Here’s what happened

June 6, 2024

Yamauchi of Rishanzaki Co., Ltd. and Nomura of Gao Qiao right Watanabe came to the lobby of Liu Jingjing, the "resplendent hotel", as the manager of the hotel public department, to meet with three Japanese people.
Three Japanese people said that they wanted to hold a commendation meeting for Yamazaki Co., Ltd., and Liu Jingjing of course agreed to come.
At the end of the discussion, Yamauchi suddenly asked members of Liu Jingjing Co., Ltd. to find five and six escort ladies and take them back to the hotel to spend the night.
Important Liu Jingjing dare not fooling around immediately refused.
It can be a benefit for Liu Jingjing to come out without giving up his repeated demands.
Liu Jingjing still can’t promise, but he changed his mind to ask for instructions.
At that time, the general manager of the hotel happened to be on a business trip abroad to inspect everything, and Ye Xiang presided over it.
Ye Xiang felt profitable after listening to Liu Jingjing’s report, so he asked Liu Jingjing to agree to the request of the mountainside.
Ye Xiang went to the hotel’s dance hall "Mommy" Chazhu to discuss and asked Chazhu to find a "escort" to take 1 yuan Chazhu’s reward from the income of every prostitute. Chazhu agreed, but it was difficult. There were not so many ladies in the hotel.
Chazhu has been a "mommy" for more than ten years, and she has a wide range of hands. In more than ten dance halls, "Mommy" went out to look for "Miss Escort" together, and more than three ladies were identified in less than two days.
Japan Yamazaki Co., Ltd. is a world-famous large enterprise in Japan, but it is the largest foreign company in this city with more than 300 employees per day and fewer than 10 thousand employees.
The members of Rishanqi Co., Ltd. first ate in a hotel to celebrate their success, and then went to the lobby of the "resplendent hotel" to hold a commendation ceremony. After the ceremony, the host of the company announced that the "escort" entered the banquet. More than three "escort" entered the banquet with two music accompaniment.
The "miss escort" who entered the venue sat down beside the members of the club and ate while these people chose.
After the banquet, the members of the club and the prostitutes left Guangdong Hotel and returned to the Congress Hotel by bus. About 185 prostitutes prostituted to the members of the club that night.
In this issue, the members of the club also planted the Japanese flag and were stopped by Liu Jingjing.
What Ye Xianghe and Liu Jingjing never imagined was that it was the day of national disaster, and Yamazaki Co., Ltd. was to provoke the feelings of the people of China!
Things leaked out, people’s feelings and anger were raging, and Ye Xiangcai knew that greed at the moment had become everyone in the country shouting to beat mice.
However, Ye Xiang is very alert. As soon as he hears the wind, he threatens to shut his own mouth. At the same time, the staff in the hotel call a dozen "moms" to shut up the ladies, otherwise no one will escape if something happens.
"That’s roughly what happened. I didn’t think it was a national disaster. I regret that I couldn’t come after sunrise. Ye Xiang wouldn’t let me talk nonsense. I dare not say that if it weren’t for Chairman Heng’s coercion, I wouldn’t say it now. It’s up to you!"
At this point, Liu Jingjing put a bleak look on his face, but he was still calm and waited for the waves to be disposed of
She knew that the waves were not from the police station, but might be radical to kill her and vent her anger.
After listening to Liu Jingjing’s expression, the waves stared at her quietly for a while, thinking about what to do with this woman. Obviously, Liu Jingjing is a dissolute and frivolous woman who can betray herself at great interest, but in this case, she is a criminal who never dies.
The waves thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Go!"
Liu Jingjing one leng doubt yourself listen to the wrong stare big eyes looking at the waves.
"Don’t tell anyone about what happened today. If you hear something, forget it. Remember not to tell!" Cold theory of sea waves
Jingjing’s heart seemed to have a premonition of what was going to happen. She glanced at the waves in dismay, got up and dressed and walked out of the room.
The waves were lost in deep thought.
Chapter 41 Chapter According to Identity
"Come in!"
Hear knocking at the door the waves also don’t lift freely said
He is sitting in the spacious and bright general manager’s office, looking out from the French window at the far end of the sea …
The door was pushed gently, and the beautiful chapter came in with a clever smile.