Whether this idea is crazy or proud may have been successful for nine days, but Zhang Tao is not satisfied that Zhang Tao wants to become a god or resurrect the moon eyebrow.

June 4, 2024

The banquet was attended by celebrities from the mainland of Atlanta. They all wanted to know Zhang Tao in this way. It was an honor. Zhang Tao felt that he didn’t want to laugh again this night.
Holding a cup of rare fruit and wine, Zhang Tao, the so-called observation deck in the mainland of Atlanta, looks at the unique night view of the mainland of Atlanta, and the night wind blows Zhang Tao’s long black hair. This rare white robe in the mainland of Atlanta with Zhang Tao temperament is definitely a trace of intoxication in the rippling night.
"Master Zhang Fu" Philina also came up with a glass of wine. Today, she is beautiful. The moonlight red evening gift sets off her charm. The blue gemstone is like a deep rippling eye in the stars, as if the sea wave is hitting a man’s desire dam.
"Philina" Zhang Tao smiled politely. Nowadays, no matter how stunning and enchanting the stunner is in front of Zhang Tao, only the moon eyebrows and other love surround my heart.
"Thank you, Lord Zhang, for saving the continent of Atlantis." Philina is so beautiful when she is slightly drunk and blushing.
Zhang Tao smiled indifferently. "You said this sentence." It is by no means that she came here alone to say this gratitude to her feelings. Zhang Tao believes that she has made it very clear.
"Master Zhang" Philina gently called, which made Zhang Tao feel a slight swing in his heart, but it was only a moment’s feeling. "Call me Zhang Tao, Philina, and you and I are friends, aren’t you?"
"Well, Zhang Tao, I want to ask who killed my teacher?" This is the order of Felina.
Zhang Tao was silent. "I said that you are not an opponent now. What you need is to practice hard."
"Zhang Tao, are you no match?" Philina suddenly asked a question that surprised Zhang Tao, but Zhang Tao didn’t hide it. "Yes, I’m not sure I will beat it."
"Then I know that I didn’t surpass my teacher, and I won’t take revenge." Philina firmly made Zhang Tao move the truth. Zhang Tao wanted to tell Philina the truth. This black dress person will inevitably become a threat to Dongyue mainland in the future, but Zhang Tao finally didn’t have a mouth. He didn’t want Philina to despair.
"Are you leaving tomorrow?" Philina bifurcation Fante this topic speak ask her so quietly looking at Zhang Tao profile seems difficult to move her beautiful eyes.
Zhang Tao turned and took out his glass and touched Philina gently. "Good Dongyue mainland still has many things to deal with."
"Master Raffley needs three days to rebuild the magic circle again and let you go back. Maybe # # # needs to wait for one more day." Philina’s words made Zhang Tao one leng. "What? Is it the third day since I came to Atlanta? "
"Because" Felina was embarrassed, Zhang Tao suddenly became white. "Because they don’t recognize that I can solve the trouble here without preparing for the magic circle, right?"
See Philippine liana also intends to explain Zhang Tao smiled gently "well, I understand that it’s not a big deal and I’m happy to stay here for a few more days". It’s a surprise to see Zhang. Philippines liana smiled and chatted happily with Zhang Tao.
But at this time, the blood Haitang in JIU ge Fu is dignified and dignified. She is holding an intelligence in her hand, kneeling with a dark blade. Obviously, this information is brought back by a dark blade.
"Withdraw all people and continue to inform the Lord that we must find the Lord quickly," said Blood Begonia with great efficiency.
"Is the Chinese flowering crabapple’s adult" The dark blade man finished and disappeared in the blood. Chinese flowering crabapple’s eyes were full of worries "Zhang Tao, where are you? Come back soon, something has happened. "
In Zhang Taoren, it is impossible to eat, drink, and be merry in the mainland of Atlanta without a servant prophet.
There are many things here that Dongyue mainland does not have, but waiting for Raffley to prepare the magic circle is necessary, so you can return to Dongyue mainland when the magic circle completes a delivery, and there is no need to fly back or take a boat wave.
On the third day, the magic circle was re-completed, and Zhang Tao finally left this hospitable land. The Pope and others personally sent it, which is definitely a privilege.
After Zhang Tao fuels, Raffley starts the magic circle. Suddenly, the silver light flashes, and everything disappears in front of Zhang Tao’s eyes. Finally, I can see Philena’s firm eyes.
Although Zhang Tao can’t tell her the truth, Zhang Tao knows that the continent of Atlantis will rise again in the future, and a top master of magic and martial arts may even surpass Fante.
Zhang Taoren returned to the mainland of Dongyue, but Raffley didn’t follow, but let Zhang Taoyu say that this is not a vast country but an overseas land. "I still have to fly back. Chapter 7 Giant Chapter 31 Great loss.
It seems that it is fixed to send it to Atlantis mainland because there are laws and wizards to prepare it, but it is random to send it to Dongyue mainland because there is no one to guide it, even if it is Zhang Tao, it has to be rushed back first.
But Zhang Tao looked at everything around him and had to lament what was going on. Because the samurai around Zhang Tao are all ferocious and murderous, it is obviously not a kind generation. Zhang Tao was directly sent to the mountain thief’s nest.
"Where are the immortals?" At this time, a topless # # # hairy man came along with a huge axe, and a leopard followed behind him, but it was many times larger than the ordinary leopard, and it looked even more fierce and daunting.
"That’s the man," said a bystander, pointing to him, and then he was slapped by the boss and flew out. "Fart fairy?" Isn’t this a martial artist? "