Su ling2 han2 calculated a stretch out four fingers from the bottom of my heart.

June 3, 2024

"Four hundred?"
Su Lingling saw a black line and guessed at such a low starting price. I don’t know how long it will take to prepare directly, so I won’t give her a chance to guess by myself, nervous and excited.
"Four Liang?" MiaoHuiEr happily "I calculate four two half a month! Amazing! "
"It’s forty-two" Su Lingling looked at one leng ling light way, three people smiling way "forty-two per person"
This time, the lowest price was charged for two pieces of clothing, and each piece was 120. The root cause was that Feng Jin looked down on the material.
Because Miao Huier, Fang Fang and Sinar have no experience in selling ready-made clothes, Su Linghan is not very good at the contract. Generally speaking, she will give them her own two-fifths directly at the price of one-fifth of labor.
In fact, if she is regarded as the boss, it seems to benefit the employees a lot, but if you think about the style of clothes, she wants to share dividends with Chuchu Clothing Factory in the future, and she will not feel that she has divided too much.
Three people for a stay is driving YanWu also leng a thought to make clothes really make money.
The three girls are really dumbfounded. No one thought that they could get so much money just by making two pieces of clothes. They have been working for less than half a month!
"Fang Jie, you are quick to hit me." Miao Huier held her forehead. "I may be hallucinating because I was sulking just now."
There are few people around them at this moment. Su Linghan will directly show Miao Huier one hundred and twenty silver tickets.
"Do you think it’s an illusion? Still sulking? " Seeing Miao Huier’s eyes blink a few times and keep shaking her head, she folded up the silver ticket and slowly said to them, "I won’t tell you the truth, but I also successfully signed a contract with Chuchu Clothing Factory, and the clothes will be done well in the future. It will not be less than this price. Just now, I said that giving you 42 is not a lie, which is equivalent to giving you one-fifth and I get two-fifths."
She didn’t tell them the details of the contract. Sinar might have heard something, but she believed Sinar wouldn’t talk nonsense.
"If you can accept my distribution in this way, you will divide it according to this ratio in the future." Several girls looked at her with good eyes. She smiled a little and showed a serious expression. "But there is one thing before that, that is, you must keep improving and improving your clothes-making level, or I may ask someone else for help, so there is not so much money in your hands."
"Don’t worry, cold sister, don’t worry, I will practice embroidery hard from today." Miao Huier was the first to express her determination to find something in a sulk and throw it outside the cloud nine.
Sinar and Fang Fang both nodded firmly. Don’t say that they didn’t even see how much money they made before. We must seize this opportunity!
Now they are walking back. Su Lingling saw that they were immersed in great joy and asked again if they needed to buy anything to go back.
"Go to the roast duck restaurant, go to the pastry shop … I want to buy a lot of food!"
"Go …"
Several girls want to buy things when they make big money for the first time.
Su Lingling didn’t accompany them shopping and saw begging, so she said she had something to do and agreed to meet them at the village entrance after they were busy.
She bought a lot of meat buns and white steamed buns and sweet cakes and followed them to their residence.
Laughter is in the shabby house in the suburbs.
"Big Brother and Third Brother … Sister Han is coming!" Sixty or sixty years old, thin as a seven-year-old child, but very energetic
Fourteen-year-old this year has an inappropriate age, calm and steady, and 12-year-old this year has an inappropriate age, smooth and spare girls, and children of the same age are very different, perhaps similar to the sentence that poor children take care of themselves early. They are all very sensible.
Qian Yanliang has been to the county with them, and they are also actively doing bees.
Su ling2 han2 came here this time. On the one hand, he wanted to take care of them with income, and on the other hand, he wanted to see the progress.
Has always been active in Sansan this time, Su Lingling asked after shrinking a few people, "What’s the matter with Sansan? Don’t want to see me? "
"Wrong cold elder sister, you and I are just like fairies in my heart. Who doesn’t want to see them?" Sansan raised his hand and announced that he was shaking hard. "I’m really ashamed to see you …"
Before Su Lingling asked, she was only five years old and eleven years old. She bit Su Lingling to bring cakes. Hehe laughed and drooled. Jiujiu patiently helped him wipe it off and laughed.
"The third brother is disfigured and now looks like a pig’s head." The little girl at the age of 99 is not at all polite.
"What’s the matter?" Su ling2 han2′ s eyes will twist out the swollen face like steamed bread one by one.
It looks like a bee sting.
After some explanation, Su Linghan realized that Sansan’s injury was caused by keeping bees.
According to Yan Liangda’s words, they told Su Lingling how to catch bees. They also successfully caught two nests of bees in the tree and made beehives according to the beekeepers.
But somehow the bees flew out and didn’t like to come back, and some of them died. Although not many died, they were all anxious.
At this time, Sansan went to the most famous beekeeper in the county to steal the real thing and didn’t learn anything, but he was chased by a thief and plunged into a bush and was stung by a wasp.
This wasp stings people harder than bees, and he keeps laughing and pointing at his swollen face to make his younger brother and sister laugh.
Su Lingling didn’t say anything face to face, turned around and pulled one by one, and went outside to give all the 22 departments from the inn today. Before he refused, he took the baggage and take the journey. "You take Sansan to see a doctor. I heard that some wasps are poisonous, so don’t be polite to Sister Han. When Sister Han needs your help, she will help me."
"Don’t be so nervous that the little guys are afraid."
"I’m white" didn’t say much one by one. Take the money.
Su Ling-ling left one by one to go out with Sansan and told the three little darling to stay at home and keep things well, and don’t let other beggars smell them and steal them-there are not many poor people in the county like them, but there are also many.
Su Lingling was worried that the doctor would not seriously discuss taking them to the doctor himself because they were dressed in rags.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. We know an old man. He’s fine, cold sister. You can rest assured to go home." Sansan so-called motioning with his hand. "I’ll go to your village to hold a letter for you when my face is better."
On the way back, everyone was curious about the girl who bought a lot of things. Miao Yi kept asking if Miao Huier met Jin Miaohui and laughed but didn’t say.