See Cheyenne driving Maibakh stepped on the gas pedal to Ferrari and rushed over. Before that, Cheyenne turned his head and smiled at Long Yue to show her good safety belt.

June 6, 2024

With a loud noise, the petite Ferrari was directly hit and slid far away, while Maibakh was a little shocked. Cheyenne seemed to feel unsatisfied and even ran over Ferrari again.
"Bastard, what are you doing!" Lan Tianjiao screamed at the back, but it’s a pity that he can’t come. Maibakh has already rode to Ferrari and deliberately angered the blue sky and repeatedly marched back and forth in Ferrari for a while, just like human beings want to step on stubborn cockroaches
A brand-new Ferrari sports car turned into a pile of scrap iron in an instant.
"The car’s safety is really good," Cheyenne turned to say to Long Yue, who had finished his stay, and backed up to meet Lan Tianjiao.
"Bastard, you ruined my Ferrari. I’ll make your life hell!" Blue sky jiao nu call way
Cheyenne gave a way "you don’t hurry to let me wish I were dead first. I won the bet between us, didn’t I? I can’t believe you beat me with that pile of junk. "
"Cheyenne, you have seed!" Lan Tianjiao said slowly that the silver teeth were almost broken.
"If you want to give up, I’ll pay for your Ferrari," said Cheyenne firmly.
"throw in the towel? You dream that you will wait for me to borrow a car and beat you! " Lantianjiao avenue
Cheyenne shook his head again and again. "I don’t have so many waves waiting for people. You’ve lost. Don’t you even have the courage to admit it?"
"How dare you make me admit defeat by destroying my car in such a despicable way?" Lan Tianjiao’s memory is almost mad, as if she had returned to her childhood. Cheyenne expected to dye her little white bear doll black.
"Well, who let me be your brother-in-law? I’ll let you take it as a draw this time," Cheyenne said with great generosity and then asked shyly, "Can you tell me your sister’s contact information? I haven’t seen her for a long time."
"You meet my sister? Don’t dream, I will never let my sister see you! " Blue sky jiao is almost roared and said
Cheyenne shrugged. "In that case, forget it …"
Maibakh ran off and ignored Lan Tianjiao and went on the rampage behind him.
Che Xia ‘an asked Long Yue, "Since you are selling stolen goods, can you help me get a cool sports car just now?"
"What price do you want?" Long Yue has seen the world, too. She has woken up from the shock just now and finished talking about business.
"Of course, it’s the top one. I can’t do it again like that. It’s beneath me." Cheyenne smacked his mouth and then added, "But to tell the truth, the pleasure of crushing is so cool."
Long Yue said, Nima, this is nonsense. How can you be upset that Ferrari is worth more than your Maibakh, but you have crushed it into slag?
Cheyenne continued to say to himself, "Seeing the blue sky and driving a luxury car and blue house should be very rich and expensive, so I can’t be too fall in price. It’s time for me to change my poor style after such a long time. After all, Ma is going to meet his childhood sweetheart, and if so, it will definitely be looked down upon."
"I’ll pay attention to the top sports car for you," Long Yue interrupted Cheyenne and said to himself.
Cheyenne nodded and said, "If it’s suitable, you can just limp directly."
It’s time to take a higher route. Xia Anxin thought that Lan Tianjiao suddenly appeared and made Cheyenne move forward into the fork-loading mode. All this was because of that special girl in her memory-Lan Tianfeng.
Chapter 8 God-level master rankings
Lan Tianfeng and Lan Tianjiao are twins, but they are completely opposite in character.
Cheyenne remembered that Lantian Phoenix was so gentle and lovely, and Cheyenne had seen Lantian Phoenix when she grew up in her previous life. On the contrary, Lantian Jiao’s character became more and more arrogant.
When Lan Tianjiao appeared, her previous life was different. Cheyenne didn’t know what the Lan sisters were doing in Shicheng, but Cheyenne decided to seize the opportunity to take the initiative to meet Lan Tianfeng. After Cheyenne was reborn, he didn’t take the initiative to find her, not forgetting Lan Tianfeng’s presence, but not wanting to destroy the beautiful feeling in his heart.
In the past, Cheyenne saw the Blue Sisters again through the game when their blue sky team killed the quartet. Now, Lan Tianjiao appeared so that Cheyenne could meet this childhood friend.
After Long Yue sent Cheyenne back, she drove away in Maibakh, which made Cheyenne very unhappy. If she really couldn’t trust women, she just said that she couldn’t drive. He almost believed it. Now it seems that it is nonsense.
Cheyenne took a taxi home, and his sense of loss doubled. When he went out, he drove a million luxury cars and went home, so he could take a Xiali taxi. The car that was robbed to Maibakh Cheyenne didn’t want to stay, but he couldn’t stay. That’s hard evidence. How could he keep it for Ma Junyan to frame him?
Ma Junyan will never let Cheyenne go. Even Cheyenne knows this, and Cheyenne did it on purpose. The reason is very simple. Cheyenne has seen through Ma Junyan’s temperament. He can win the favor of such a beautiful teacher as Yue-xin Lin by disguising himself. There is still some talent. Cheyenne is afraid that Ma Junyan will take the initiative to attack Yue-xin Lin and pull the hate value to himself.
See what a great man I am! Cheyenne thought that it’s a pity that he forgot to provoke all this because he didn’t control his color heart and kissed his girlfriend openly. Of course, even if Cheyenne realized this, he would admit that he helped a beautiful and kind female teacher to see through a hypocritical pervert.
When I got home, Cheyenne told Wang Lame to help him get some window dressing things, such as a mansion and a high-end club membership card. Wang Lame is deeply involved in this business, which can be seen from the steaming day of his real estate company.
Shortly after entering the game, Cheyenne was summoned by Bai Mengyan, saying that a team was to be formally established and Cheyenne was required to rush there immediately.
Most of the staff of Sirius City Sirius Cliff Pig Ring Association came here to witness the important moment of the establishment of their guild team. Although they still resent the name of this guild team, this does not affect their reverence for the core god and devil and their expectations for the future of the pig ring team.
Cheyenne’s appearance immediately became the focus of public attention.
"The big devil, the big devil, we want the big devil!" A group of noisy kids shouted.
Cheyenne waved his name as the Big Devil, which immediately caused a scream and a flash of light. Although the Pig Association had long known that its vice president Zunbao was the Big Devil, the members of the Pig Association were still excited when Cheyenne appeared with the name of the Big Devil.
"This product is so hateful that it stole my fans!" Aunt plane envy envy hate said
The God Storm poked the plane aunt and said, "Do you think we should ambush this cargo together later? If we put that scene on the net, it will definitely make our group famous."
Bai Mengyan could hear her eyes pumping around these two goods. Although the idea of these two goods was very dangerous, she would still silently order a compliment. It was Cheyenne’s expression that made her want to slap the goods.
How tall the name of the Great Devil is, but it is even more terrible that this product has lowered it to the level of grassroots star. This is the core god of the pig ring association in the future. Bai Mengyan is deeply worried about this. She doubts that this product will take the pig ring association to any sewer.
It’s a pity that Bai Mengyan has no ability to change this, because she has 5 dregs in fighting capacity.
"Stop showing off and come here quickly!" Bai Mengyan sent a bad message.
Cheyenne came to Bai Mengyan’s party slowly, and then Bai Mengyan made a great speech, and then announced the preliminary team list. Bai Mengyan also consulted Cheyenne. There are five members, namely Zunbao (the Great Devil), Yan Que, an alien aunt, the God Storm Knife.
There is no tactical style in this list, but it lists the top five players in the pig ring guild at present, and no one disputes it.
Bai Mengyan looked at the members of the Pig Ring Association and said, "These five people are confirmed team members. You know that a team needs at least five members to be registered, but if we want to go further, we need more experts to participate in the final championship trophy. I will form a team reserve. Anyone who wants to join the team can participate. We will eventually choose the most outstanding player to join the team!"
"In the pig ring association, if you are willing to work hard and have strength, you will not be afraid of being buried! Please work together to create a beautiful day belonging to our guild! " Bai Mengyan was very mechanized and encouraged this speech.
Cheyenne, listening to Bai Mengyan’s big talk, confides that it is dangerous to qualify from the preliminary elimination because they are not the champion at present. After all, no matter how strong he is, how can he compete with those super teams?
A super team needs not only masters, but also accurate tactics. Don’t just pull five god-level masters to form a team to be a natural enemy. That’s impossible. Cheyenne reborn people have seen those super teams in previous lives, and they are whiter than people. Now the Pig Ring Association is simply vulnerable.
Of course, because it is the first league season, all teams are still in the exploratory stage, and Cheyenne’s memory can help the pig ring association take the lead at this time.
Cheyenne was thinking about the time to show that he had something to talk to.
"You come to the company sometimes. Xiashang. com is about to be officially embedded in the game official. You said that we have already finished the ranking of the top players." Zou Yu started to sound.
"God level master list done? Who is ranked first? Is it me? " Cheyenne is delighted to ask questions to be continued.
Chapter 83 Exposure of Core Secrets
Cheyenne is obviously more concerned about the ranking of God-level masters.
Zou Yu heard at the other end of the conversation that he was secretly angry that the note point of this goods was wrong. The embedding of Xiashang. com is the most important thing, okay? Will you pay attention to the list of top players first?
"I want to know if I come and see it!" Zou Yu hung up hard.