The general team performed badly.

June 4, 2024

After the game, almost all of England was flooded with reports of Chelsea’s defeat, which was a great news and good news for other media. After all, neither the media nor the fans wanted the League of Nations to be monopolized by a team. If the team didn’t support itself, it wouldn’t have performed so well before Chelsea, which made Manchester United unable to see the hope of catching up. Now they have lost and made mistakes. Some media lamented that it is still in suspense to recognize the title of the league season.
The only thing that can compete with Chelsea is Manchester United
Manchester United performed quite well. After eleven rounds of the league, they were 8 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws, four points less than Chelsea. In previous years, the results were absolutely quite good, but they were even stronger than Chelsea in the crazy season, but they were four points behind Chelsea in the season. This shows that Chelsea is strong and can know what it is to see Chelsea lose. Many media and fans will pay so much attention to it.
Many people give Chelsea advice.
Most of these suggestions are related to the transfer issue. Experts, commentators and the media all agree that Chelsea should strengthen the right defense and buy an excellent right back. If Mourinho coached them, they would not do so, because Mourinho has always been very opinionated, but he will not listen to the media.
But the Israeli is different. He will probably make some reference to the media opinions, or more importantly, Abramovich will know about this game, and the Russians will definitely consider buying a right-back to supplement the key point. The reason is that Russians don’t believe Grant. Everyone knows that Grant is just lucky to take over Chelsea. If there is a good replacement, he will not stay in the position of head coach for long.
In the vigorous report, the Premier League soon ushered in the twelfth round of Chelsea’s home game against newly promoted Ma Watford.
This game caused quite a lot of attention.
The key is that Chelsea lost in the first round, and many people changed their starting lineup in the round. When the team started, the right back became Geremi.
Leila and Paula Luz made a fool of themselves at White Hart Lane, and it is Geremi that Chelsea can take this place again.
In the summer, Geremi was not sold by Chelsea. Perhaps because Geremi was a midfielder, he was somewhat marginalized in the team, but some people thought that Geremi could play a lot of positions, so it was better to let him stay in the team to supplement the depth of the bench, so Geremi was not sold.
Now that Geremi has him, he has become the team’s starting right-back. The former Real Madrid player did well in the previous game, with five games and three assists, but he is not really the ideal answer for Chelsea on the right.
Geremi was appointed for the first time in the new season. He vowed that "Chelsea will never despise the fact of the opponent’s Carling Cup. We have always been serious and will do our best for every opponent."
Geremi must be serious.
Both Villa and Watford were not on the wing, and Geremi got a good performance. Chelsea’s right attack was all arranged by him. In the seventh minute, he gave Zhang Tiehan a chance to shoot. In the 69th minute, he scored a hat-trick directly from Drogba.
5: Chelsea won Waterford
Geremi did well. He helped Chelsea win the league and Chelsea won the 11th league game. After the game, the media gave Geremi a good evaluation. But obviously, Chelsea is not the kind of team that will find a replacement. Geremi is not a pure right-back. Chelsea is likely to find a replacement in the winter.
Soon there were media reports that Chelsea were going to snap up Sino-Japanese club in winter. Nigerian rookie Salami, an 18-year-old Nigerian, was a good killer on the right.
Three days after this report, the league ushered in the thirteenth round.
It was an accident that the victory over West Ham United made many media and fans admit defeat to Tottenham. Chelsea is still the same Chelsea, but no one thought that Chelsea didn’t win the game again.
This score surprised many people as soon as it came out.
Chapter five hundred and one War is just around the corner
No one expected that Chelsea would lose against West Ham United. Chelsea was the league leader and West Ham United ranked third from the bottom in the league. The media didn’t expect West Ham United to stop Chelsea from beating Watford just now.
West Ham United is the talk team in the Premier League this season, but not because of their achievements, but because they are being acquired by foreign investors as a whole.
The deal was just completed before the match between the two teams.
The acquisition of West Ham United has been raging in the summer, and the consortium led by Icelandic magnuson and Iranian Huo Braczin has been fighting in the dark.
It seems that it is more hopeful for Argentine binary star to transfer to West Ham United to fund Huo Braczin consortium. However, when the two sides speculated West Ham United shares at 41 pounds per share, Huo Braczin lost to magnuson and the Icelandic consortium had the last laugh. At last, after holding 83% of West Ham United shares, the Icelanders took this 111-year-old Premier League club into their arms at 850,000 pounds.
However, the consortium will also bear the current debt of West Ham United up to 50,000 pounds.
At the same time, Premier League West Ham United officially announced that they have reached an agreement with the first Icelandic consortium in magnuson, eggert, which will acquire the club as a whole with 850,000 pounds (about 16.1 billion US dollars) as the new owner of the Hammer Gang.
West Ham United became the sixth English football club to fall into foreign hands after Chelsea, Manchester United, Portsmouth, Fulham and Aston Villa.
After the completion of the acquisition, magnuson will replace Terry Brown as the new president of West Ham United, after which he must resign as the president of Icelandic Football Association and a member of UEFA Executive Committee.
In fact, magnuson is not the main force of this acquisition. At the press conference, he admitted that he had received great support from his good friend and Icelandic billionaire Goodman Manson.
According to the ranking of foreign rich people living in England published by Britain last year, Goodman Manson ranked 13th with assets of 59.8 billion pounds. Although French Chelsea boss Abu competes, it is enough to run a football club.
"It’s very important that Mr. Goodman put in, and West Ham United will enter a brand-new stage," magnuson said proudly.
However, judging from the foreign capital’s involvement in Premier League clubs in the past, it is a real problem for the Icelandic consortium led by magnuson and Goodmanson to change the situation that the Hammers are wandering around the relegation zone of the Premier League.
Magnuson said that he had been waiting for this day for a long time. He hoped to lead the team to regain its glory in the 1960 s. Although the purchase price was 850,000 pounds, magnuson actually had to contribute 100 million pounds in the end because he had to pay back the debts owed by the club now, but he thought it was worth all the efforts.
However, when magnuson Taixiham United has suffered seven defeats in the first round of the new season, head coach Pardew has been questioned, but magnuson said that he would support Pardew in maintaining the club’s selection and training of young players. In addition, magnuson also plans to move the club’s current home stadium, Upton Park, to the Olympic Stadium after the London Olympic Games in one year.
All these news have made West Ham United the focus team in England. Perhaps English fans have become accustomed to the fact that their national clubs have been funded by foreign capital. When Chelsea succeeded, I don’t know how many fans denounced Chelsea as a’ pound team’, but if they like the team and become a pound team, the fans will not refuse to bring one big-name star to their own team.
All the fans of West Ham United are looking forward to the capital injection of the club into a foreign club, but the performance of West Ham United has been ups and downs in history. If there is a large capital injection, maybe they can become a top team.
It is against this background that the game between Chelsea and West Ham United began.
As a game against Manchester United, Zhang Tiehan and Drogba Makelele were not included in the squad, Grant and other players formed a team to deal with West Ham United.
He thinks it’s enough
The media also think enough. Now Chelsea is strong enough. Even without Zhang Tiehan, Makelele and Drogba, there are other excellent players who are absolutely overwhelming to West Ham United. But in the end, Chelsea drew with West Ham United at home. In the second half of the game, Chelsea almost kept attacking around the goal of West Ham United, but still failed to score.
Game 1:1
This is Chelsea’s second game in three rounds.
After the game, it’s hard for Chelsea media to find excuses. There are many excuses from outside Chelsea media.
"When Zhang is out, Chelsea is almost a different team. They lose goal efficiency, delicate cooperation and everything they are good at. They have rough football …"
In this analysis, Zhang Tiehan is promoted to a certain extent, while Chelsea as a whole is degraded to a certain extent. At the same time, there is a small market for this argument, and those teams that lost to Chelsea all think that the analysis is correct.
Chelsea scored an average of two more goals when Zhang Tiehan didn’t play, which directly helped Chelsea win the game. Without Zhang Tiehan, Chelsea became a real Chelsea without Mourinho’s defensive attack and could not fight.
This is Chelsea’s face.
So some football commentators said that Chelsea would fall into a second-rate team without Zhang Tiehan, and Zhang Tiehan was the only right choice Abramovich made in the summer.
This argument is probably quite marketable.
However, no matter what the media say, Chelsea or Chelsea Grant wants to transform Chelsea, which may take a season or even longer. After all, he has not mastered the team well enough, and he has not proved that he is not strong enough in any team. Even if Chelsea players listen to him, it is definitely a huge project to transform Chelsea. It is still a tight schedule of the league, and it is impossible to complete it in a short time. The main reason is that he came to Chelsea too late and the summer transfer is coming soon. It is very difficult for Grant to do something.
After the game against West Ham, many media talked about Chelsea and began to talk about a round of’ English Derby’ between Chelsea and Manchester United. At the same time, the news from Chelsea Club was related to the winter transfer.
Chelsea revealed that West Ham had contacted them a few days ago to ask about buying Wright-Phillips.