June 3, 2024

Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Sages
Ten years later, that is, the fifteenth year after killing Longyi, Xiao Wen’s Daoji has finally been fully promoted to the peak of the high-order fairy king, and the cultivation of the heart has already met the requirements, only one step away from the real fairy realm.
Even this last step, he has actually crossed half, because that step is the power of law.
However, the first half step has passed, but the second half step is still stuck there. It felt like I was about to cross a threshold and enter the house, only to suddenly find that there were actually two thresholds, and the threshold inside was higher.
However, the power of this law can not be repaired by penance alone, and it must have corresponding feelings or even epiphany.
In the last twelve celestial realms, I don’t know how many high-ranking fairy kings are finally stuck in this realm, just because they can’t control their own laws and can’t even see them.
At this moment, Xiao Wen is halfway through the step, but the second half step is still unavoidable, and he still has to realize it.
So, he temporarily put down most of the activities, and used as much J and jīng force as possible to realize the law.
The power of his law is related to minerals and fairy wares. There are only two ways to realize it. One is to sit there and do nothing but think. The second is to realize from practice.
Xianqi, after all, is more related to its own strength. In the next few months, you will see Xiao Wen’s figure almost appear in every corner of the sea temple, and whenever there is a Xianqi in his hand.
At this time, his control device is not limited to the three pieces that are most in hand, but it was refined out of interest and used only once before. They also took it out and tried it all over. They are also immortals, so they naturally have something in common. He felt that if we could find out the common ground, we would be close to the truth of the force of the fairy law.
Sometimes, Xiao Wen even directly extracted some liquid of quenching gold fairy from the palace with the word "Hui", instead of offering sacrifices to the alchemist, he tried to analyze the composition of the liquid of quenching gold fairy. If Nan Yunqing hadn’t warned him that he couldn’t drink Jin Xianhua liquid, maybe he would have tasted it.
However, I don’t know if it is because Xiao Wen was still shallow when he was practicing. Or because it’s really difficult to cross the threshold from the high-order fairy king to the early-stage fairy. In short, Xiao Wen’s progress in the power of law is quite slow, and even has a tendency to stagnate. But at the beginning, he also promised that Purple Yan would try to be promoted to the realm of immortals in about ten years. If it is really stuck here, it is undoubtedly a very shameful thing …
In any case, there is no shortcut to this road. It can only go on like this.
One day in the eleventh year, Xiao Wen was wandering around the inner layer of the sea temple while controlling the device. Suddenly, he felt a shock in the blood mark, and 90,000 people who had not moved for a long time seemed to wake up.
The next moment, there was a terrible breath pouring out of the blood mark, which almost froze Xiao Wen.
"Ha ha ….." Ninety thousand happy laughter came from the blood mark. Then the girl took the initiative to fly out and stood beside Xiao Wen.
At first glance, there is no change between 90,000 and before, but if you feel it carefully, you can feel that there is a stronger momentum than Xiao Wen! Don’t look at her mirth. Whoever dares to offend her will come to no good end!
"A breakthrough? !” Xiao asked stare big eyes.
Ninety thousand turned around in the same place generously. After stopping, he proudly shook his head at Xiao Wen: "What do you say?"
"awesome!" Xiao asked a thumbs-up, serious tunnel.
"Hey hey, there is also your credit." Ninety thousand is a little embarrassed tunnel. She closed for a long time this time, but although she didn’t come out, Xiao Wen made a real effort.
"Is there a new avatar?" Xiao asked his eyes to shine and asked.
"Of course, but this magical power of life’s core monuments is not powerful, and we have to study it together." Ninety thousand pursed mouth way.
"well, ok." Xiao said yes, and then suddenly smiled awkwardly. "Sister, you must have mastered some laws, right?"
"Of course."
"Teach me bai …"
"Just now, you said that you would study magical powers with others!" Ninety thousand nu way.
"There are priorities. I’m stuck here now. Please help me first." Xiao asked the cheek.
"But the power of my law is mainly related to fire, animal way and immortal blood. It can take you half of the realization at most, and it can’t reach the height you want." Ninety thousand was settled in a blink of an eye, immediately.
"Learn as much as you can." Xiao asked helplessly tunnel.
"All right, then. (Baidu search: reading novels is the fastest update) "Once it comes to business, the girl of 90,000 is still very obedient, so she naturally agreed.
"Good girl!" Xiao asked sincerely praised the sentence.
"Hee hee, let’s go out for a good meal first and celebrate for this girl."
Xiao asked that a fairy space must be near Zi Yan, so Suo xìng contacted Zi Yan first and woke Zi Yan up from his practice.
Then the three men found a small town nearby, asked for a private room in the best restaurant, and immediately ate and drank.
At first, it was always Xiao Wen and Zi Yan who were talking. Later, after 90,000 satiated meals, they joined in.
"Ninety thousand, you always eat and drink like this, and you are not fat, awesome!" Purple Yan left elbow on the table, still holding a glass that she didn’t sip when she was there, and laughed.
"Sister Ziyan, this only shows a problem." 90,000 serious tunnel.
"Explain what?" Purple Yan subconsciously tunnel.
"That means I still eat too little, haha." Ninety thousand laughed.
Xiao Wen and Zi Yan were all speechless, especially Xiao Wen. The heart said that unless 90,000 people took the opportunity to hint to him, they should take her out to eat better in the future … But it’s pitiful, even if a strong man comes, it’s impossible to eat better than 90,000 people …
"Sister Ziyan, my brother has been working very hard recently. You can’t treat him badly." Say that finish, after ninety thousand wu wear the mouth bad laugh. In fact, the girl has long been accustomed to the purple Yan molesting Xiao Wen, and she is happy to watch the play …
Purple Yan drank a little wine, and she didn’t use her avatar to resist the wine. At this time, there is a shallow red meaning on the face of lavender Se, which looks particularly attractive.