At the gate, a man flashed back and scolded, "Go to your grandmother, if you have something to do, you will come in. You can’t be comfortable outside. Why are you rubbish still trying to attack our mountain gate? You have a dream of clear autumn in the daytime."

June 2, 2024

All the people in Yinshan were furious when they heard that three or four swords were like arrows, and they wanted to chop the man to pieces. But the sword was just three feet outside the door, and the green light flashed on the ground. In case of a barrier, several swords were suddenly thrown back and smashed, and several people got into a hurry. One guy was even shocked and almost fell off the sword.
Wu Chi saw that there was a protective array in the martial arts headquarters. These novice royal swords could not break the roots and attack the Wudang Mountain Gate. They were asking for depression and medicine.
"Isn’t that guy a nine-headed bird? He has the spirit to scold very hard." Wu Chi pointed to the man who was drinking and scolding at Guanmen Youzi and said to Hero A with a smile.
"The nine-headed bird was hung in, and when we came back one after another, he was the first one to walk out of the pine forest at the front, and a dozen swords were wrapped up and then he came back to see metempsychosis." A man next to him replied that it was not a hero, but Wu Chi turned to look at the original blue-faced beast.
"You didn’t bring any hexagrams?" There are two kinds of symbols sent by Wudang Sect. One is that the bamboo leaf green symbol can send Xuandu Guanmen; Second, the divinatory symbols can be sent directly to the point of rebirth.
Wu Chi’s question is very unkind. You have to buy a lot of Dan medicine to kill them. Where can these poor people afford to buy ten times more expensive hexagrams than bamboo leaves? Wu Chi is the only one who can afford this in Wudang.
Even they seldom have bamboo leaves, and the economy is really too tight. Fortunately, this time they all go back to the mountain on foot, otherwise everyone will be sent to the gate to become swords and wandering souls
"Don’t talk nonsense about their strength, but so why don’t you dawdle?" Hero A has some dissatisfaction. It is true that Wu Chi’s strength can resist several heroes’ family shura knives. It takes a little time to arrange and condense into a knife mans. If it is not solidified, it will definitely not receive significant results.
I am, but I can only rely on brute force when I haven’t practiced swordsmanship, and I don’t have other equipment with me. The insurance rate of the flashing golden rainbow sword is too low. It takes several people to chase me for an negligence. I just lose a lot of experience when I cut the sword light. As a result, this experience is easy to reduce and it’s hard to improve. It’s easy for me to practice these levels. I will never top it without every plan
Wu Chi’s eyes turned and said, "Now my brothers are all in the pine forest. If we can attack them, it’s no problem. If we can’t, other brothers will suffer. Our leaders are responsible for our lives. I suggest that we temporarily avoid the enemy’s sharp edge and continue to shelter the pine forest. Anyway, they can’t break the mountain gate. They will leave when they are tired, and then we will go into the view to discuss and formulate countermeasures."
It’s a fucking shame that he said that hero A’s gas knot was afraid of death but pulled a high-sounding slogan! The green-faced beast felt very reasonable. As his younger brothers and older brothers, he naturally had to be considered by them, so two votes agreed and one vote opposed to being a turtle.
As Wu Chi expected, those players who met Yinshan’s sword light smashed for a while, but it didn’t work. Instead, it took a lot of Dan medicine. The sword light also needed mana to make Nai leave. Before leaving, he piled up a sentence, "Wudang is a fucking turtle sect!"
After overlooking the sword light, Wudang master came out of the pine forest. Wu Chi looked as usual, and the calm wave seemed to have not heard the enemy’s words. With a wave of his hand, he shouted "Go into the view."
The fourth time to protect Qinglong God
Wu Chi didn’t put on airs in this discussion. Wudang people didn’t get into the Jade Qing Hall to gather in the purple merlin. "Someone is afraid of death and timid, delaying the fighter plane and losing our whole face in wu-tang clan. We are all bullied by others. It’s ridiculous to talk about it again."
This is hero A who said that he was really angry this time. Although he had always had a problem with Wu Chi, he never showed it. Now it’s the first time that Wu Chi turned a deaf ear to someone. I thought I wouldn’t care if you didn’t name names. There are still places in your blue star sand cover and shura sword array. Now you don’t turn your face first.
"Hero bro, that’s not the case. The enemy is a Chinese army. Even if we can turn over a few of them, we will surely be injured. It’s better to discuss it again." The green beast coughed up and made a round field. Wu Chi’s decision to be his eldest brother was in his interest.
"The undead can still be regarded as fighting? Besides, it’s just a game. What’s the big deal?" Hero A growled. When he said this, the younger brothers around him were not happy. It’s easy for you to say, but it’s not that you hang up. You naturally have concerns. We have the lowest running speed and less blood value. Naturally, we hang up something.
The green beast turned his head and his eyes were a little noisy. After all the younger brothers shut up and suppressed their hands, he said to Hero A, "It’s natural to die in a war, but it depends on whether it’s worth dying for one of them for dozens of us."
It’s worth it. It’s worth it. I’ll support the hero Wu Chi if I don’t fight hard.
The nine-headed bird is even more sneering. It is self-evident that he lost most of his experience at the current level this time. Hero A’s speech is poking him where it hurts. If it weren’t for the green beast’s first mouth, he would definitely jump out to drink and scold immediately.
It’s not good for a hero to see a blue-faced beast say this. No matter how many words, one person looks up to the sky. The two standing committees are like lovers, and each party’s standing Committee is silent. At that time, the meeting became an ice.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I think this is good. Now, although they have found the sect headquarters, the situation is not critical anyway. Let’s continue to collect sword materials according to the obscene songs. Wait until the flying sword is killed to their lair with interest. Since they can find our headquarters, we can naturally find them."
The supernumerary nocturne of the Standing Committee came out according to the original plan, which was supported by the younger brothers of the green beast. The night group members naturally agreed with Wu Chixin’s way that Xiao Ni had learned to say the right words at the right time and didn’t waste my cultivation.
"The night song discussion is correct. I agree that strength is the key to the war. Our own combat power is the most important thing. Otherwise, even if we hang them up, we will suffer heavy casualties. Can we not do or not do well the thing of’ injuring the enemy by 10 thousand’?"
As soon as Wu Chi made a statement, it became a foregone conclusion. How can twelve people in Party A twist their arms over their thighs and do it unless they completely break with the masses?
"In order to ensure everyone’s safety, I decided to buy three hexagrams and give them to the three group leaders respectively. When I encounter a critical moment, I can immediately withdraw from Guanli, so that my safety will be guaranteed. Of course, I can’t share the money with everyone."
Fang Da’s Standing Committee generously won a piece of palm divination, which is not as expensive as Zhu Yeqing’s, but comparable to the first-order flying sword Wu Chi’s taking out money to buy insurance, which naturally won the favor of the masses.
In the game, players can open the door mode by accident, but there is a quota limit for group delivery. For example, the number of bamboo leaves is limited to five, and the number of hexagrams has doubled to more than one hundred.
In the team mode, the sending symbol can only be effective if it is urged by the team leader. Otherwise, the younger brothers of Zilang Wudang usually form three teams of green-faced beasts, and their younger brothers lead the night group of heroic families. Because most of them act alone in Wuchi, the position of the team leader is not his.
"You’ll talk about agreeing on a place and I’ll buy a divinatory symbol." Wu Chi got up and went to hide the sword Pool to ask him where the materials were collected. It was also a white question that Fang Da’s Standing Committee knew all about it like an idiot.
Wu Chi’s heart is haunted by the thunder sword tactic, but he didn’t go to hide the sword Pool to wander into the backyard. A faint dragon Xiao woke him up. Oh, my God, how did he get into the Hidden Dragon Academy? Isn’t this his own death? Wu Chi was frightened and hurriedly turned and ran away from the gate. Ten steps of running was faster than the royal sword. It was also impossible to enter this hospital and think about the royal sword.
Hidden Dragon Academy is a forbidden area for Xuanduguan’s death, but the old nun ordered the younger brothers not to enter it, but there was no punishment or magic array to seal the gate. Without other buildings, the hidden dragon academy was a towering trapped dragon temple, and the whole temple was muddy into cracks, just like a whole rock with several ancient symbols engraved on the wall.
No one in Wudang Gate can fly the royal sword in this hospital, not even the second generation NPC. It is unknown that no one has seen her royal sword.
Three generations of players’ brothers have been in the Hidden Dragon Academy and taken into the temple by the patron saint dragon. When they went to the venue, they immediately looked back and asked him about the situation of the trapped dragon temple. It means that the red blood has turned around before seeing the surrounding area clearly.
It’s really a bad day today. If you get struck by lightning, you still have to be killed by Qinglong. God Zhenwu, bless your brother. When Wu Chi prayed, he found that he was asking for the wrong god. At the beginning, he enrolled students and stripped off the coat of Zhenwu Daojun. Is it a blessing to blame the gods and save himself?
Passing 18-wheeler, Wu Chicai took two steps before he felt that a huge force was coming, which could resist the whole body being suddenly dragged into the Dragon Hall.
Lotus flower is indeed a lotus flower. In lotus flower, Wu Chi found that he had been put into a viscous liquid, and he was unable to breathe in an instant. His blood value dropped sharply, and he was going to be suffocated and died. The demon was in the liquid, and the demon raccoon saw if he could survive for a while.
As soon as the demon body turns to crisis, it’s not the kui is a high-order demon race that swims freely in this inexplicable liquid without any difficulty. Wu Chi’s two paws surfaced on the surface of the liquid with a beat, and I saw the boss of Qinglong, the highest guardian beast in Wudang.
The size of the hill dragon head is hanging in front of him, and the yellow dragon eyes are staring at Wu Chi closely. "Are you a semi-demon race? Ying Long has? " The rumbling sound of Qinglong is like a huge earthquake. The whole Dragon Hall is shaking slightly. It seems that I can’t stand this magnificent Rowen.
What does my old turtle dragon have to say about the holidays? However, there is an old turtle dragon who owes me a lot of wealth. One day, I will get it back. Wu Chi Xiaoyao was stunned by the dragon language and I don’t know if the answer is yes. I still remember that Ying Long owed him a debt.
Tsing lung dragon head suddenly retracted and whispered to himself, "It doesn’t make sense that the Ying Long clan has long been extinct. Except for the six roots of the old demon dragon, there is no Ying Long. I haven’t heard that the old demon dragon has heirs. How can this low-level semi-demon body have Ying Long blood?"
The fifth fire cloud chain trapped Qinglong
Winding around the Dragon Column Qinglong hesitates to decide that the dragon in heaven is not inferior to the dragon in the world. It is not to say that killing thousands of creatures in the world has no scruples. It is said that Ying Long is an ancient demon god who has made friends with Yu Huang during the water control period, and it is even more extensive to know several true immortals. Let’s not talk about their respective mana sheets. This human feeling is far from it.
The little demon in the blood pool has Ying Long veins, although it is very light, but how can you deceive yourself that you have never killed a half demon by mistake, such as killing an ant, but you can’t just touch the edge of Ying Long. It is a disaster to find that old demon dragon in the future. You have to think about it.
Don’t talk about Qinglong thoughtfully considering Wu Chi’s small demon. Six demon eyes turn around and finally see the trapped dragon temple. The whole temple is vast and profound. The ground is a blood-red huge dissolved pool. The red liquid floats and bubbles all the time, and I don’t know what it is floating in it.
In the center of the pool, there is a purple jade platform with ten people embracing the blue column, and the guardian dragon is wrapped around its dragon body with a red chain, just like the one where I saw Ying Long in the water eye, from time to time, the flame bursts out and the green fire burns the dragon slightly.
When Wu Chi saw it, he wanted to laugh at the beasts. John Lone lived a really humbled life in the game. He only saw two dragons in total. Look at this dragon situation. It is also a suppressed dragon. How can the game designers treat you so badly?
"Little demon quickly tells you where you came from, and there must be no falsehood, otherwise I will make your town suffer from blood pool erosion forever in Longchi." Qinglong thought for a long time and still couldn’t get the point, so he directly asked Wu Chi little demon to get a white one.
Wu Chi is now sane and alive, and has made up a story for a moment. Since you asked about Ying Long, I will pull Ying Long. If the guess is correct, it is very promising to fail most of the experience.
"I’ll definitely tell you the truth about the little demon of the Great Dragon God …" Wu Chi replied respectfully and then slowly told the story. Wu Chi said that he was Yan Hongdi’s master, and he has always lived in Ying Long since he became a Taoist. Recently, Ying Long’s uncle broke through the array and fled to Beihai. Because of his unstable foundation and blood, he specifically charged himself to join Wudang to learn Terran Daoism and lay a foundation.
Today, I made an outing and forgot that Wudang teachers had entrusted me to come in. The Hidden Dragon Academy surprised the dragon god and let him live. Wu Chi said here that the four claws saved the water and whined.
Tsing lung listened to the in the mind a surprised that Ying Long’s trace of latent image for thousands of years was taken care of by Yu Huang. This turned out to be true. Today, he was able to get out of trouble and get out of the way. He was so advanced that he couldn’t help himself. Fortunately, he didn’t tear this little demon with a claw just now, otherwise he really didn’t know how to deal with it, but this matter still needs to be carefully asked.
When Qinglong asked in detail about Wu Chi’s water eye, Ying Long looked like a relief situation. These things were all personal experiences, which made Qinglong doubt again.
Tsing lung listened to stay up and made a haha "Ying Long Ying Long didn’t expect you to be locked by the fire cloud like me. You are all subject to this refining. What can I say?"
Wu Chi was turned over by a haha shock of Qinglong, and he ate his mouth full of blood. He was angry and said, "Martial Uncle Ying Long still has three forbidden laws to suppress it, or that chain can’t lock him."
Tsing lung furious dragon body shaking green column shaking "if it weren’t for Qing Di Oriental Shenmu Town, my fire cloud refining can endure my condition, but only half of it, Qing Di congenital Gankun is worse than Yuhuang’s three forbidden methods …"
This dragon said that the language was getting lower and lower here, and then he kept silent to see that it looked depressed. Wu Chi had a good idea in his heart. Qing Di’s innate dry Kun was better than Bu Yuhuang’s three forbidden methods. Qinglong felt ashamed. Haha
"Is it the secret of Qing Di’s Five Thunder Array? Where is the three forbidden methods of Yu Huang? If you hadn’t been trapped by this array, you would have been roaming the Green Ghost Dragonfly for nine days. Please let the little demon out. Today, I still have homework to do. Teachers know that I will be punished."
Wu Chi flatters Qinglong’s face much better, but he’s still sober. "You little demon don’t flatter me. You don’t eat this set of three forbidden laws of the Jade Emperor. The mysterious and deep town was in the four seas. Where is it worse than Qing Di’s old son?"
I depend on the sun, you garbage dragon don’t eat hard or soft. Should I be so embarrassed that I will soak in this blood pool all day?
"If you are Yan Hongdi, how can you have Ying Long blood?" The sound of the dragon sank, and the yellow light from the dragon’s eyes shot out with murderous look. Suddenly, Wu Chi was scared out in a cold sweat. Yes, how could I have Ying Long blood? You were mistaken, weren’t you?
"Don’t tell the truth, do you really suffer from blood pool erosion?" The dragon’s paws are hanging over Wu Chi’s head. If you want to catch Wu Chi, it’s a fucking disaster. If you can’t explain the problem of white water in front of you, am I doomed to this disaster?
"I see your blood in my eye. It’s a hybrid. There are not only Ying Long blood but also Xuan snake, green dumpling, yellow scorpion and white scorpion blood. I really don’t know how Yan Hong chose to find you."
If the dragon shakes its dragon head and its claws shake, it will shrink Wu Chi into a ball for fear that one of its claws can’t be caught and break itself into ten pieces.
Is my blood really so mixed? How on earth did you come? After hearing Qinglong’s words, Wu Chi desperately remembered the situation in the water eye at that time. Fortunately, he had a good memory and remembered the whole process of Ying Long’s destruction. After careful screening, he finally found a possibility-that is, he drank their blood himself
At that time, when I woke up, I was full of salty taste, but I still drank the blood of the beaver. Now it seems that it is not just the blood of the beaver. It is very likely that Ying Long spilled blood and sprayed himself when he was in a coma.