"Go on," Yan Liang increasingly felt that there was something hidden.

June 5, 2024

"Miss Su, she doesn’t go out and doesn’t associate with her neighbors. The neighbors have never seen her except me. She knows that there is a girl living in that courtyard." The woman really said that it doesn’t seem like lying.
"Is she alone?" If a person is pregnant
"Well, yes, she lives there alone, but I heard someone talking in the courtyard when I got up in the middle of the night and went to the toilet. Sometimes it was a man’s voice and sometimes it was a woman’s voice. I couldn’t tell the difference between the man and the woman. My old man said that I had met a ghost, which scared me to go to the toilet in the middle of the night for nearly two months." Speaking of this woman, she was concerned.
"More than once?" Yan Liang narrowed his eyes and really had something to hide.
"Yeah, that’s right." The woman nodded.
"When did she come to Liucheng? Are you sure you’ve never seen anyone come in or out of her house? Have you talked to her? " There must be a man, otherwise how could she get pregnant?
"A year ago, it was definitely a year ago. There was an old couple in front of my east yard. They took them away from home when they became their own children. It was not more than half a month after they came. This Sue girl moved in. I talked to her once, and I didn’t know if anyone named Su Yu had been in her house. I really didn’t see it, but the sounds were very real." Although her old man said that she was a ghost, she still remembered clearly.
"Did she ever say where she is from? Can you hear it from the accent? " A year ago, outsiders came to Liucheng. No relatives or friends came here?
"She didn’t say where her hometown is, but she speaks softly and looks weak, but she looks like a rich girl." This is the fact that the body did not come from a poor family
"I need you to look at a corpse for final identification and then take us to her home. You will get a reward of two taels of silver." Yan Liang is clear.
"Look at the body?" The woman looked frightened.
"If you don’t look at the gratuity, you can’t get it." The temperature of Yan Liangxian is negative with both hands.
"Okay," the woman took two deep breaths and agreed.
"Li Dao took her to see the body" will make progress if it can be finally identified.
"Yes, come with me." Li Dao turned to lead the way and the woman followed.
Although they seem to have made progress from Yan Liang’s frown, they have fallen into the alley again
"Always enter her house in the middle of the night. It seems that this man has a bad appearance." Weiyuan looked at Yan Liang lightly.
"Report think it’s like? Cheating? This girl is kept by him, and it is not easy for his family to know about it. "At present, this is the most likely."
"But she just said that in addition to hearing men talk, she also heard women’s voices. This girl named Su is soft and weak, and even if she talks, she will not be heard by the partition wall." There is another woman besides a man.
"Need to go to her home." Maybe she can find something at home.
Wei Yuan can’t be ignored. He seems indifferent, but he is very enthusiastic according to the present situation.
But for a moment Li Dao came out with a woman in shock.
"Confirmed is the Sue girl who lives in her east yard" Li Dao also breathed a sigh of relief and finally made progress.
"Give her money to take us there." Yan Liang’s hands are negative and the momentum is super strong.
A group of people from the yamen led the way by women walked towards Dongmin Lane in Liucheng, and all of them avoided it, not only talking about the discovery of a woman corpse yesterday, but also talking about it as if it stood out from the crowd.
Yesterday, outsiders at the city gate saw the king of Weijun boasting about heaven and earth, but many people still didn’t believe it.
But today, I finally met a real person, and I realized that those people boasted that they were not really human.
"I can’t conceive by myself. There must be a man who often goes in and out of her house, but if he walks by, he will leave a trace. Don’t worry, he can definitely find it." Ning Xiaoyue believes that with Yan Liang’s experience in handling cases, the case must be easy to find.
"It’s too early to be sure now. Some men secretly raise women outside, afraid of being found at home. They have always been packed up and left no trace." Yan Liang felt that it might not be easy.
"It seems that you have seen a lot of emperors, but there are a few adults who do this kind of thing, but it is also well known that Mrs. Big Room keeps her eyes open and doesn’t want to make it too ugly." If so, men are all a virtue
"That’s because they don’t have the ability to open their eyes and close their eyes." Yan Liang was very disdainful.
"What will you do if you catch the head?" Weiyuanyin is interested in coming from behind.
"She didn’t have the chance to be afraid of her death, not to mention that raising a woman and a kitten and puppy depends on her consent." Ning Xiaoyue absolutely believes that if Yan Liang really dares to do that, she will directly break his legs and let him be a basket case.
Yan Liang glanced at NingXiaoYue’s expression.
Weiyuan slightly a-then said, "I forgot about this. Yan’s catching head and Shuo have an engagement." Although Shuo is a small arresting officer in Shuntianfu, he is very famous because he has a famous Da Die.
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"It turns out that Yan Catcher has an engagement. Congratulations." Before leaving, Li Dao could hear the smell speech and quickly turned back to congratulate Yan Liang.
Looking at him, Yan Liang looked back and didn’t hear it.
Li Dao one leng to NingXiaoYue chuckle.