This squat is excusable

June 2, 2024

Because after playing the local blue BUFF, it is easy to squat down in the wild or single if the people are neatly opposite and have no vision.
By the way, wind girl, this Q is lit up.
We were all brought a wave of rhythm by this big head, thinking about going to Xiaolong’s place to see if he said that the opposite side of God was squatting for our vision.
Then I saw that this blue BUFF had just been refreshed and was almost destroyed by a wave of ambush across the street.
Don’t look across the street. There are four people here. We just didn’t have a vision. Pan Sen had a W, and then the male knife EQWR seconds. As soon as we were here, we became 4V4 and won casually.
But now we have the initiative. It depends on the technology to ask for 4V5.
After the four of them were blown up, the blind monk took the lead in flying a Q, hit the weapon body and kicked it over.
Fighting in the wild is Vayne’s greatest advantage.
It’s easy to nail the place on the wall because of the particularity of E skill.
As soon as the blind monk kicked me, the weapon shot at my head in an instant, and then the blind monk jumped a thousand miles in the second section of Q.
I have crossed mountains and seas, and I have crossed a sea of people.
I used to have everything, and all of a sudden it’s gone.
Now this lyric is the best form for the blind monk in front of him.
The weapon Q didn’t come to me on a whim. He led the blind monk here because there is a wall next to me. I can shoot the blind monk at the wall in front of the three wolves.
So I Q rolled ahead and shot a heavy crossbow E skill through the blind monk’s bald head and held him against the wall.
The opposite male knife, Pan Senqi Qi, rushed to Acali’s face and put W weapon E toward the front battlefield. The big head was released in situ and the big move was exported to off the charts. I was dissatisfied with the blind monk’s killing when I brought the blood.
Then the output position is surprisingly good, and the opposite root can’t hit me. Weapons and Acali and the big head are holding them back.
At the forefront, Acali and the big head once again died tragically in this EZ big move and the male knife Pan Sen’s ultra-high output, and the wind girl cooperated with me to accept Pan Sen E to want to output the back row EZ male knife. There was a big move in front of it, and it was always saved. At this time, it ran fast and slipped away, and we didn’t chase it again.
2 for 3 small profits!
Big head and Acali are frantically lighting signals on the screen to signal that we should get Xiaolong.
It’s been almost half a minute since I left home, Xiaolong, and there are more than 20 seconds to refresh the dead people across the street. I’m sure I won’t be able to make it, but I’ll leave when this dragon is finished.
So the wind girl took this opportunity to make a vision in the middle of the river, and then we knocked the accelerating crab together and waited quietly for Xiaolong to refresh.
But this weapon is really a good one. He looks at the road with half blood to collect the route, and your mother will forget it. She will also need the E skill to collect the line. As soon as the E skill is over, she will be taken away directly by the EQW set of men’s knives lying in the grass in the road field.
This situation is changing rapidly. Why is the male Dao opposite so coquettish?
Chapter 21 Shout it out if you want it!
[Allies] Road idiot three weapons, you do pure meat opposite the kitchen knife
When I saw the weapon dead, I typed and said
"Also you say?"
The weapon may have just been killed by a sheet, and he’s not in a good mood
But to be honest, I’ve been collecting heads for the past few waves, and I’ve been collecting routes, and occasionally I’ve collected a middle route, so it can be said that I’m the most economical person in the team now.
It’s also very unscientific to dress opposite. It’s understandable for a man to use a killer’s sword.
So this EZ is also a killer sword. Who gave him courage?
Now, the killer sword is not half as much as the last time I died. Apart from playing Draven, I sometimes feel confident about the killer sword, and other heroes have never considered that the cost performance is too low.
Head-to-head ratio or big score behind.
[Allies] Road Idiots Help Big Longan.
Because the weapon died and there was a man’s knife, we dare not fight Xiaolong. We can let him go and return one after another.
"You can fight the other side to fight the little dragon!" Acali excited typing said.
We didn’t hit Xiaolong before and went straight back to the city, almost a little earlier than when the rest of them were resurrected. The vision of five people opposite appeared in Xiaolong’s position
Fight Xiaolong opposite, and we will fight Dalong.
VN playing Dalong is the fastest ADC-due to the passive skill W, especially now, my equipment is fine for 2 minutes, and the red fork Xiaolong just brushed the attribute is not very high. Acali and weapons are pure meat, and we play very fast.
We’ve beaten Dalong to half blood after the little dragon across the street has been killed.
The other side reacted and rushed towards us. The dragon had already finished playing, and several of us hurriedly ran to the triangle grass to return to the city.
Three dragons were taken opposite, and we took a big dragon. Now we are asking for a head-on team battle.
Let’s take two lines and signal to the middle road that there will be a wave.
The first tower in the middle road has not been broken yet. We will take the first tower in the middle road.
There’s a little blood left in the first tower in the middle of the road, and the other side is going to let it go.
We just broke the middle tower and a green circle lit up behind me.