Oh, that’s great! Boss Ji is really lucky, so this matter will not be an exception! "
Ji Shu didn’t want to tease him again when he saw that his forehead was sweating. He said, "By the way, I invited a new financial officer to check the accounts. Your personnel department gives subsidized meals to the school every month. Then she will come to check the number of people and the date. I heard that the meals spent by your department are much higher than those in our library. Let’s check. Haha, President Cao is not worried about whether people are afraid of the shadow, don’t you think?"
Ji Shu put the word audit very forcefully.
Cao Wangfa has more sweat on his forehead. He seems to be extremely hot in this winter.
Ji Shu went with a smile.
After this, Ji Shu regained his freedom and successfully left the library of Polytechnic University.
Now "Mama Cuisine" is closed, and the shop wants to sublet it.
Liu Caijuan, a stranger, is reluctant to rent it, so please ask Qian Guijun’s mother for an introduction.
Qian Guijun’s mother, Boss Xu, said that a women’s clothing store in Hanfang Street saw the photos and thought that the decoration was very foreign. She wanted to change it into a women’s clothing store and wanted to talk about the price with Ji Shu and Liu Caijuan.
Liu Caijuan said, "I really can’t bear to rent it to others to open a restaurant for fear of breaking it …"
Ji Shu knows that her mother is ambivalent and wants to make great efforts in the canteen industry, but she is reluctant to part with this well-decorated old women’s clothing store. The decoration is just right for her.
Because Ji Chang had already had a winter vacation, but she was holding and watching Liu Caijuan at home all day, she took him with her and wanted her children to go to Hanfang Street to buy some small toys.
Ji Chang seldom asks for toy food at ordinary times, but he has eaten less recently, and he is obsessed with popular science books such as 100,000 whats, The Secret of Pharaoh and Ten Unsolved Mysteries of Mankind.
Ji Shu is really worried that his brother will walk a little too fast on Xueba Road.
So the three of them took the bus together and went to Hanfang Street Road, talking and laughing, and they were very happy with their work.
Just after the car suddenly saw a group of people fighting near the car, the first one shouted "give me a beating!" Mom! "
Many people have already started to watch.
Ji Shu and Liu Caijuan were shocked that the fight was actually going to Ji Jiacun to find Ji Sanfu to collect debts Xu Gang.
He has hardly changed. It seems that he is still wearing last year’s navy blue cotton-padded clothes, and his face is dark. He is exposed to the sun all the year round.
Xu Gang and his companions surrounded a strong man in the wind.
"Call me!" Xu gang shouted
He was so bold that Ji Chang was frightened, but Ji Chang rushed to the front of Ji Shu and Liu Caijuan like a grown-up.
"I protect you!"
Ji Chang’s milk crisp voice came over to Ji Shu and smiled. "Oh, what are you afraid of? Let’s take a look at my good brother first and then protect us when you are older!"