At this time, this figure is still surrounded by three true meanings … repression, protection and disillusionment!

June 4, 2024

"This is the core of the Poison King Mountain?"
Yuan Heng, who stood in the air, took a deep breath and didn’t do anything else. He immediately took out a drop of holy water and swallowed it.
"I don’t know if I can earn it back this time?"
Wry smile looked at his body in such a mess, hurriedly run the infinite force of nature to repair the body.
After giving Nu Wa nearly half of the stock, his remaining holy water is running out.
Every drop is very precious, even in the land of nature, it takes a whole amount of robbery to produce a drop!
"It is a good thing with the name of holy water. This effect is really nothing to say!"
Feel the body has been seriously injured in the body, but in a short period of time, it was instantly bridged by the strange force poured out by the holy water of this place, which made Yuan Heng burst into admiration.
"However, I have to say, sure enough, want to grow strong. Do you have to learn to be beaten first? "
Feel the body was strong in this short moment so a line, yuan heng also can’t help but smile.
Sure enough, this way of physical cultivation, combined with appropriate beatings, is the shortcut to rapid progress.
After a sigh, look down directly from mid-air.
To Yuan Heng’s surprise, there was no poisonous fog that was ubiquitous enough to poison everything in the middle of China!
"Hey, strange!"
A strange feeling passed through my heart, but it dispersed again at a speed beyond Yuan Heng’s imagination. If Yuan Heng hadn’t set foot on a realm of will and an empty mind, he might have thought it was just an illusion.
Shook his head, Yuan Heng ignored it, then descended from the air and set foot on this vast world that seems to be isolated from the universe.
Ignore the sudden pressure of the whole body, which can turn any Taiyi Golden Fairy into nothingness, and make the ordinary pick god create a horrible oppression, and directly set foot on the earth.
This is a strange world, if it weren’t for Yuan Heng, you could still feel the ubiquitous avenue. He thought he had come to a world different from the universe.
Cut it!
Crushed the fallen leaves that filled the ground and walked in this strange mountain forest.
Looking at these leaves and those seemingly ordinary trees, Yuan Heng always feels a little strange. Obviously, it’s just ordinary leaves without any spiritual power …
"There is no spiritual force …"
"Ordinary leaves?"
Yuan heng suddenly startled, what is this?
In this kind of oppression that is enough to crush Taiyi Jin Xian into nothingness, and make the ordinary pick gods suffer. There will be "ordinary" leaves?
Unbelievable rubbed his eyes, picked up a leaf, and his eyes flashed with divine light. Yes, it’s really ordinary leaves …
Silently recruited Genesis, collected all the fallen leaves on the ground, and then uprooted and took away a large forest.
Anyway, no matter what, there is still a small world at home that acts as a magic weapon for storing things. Even if it is useless, this "ordinary" tree is the only one in today’s wilderness, right?
After Yuan Heng did not move on, but closed his eyes for a moment.
"Sure enough!"
Yuan Heng shook his head and felt the void wall. Time and space were solidified for it. Yuan Heng knew that here, you don’t want to teleport, let alone the big shift of space. Even Yuan Heng didn’t understand the life-saving avatar for a long time. Time and space can’t be moved.
Yuan Heng didn’t expect that the earth’s life-saving ability, which had just been realized, had not been used so much, and it was so useless.
Thought of here, Yuan Heng condensed his mind, and God’s eyes pierced the void.
The avenue of time and space is everywhere. How difficult is it to completely isolate it?
Although because of Yuan Heng at this time, it is not too deep to dabble in time and space together, it is unimaginable for Yuan Heng to move his time and space and block it.
"eh? What’s the matter? "
After step by step, Yuan Heng looked around in astonishment at the strange mutation environment, as if he were surrounded by boundless dreamy starry sky.
God’s pupil is in full swing, and instantly he wants to see through all obstacles to psychedelic, until the essence …
A little bit of blood flowed from the corners of the mouth …
"What’s this all about?"
Regardless of the blood of the corners of the mouth, Yuan Heng was startled to see that it was still a starry sky.
His injury was not serious, but in an instant, he returned to his peak.
Enough to see through all the false eyes in the world, it was broken for the first time without any resistance!
One second ago, it was still a boundless and desolate land;
Step by step, but it has become surrounded by the Milky Way, in the boundless starry sky!
Yuan heng is very confident, and he is definitely not in a dreamland at this time. He still has this confidence.
The first heavenly fiend was born with the power of the will of the avenue, and Yuan Heng summarized it into five realms through his own feelings.
As long as you can get rid of the mortal world and enter the realm of one mind, you are always in a spiritual realm that you can’t afford to miss the vanity mirror.
In this realm, let alone an illusion, even a wisp of invisible dust can’t escape the insight of practitioners in this realm.
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In the realm of normalization, Yuan Heng can no longer explain the abnormity in detail, which can be explained by the inexplicable, unpredictable, infinite and mysterious.