A color Se vortex with a diameter of more than fifty feet appeared out of thin air around Xiao Wen, frantically sucking everything in, and even the weeds on the ground were madly rolled up!

June 3, 2024

In the center of the whirlpool, Xiao asked about being short and bending his legs, even pressing his hand on an empty plane!
Under the feet and palms, it quickly became porcelain, and Xiao asked fiercely to stare, and his hands and feet made efforts at the same time!
Xiao asked to play her out directly into the air ahead. Because the speed was too fast, there was a faint white fog around him, and the whole person was like rushing forward wrapped in a layer of fog.
Dun colt fierce a stare that day, and then watched xiao asked like shells from the sky!
When I hit my nose, the horse’s mouth was shaken by the airflow, and I opened my hooves and rushed forward.
Xiao asked Ling to pounce empty-handed, and saw that he was getting closer and closer to Tiandun colt. When he was more than a hundred feet away, he stretched out his right arm and grabbed it far ahead.
Zijin’s giant hand appeared, which was thirty-four feet in size. It was like the palm of the Buddha’s hand covering the colt that day, and it was a bit like a child catching crickets …
Ninety thousand people saw it clearly through Xiao Wen’s eyes, and nervously said, "We must seize it, we must seize it!"
Xiao asked did not dare to answer. Put all the j and jīng forces on the flight and the purple and gold giant hands.
At this time, his speed is similar to that of Tian Dun Pony, even a little faster, and he can completely control the giant hand to cover Tian Dun Pony. Because all of them are extremely fast, he has the illusion that neither he nor Tian Dunju actually moved much. But in fact, they are all moving at a super-high speed. Even the giant Zijin hand, from appearance to filming, seems to have just flown down more than a hundred feet, but in fact it has already crossed more than ten miles on the ground!
"Mao! !”
Zijin’s giant hand finally buckled to the ground, but. On that day, I rushed out in advance!
It can be seen that Dunju was also startled that day, and when he escaped, he ran forward even harder, almost tapping out all his potential.
As a result, its speed has increased a lot again. Even if Xiao Wen has used the flashing rainbow to escape, he is still chasing further and further.
Is there any justice in this? !
Xiao asked vaguely can feel it. On that day, escaping from the colt was the cultivation of Xianhao realm at most. Arguably, he is a high-order fairy, and after using the flashing rainbow, his speed is even faster than that of most fairy kings in Tianlan demon world. How can he not catch up with heaven and escape from colts? But that’s the truth, he just can’t catch up with …
It is said in the "Qi Dian" that this day Dunju is the fastest monster beast in Tianlan demon world, ranking first in the world. Sure enough, it is not fake.
"What are you doing running so fast? I don’t fucking want your life, just let some blood go! If you have anything you want, I can exchange it with you! " While chasing, xiao asked roar a way.
As a result, Dunju didn’t seem to understand what Xiao asked at all that day. The eyes changed slightly, but the speed did not decrease at all. It can be seen that it is now like a deer, and it is probably the first time in history that it has fallen into this danger.
"Sister, you come!" Xiao asked immediately.
"Didn’t I talk to it before? It obviously didn’t understand." Ninety thousand immediately.
"Try it with your mind."
"all right."
Ninety thousand spirits swept out immediately and told Tian Dunju that she and Xiao Wen meant no harm. However, after talking a lot, I didn’t get any response from the horse that day.
"Nothing happened at all." 90,000 roads.
Even if 90 thousand didn’t say Xiao Wen, he felt it, and he couldn’t help wondering, "It’s really a wonderful work. The speed is the highest in the world, but his brain doesn’t seem to work well."
Ninety thousand couldn’t help laughing. "Maybe you ignored us on purpose."
Even the flashing rainbow is blinking, Xiao Wen can barely keep up with that day, and he won’t be lost when he sees it for a while. Xiao Wen is also in a slightly better mood. Speaking of it, this change in mood has a lot to do with 90 thousand. If nothing else, 90,000 girls are quite extroverted in xìng, with a little care at most. The whole optimist, and act young pretend to be all J and NG, as long as he is with her, it is difficult for Xiao Wen to be unhappy.
"I’m much stronger than before, and it should be no problem to flash rainbow for ten times, and I can keep this speed. However, a few more times will lead to bad food … "Xiao asked grinned.
"How long does it last every time?"
"I don’t know, isn’t this the first time?"
"I like you, elder brother! Haha. " Ninety thousand happy roads.
"Can you be more heartless?"
"You want to use flash rainbow dun, it’s not that I don’t help you. Anyway, I can’t help you now. You chase after me first, and I will sleep first. "
"Truth or falsehood?"
"Of course it’s the truth. We both ran all the way, and this girl didn’t have time to have a rest, okay?" Ninety thousand Chen Tao.