"good! Since then, Wang has been sticking to it for a month. This month, Pei Yudu led hundreds of troops to call Wang Yuzhou! High winds, gongsunsu, you two lead the troops, 200,000, and give it to Wang Nali! When the time comes, the king wants Yan Wang to have Jiangling City. "

June 11, 2024

The high wind and gongsunsu were given 200,000 to guard against Dugu rewelding.
Dugu Teng got up and said, "There’s no need for 200 thousand. My second brother is now busy. My father has sent troops to report!" He looked at Yan Gui and solemnly bowed his hand and said, "My father dragged the border war to help the prince get the prince’s report first, so don’t make us pay in vain!"
"Naturally, if you want to beat the prince, you will send troops to wish you a natural count in the counter-insurgency in southern Xinjiang," Yan said.
"Good gentleman a word! The king will not believe "DuGuTeng laughed.
From the next day, Pei Yuqing led the military forces to set off first, and it was enough to take 100 thousand military forces from Yuzhou. He was full of confidence.
"Third brother, take care!" Peiyudu avenue
"Second brother wait for my good news! After this battle, there is finally no need to fight! " PeiYuqing laughed
"Yes, there will be no big battle …" Peiyudu laughed.
"no! Yes! Yes! Your majesty’s ambition will definitely hit Beiyuan! Watch it, second brother! " Pei Yuqing rode away laughing.
Peiyudu looked at him and led the military forces away. One hundred thousand people kicked up and the smoke was like a cloud.
He laughed for a long time, and his third brother Wang Ye was ambitious, didn’t you? Pei Jia, it turns out that you are the best! Ok! Very good! Second brother will help you watch you!
Sending troops to Lizhou is a day late because of the large number of people. If Duguteng wants to follow to Yangui, he will be allowed. If he meets Dugurewelding, there are also people.
They left to guard Jiangling City, which is Yan Gui and Han Yun Zhu Wu.
Root is not afraid of the prince to attack at this time, although he took away 300 thousand people, and the guard here is still twice that of the city
The prince dared not move.
What do you mean by passive beating? The prince didn’t know that Yan Gui had sent troops to fight his other two cities.
But I don’t know, I can think of it
He is as angry as a trapped animal in his own so-called palace.
Unfortunately, he didn’t. Even he knew he couldn’t win.
At this time, there is also a plot that is doomed to fail in Yanjing City.
Mu Wanting, who hasn’t appeared before for a long time, seems to be a different person for more than a month. She usually doesn’t make trouble or talk nonsense, just like when she first got married.
Calm, intelligent and generous
Cao Shi and Mu Xiang don’t believe it, but they believe it when they really see it.
When she finally woke up
"Tell my father and mother to worry about it." Mu Wanting worships Ying Ying, although the color is as good as when she just got married, but she is still somewhat feminine after being carefully dressed up. She is not too old after all.
"Tinger ….." Cao Shi cried as soon as she called.
"Don’t cry, mother. It’s because my daughter is not sensible and confused. It’s like something has been encouraged in recent years. Now it’s good to be good." Mu Wanting wiped her tears for Cao Shi.
Mu Xiang looked at her for a long time, and the doubts in her heart gradually disappeared. How can a human nature become so unbearable?
Is it clear that you are slowly recovering? Maybe she woke up because of the shock.
But he believed it, and he didn’t dare to be tempted by it. "Ting, what do you think of the situation now?" Going back to the harem? "
Mu Wanting laughed. "Naturally, I have to go back. This daughter doesn’t want any high position, but it’s enough for the Regent’s wife and concubine to have a sister’s high position. My father won’t leave me alone, right?"
"You think it’s good that you’re afraid of going back to the palace." Mu Xiang continued
"It will be a princess to have a father and a family, no matter how low it is. After the daughter asks for it, maybe the prince will think of the wedding friendship and will praise her daughter and ask her to obey." Mu Wanting seems to be looking forward to it.
Cao Shi has been crying into tears. When she is sensible, her daughter seems to have done everything wrong, which makes her feel very sad.
"That Su’s …" Mu Xiang finally said.
"It’s impossible to call her daughter willingly, but the situation is better than others. The daughter bowed her head." Mu Wanting clutched Pardo tightly.