"Isn’t it? Isn’t your martial arts very high? So easily knocked down by people? Oh,no. Muyu is still outside. I have to find him. "

June 12, 2024

Fine has been beaten like this. Isn’t that Muyu run? Thought of here, Lin Yu is more worried about the situation of Qin Muyu and wants to continue to return to the phoenix sky.
"What are you going to do?"
Mu Junchen pulls like a fly and bumps like Lin Yu. The terrain in this underground palace is complex. What if she touches the plane like this?
"To save the sunset feather, you don’t know that he went back to find a fine before. Haven’t you seen him? Isn’t it dangerous that nightingale can’t beat her enemy? "
Listening to Lin Yu, Mu Junchen knew that Qin Muyu must not tell Lin Yu the truth.
"Don’t worry, Qin Muyu is fine. A fine wound is Qin Muyu’s injury."
"Sunset feather? What does Muyu want to hurt Zijuan? Isn’t nightingale a lifesaver? "
Is it true that Zijuan was abused so badly because of his hard bow? God, she’s just talking. I didn’t expect this fine to really act
Lin Yu’s eyes changed a little when she looked at Zijuan. I didn’t expect this little palace master to be a heroine among women, but in the end, she didn’t get a chance and was miserable.
"Sister, what are you thinking?"
Fine looked at Lin Yu and looked at his eyes a little strange and asked
"Nothing, nothing."
Lin Yu lamented how hungry you are, but of course I can’t tell you this. What can I do if you become angry from embarrassment?
"It’s a long story. Let’s talk about it after we go out."
Lin Yu’s expression is obviously crooked, and Mujunchen will know that he can temporarily change the subject first.
"Yeah, yeah, let’s get out of this hellhole first and say that I’ll ask Sunset Feather again, right? Otherwise, let’s separate you and go out first. I’ll look for Muyu. I’m really worried about him outside. "
"Don’t worry, Qin Muyu is very good. Besides, he is not alone. After we entered the underground, Qin Muyu should have left you long ago, and now I can’t find him even if I go back."
Look at Lin Yu’s thoughts. Qin Muyu still wants to go back to him. Mu Junchen is not very comfortable in his heart, but it is almost true that there are people around Qin Muyu.
What else did Lin Yu want to say? The underground palace suddenly shook, accompanied by an explosion.
"Won’t be an earthquake again? We are now underground, but if there is an earthquake, even digging a hole will be saved and buried directly. "
"Bah, sister, it’s a crow’s mouth. How can I let you bury it here? Besides, how can the phoenix palace be blown up so easily?"
"Fried? You mean it was intentional? "
"Didn’t you hear the explosion just now?"
"But who would want to blow this place up?"
How could she not hear that loud sound just now? I don’t understand how someone could do that.
"Qin Muyu"
Fine didn’t expect the man to come up with such a way. He wanted to blow up the underground, but fine believed that Qin Muyu would never think that Lin Yu would be here. I really want to see the picture after Qin Muyu saw Lin Yu being killed in the underground. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this chance.
"Sunset feather? Have you had it with Muyu again? "
Lin Yuzhen really wants to ask whether Zijuan is a benefactor or an enemy of Muyu. It’s killing Zijuan to blow up the underground.
"Come with me and get out of here."
"Hey, I have a map. There are machines everywhere in this underground palace. It’s safer to look at the map."
Lin Yu saw that nightingale was about to walk and lifted the map in her hand.
"Hum, even if I don’t have that thing, I can still go out from here and watch it get in the way."
"That’s right." Lin Yu thought about it and put away the map. This is somebody else’s fine territory. How can I look at the map at home?
I followed the fine for a while and never met Lin Yujiao. This fine memory is really good, and she can remember it so clearly with so many curved roads.
Zijuan took the lead in front of Lin Yuzhong, Mujunchen walked at the end, and Mujunchen wanted to continue carrying Zijuan, but Zijuan said that the horse would arrive soon. She just insisted on it for a while and resolutely refused Mujunchen’s kindness.
Yu Linyu is even less likely to let Mujunchen carry her back. No matter how strong it is, it is better than the patient of Fine. It is even more impossible for people not to carry her back. Besides, it is hard enough for that person to hold hands with Mujunchen. How can he be carried back?
Lin Yu, they just have to follow the footsteps of Zijuan, and soon they come to an end, and there is no road ahead.
"Hey? What’s going on? I remember when I went out before, the destination was not like this. You didn’t take the wrong way, did you? "
Lin Yu looked at the present situation and doubted that Zijuan had taken the wrong way. If I had known this, I might as well look at the map and look for it slowly. Now they are going the wrong way.