Chi Wei’s cold and charming eyes couldn’t help flashing a few times. Obviously, this condition was heartbroken, but the snake was suspicious. Chi Wei was no exception. He snorted, "If you can guarantee that your words will come true?"

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"This is my king’s personal mantra, which explains the conditions. If my family doesn’t keep its promise this time, you can spread the word about it." Campal, a purgatory demon, seems to have been prepared long ago. "Besides, we purgatory demons are not human beings. When will you see my king make a promise and then destroy it yourself?"
Red expression took the ShouYu will read into which a moment later she slowly opened her eyes "condition is good but the flame monarch spirit, though precious and abnormal, can’t reach such value? What the hell do you want from purgatory demons? "
"This is out of your jurisdiction." The purgatory demon will slowly shake his head and turn to the fire giant Holing. "I heard that the production of fire jade in your clan’s territory has become less and less recently, and my king is willing to take out 10 million pieces of fire jade in exchange for this opportunity."
"What?" The fire giant, Chi Ling, rubbed himself together and ate it up. "You mean ten million pieces of fire jade?"
Fire jade is a hot specialty, which can only be bred in hot magma. It’s not too precious, but it’s really an astronomical sum if the number can reach 10 million. Besides, the fire giants are fire jade, which can not only maintain the lives of their people, but also continuously improve their strength and repair. The most important thing is that young fire giants usually have to eat fire jade to grow up smoothly in the fire giants. Fire jade is a very important reserve. Fire giants are rare, and fire jade is enough for all of them to eat for a hundred years.
Of course, it is also quite effective for other races, but it is more needed than the fire giants. This condition can also be regarded as hitting the weakness of the fire giants to some extent, because it can greatly alleviate the crisis of reducing the production of fire and jade in the fire giants.
Willy "saw" the expression of the fire giant far away, and he knew that the transaction should be successful.
Sure enough, the purgatory demon general succeeded in achieving his goal with almost no hands and feet, and then this group of purgatory visitors discussed the details. According to the previous agreement, Chi Ling and Chi Wei must assist Campal to get the spirit of the flame monarch.
However, this is in human territory, even though the strength of the three aliens is good, they dare not be too chaotic. Once they disturb the masters of human beings, they will even steal the chicken and not consume the rice. This is the most powerful Daganzhou in the nine continents of mankind, and even the powerful races in the purgatory domain have to be afraid of something.
Willy listened and laughed. I didn’t expect to eavesdrop on a secret, but I got such amazing news. The spirit of the flame monarch is very remarkable, baby. Although you can’t expect to cultivate a flame monarch after taking this thing, you drive it, but it’s a rare thing to practice fire magic, baby.
I’m going to go to purgatory. That’s because my own flame spell is not enough to sacrifice myself. That’s why I need to resort to the excellent natural fire source in purgatory. If I am willing to go to purgatory, I can emit samadhi, true fire, and true fire. Where do I need to go all the way to purgatory? Just find a quiet place to offer sacrifices.
Of course, the cultivation of Xuanxin Sutra by willy belongs to the achievement method, and it is natural that there is no problem. If you practice Yang-fire spells with half the effort and are easily possessed, it is purely thankless, but even so, it is impossible to prevent willy from casting Yang-fire spells by himself. After all, there is another thing in this world called magic weapon.
If you get this treasure, you can find someone to refine it into a spiritual treasure. These spiritual treasures can not only hurt the enemy and kill people, but also help the master refine the treasure. Besides, with the deepening of the repair by willy, all those magic weapons have gradually become obsolete, and the power of display is far less than that of willy’s own spell.
But at his level, it’s not easy to find some spiritual treasures, even if an occasional medium-quality spiritual treasure is produced in this auction. Moreover, the appearance of a medium-quality spiritual treasure usually leads to a large group of monks desperately robbing at the infant stage, which will easily be carried to sky-high prices.
From this, it is king to buy materials, collect materials and refine Lingbao by yourself, which is also the practice of most monks
Willy once saw the rough introduction of the spirit of the flame monarch in some information. Although it is vague, the three strong people in this purgatory domain are so interested, and the devil of purgatory is determined to win this thing, which naturally makes Willy feel excited and sharpen his head and listen carefully to their plans.
Fortunately, these three purgatory visitors are still not allowed to undermine unity by all kinds of private chats when discussing with each other. Of course, this is to blame and blame these purgatory strong people for being too confident. They think that although there are so many strong people in this scorching city, they want to listen to their conversation without thinking unless the other party is a deified strong person.
They didn’t expect that throb master and servant, a pair of heterogeneous people, would suffer once their strength was put into use.
After listening for a long time, a series of discussions have been finished, and the three purgatory strong men have also performed themselves to throb and continue to let the ghost stab the snake cover called Red Beauty, because she impressively chose one of the monks in this inn to attend the auction and auction it out.
At this time, willy is somewhat uneasy to pray that you don’t look so hard for yourself, otherwise the next thing will be quite difficult. I don’t know if willy prayed or because he is really ugly now. The beautiful snake sneaked into willy’s next door, and willy lived next door with that proud little white face Chen Yun.
This makes people look funny. It’s a pity that even the beautiful snake likes the white face. It’s a pity that this charming and poisonous snake took a fancy to it, even if it’s hard to get along.
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Rogue affair: Ghost King Gold Medal Spoil Killer Landlord Beauty Tenant Raising Animals into a Princess My wife is a warlord, a genius summoner, Princess Chu, and her husband don’t move.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine Auction situation (1)
? …
After two or three days’ rest, it will be the annual auction in this scorching city. After listening to Wu Ji’s introduction, it is very common, and the auction is not too grand. Most of the objects are suitable for the monks in the then period, but even so, in a short time, hundreds of monks in this scorching city have gathered.
It can be seen that this Godsworn Daganzhou is really a lot of remote places. There are still some restrictions on the auction of things in a regular auction club, but it can gather so many Godsworn then. I believe that only Daganzhou can do this among the nine continents.
Meet Wu Ji and go to the auction. By means of building an auction event suitable for thousands of people, even tens of thousands of people, it’s not too difficult. About four or five hundred monks of the then class are converging their own unique breath, and their faces are still wearing a mask, so they have done enough kung fu on the surface.
In a sense, it is also a very dangerous thing to participate in the auction, because once the wealth is exhibited, it will often be robbed as a fat sheep. Even if the wealth is not white, every auction is easily targeted by monks in groups.
I have experienced this kind of thing many times, and I have taken the initiative to fish many times, and I am also very familiar with the doorways.
"Ding Xiong, you have to sit far away from me in the auction for a while, so you have to be regarded as the two of us are accomplices." That Wu Ji made up a mask and smiled at throb. "It’s not good for you to be implicated in a lot of smashing Lingshi."
"I’m not a troublemaker, but I’m definitely not a timid guy." Willy also replied with a note, "I wish Wu Xiongma success first here." But I don’t know what the flame monarch’s spirit was taken as in the auction and all the masters in the purgatory domain were involved.
Willy although know red expression that beauty snake means to control the knight errant door Chen Yun is don’t know what red expression want Chen Yun to buy in this auction.
Wu avoid hear throb words a slight ash, but then it was with a smile and said, "The original Ding Xiong is also a strong man with means and confidence. You are a good brother and I have a deal with Wu Mou."
The two men got their own brands and entered side by side. At this moment, the auction has been surrounded by two or three hundred heads. The two men found their own number position and sat right next to each other. The owner of this auction is also quite doing business. While the monks are waiting, they also arranged programs.
A group of slim and beautiful young women are dancing and swaying in Taiwan, each of whom has the strength in the middle and late stage of refining gas. The first one is thunderous and impressive, and the foundation is the first level. After all, Daganzhou is rich in information. Just take it out at an auction to perform singing and dancing, and it will be so repaired.
See throb at Wu Ji said with a smile, "Ding Xiong, these women are mostly members of the small family in the Northwest Alliance who have no money and no potential to perform songs and dances here. In fact, there are attempts to sell themselves. Like those beautiful women who are refined in gas, they usually sell for one million spirits, while the main dancer, the foundation girl, even wants five million spirits."
Willful silence.
Wu Ji saw that he didn’t talk. He despised these women and enthusiastically explained, "Ding Xiong should not look down on these women. This is not a slave who was brought by the war, but a real family or a self-taught slave. It is certainly necessary to find a bodhi old ancestor to rely on. At the same time, it must be that the family is sacrificing itself. There are a lot of humble small families in the Northwest Alliance. Even those with outstanding qualifications want to get ahead, it is extremely difficult for them to have one or two qualifications. Brothers and sisters, this just makes them willing to slave for the rise of brothers and sisters. If you are lucky, the family will be successful in the apprentice if you are next to a more affectionate predecessor. "
Willy is slowly shook his head, saying, "I dare not agree with Xun, but everyone has his own ideas."
Wu Ji was staring at one of the enchanting girls with gauze on her face. "It’s a pity that this time, although there is enough Lingshi, she asked for an extremely hot Lingyu to fight for it. Otherwise, it’s not bad to take one back. Brother Ding, you are not as good as taking one back. First, there is a waiter. Second, it’s all poor girl. Imagine if those women are not human. Isn’t it miserable?"
Willy heart "don’t see Wu Xiong is a passion but Ding Mou is! I’m wandering around in the settlement, and the girl who followed me will even suffer a lot. Well, Brother Wu, the two of us are congenial. Which one do you like? I’ll buy it for you first, and it’s not too late when you get loose later. "
"Does this make?" Wu avoid moving eyes staring at the jiāo Rao weak female eyes as if a little more soft.