….. almost at the same time, Kangzhou Yin and Yang Albizia cases of Albizia Valley.

June 13, 2024

Over the years, I have been practicing hard, and Qi Feifei finally became the realm of Tsukiji dzogchen some time ago. Originally, she wanted to sneak away after she became a dzogchen, and then when willy came back, it would be a done deal. Even if she wanted to settle accounts, she had to go to Yin Shazong. Qi Feifei didn’t think that Yin Shazong valued the situation so much. What would happen to him?
But Qi Feifei didn’t expect to sneak out, but she met a talkative fellow martial sister, so everyone knew that Qi Feifei’s foundation was complete for a short time.
There are very few students who can practice * * Ding Lu * * in Albizia Sect, and such beautiful young women as Qi Feifei have successfully completed the foundation, which naturally becomes a panacea for many male monks, especially those who are well qualified but stuck in the peak of the foundation.
After several months’ game, a contest for Qi Feifei’s double cultivation object was over. Finally, it was confirmed that a descendant of the Great Elder had a fair qualification, but in the case of consuming a lot of resources, it was unsuccessful to attack the elixir several times in a row, and the Great Elder spent a lot of money and money, which was very intimidating and tempting. Finally, his descendants got this opportunity.
After learning the final result, Qi Feifei became angry from embarrassment. Although she knew that it would be the result, the Sect fought for her as a commodity and was finally regarded as the fruit of victory. After all, her heart was unbalanced. In recent years, Qi Feifei’s mind has been unable to erase the throbbing figure. Although she was forced by her life, she was fascinated and controlled by it.
However, with the deeper contact with throb, the more I feel that he is extraordinary, not only because he is outstanding in all aspects, but more importantly, he is overbearing and earth, which is deeply engraved in Qi Feifei’s heart like a brand.
Compared with those brothers in willy Albizia Valley, they really can’t put on the table. They are all white-faced and pretentious.
Over the years, Qi Feifei is more sure that willy didn’t die than anyone else, otherwise she wouldn’t be alive. Over the years, the mysterious connection between willy and herself has become almost impossible to identify. This is because the two people are far apart. However, recently, it seems that the relationship between them has become somewhat clear. Although this sense of clarity is still weak, it is increasing day by day.
Obviously, this is a signal that willy is on his way home.
For various reasons, Qi Feifei decided to escape. She has been planning for years.
First, I secretly found a brother who lost in this competition, but the background was equally hard, and the bitterness was irrelevant. A few words made them vaguely guess that Qi Feifei had a heart hanging on them, and now she has been contested. Qi Feifei would rather die than follow the class.
Qi Feifei’s qualification is very excellent, and she has a strong foundation in obsequiousness. Her greatest advantage lies in her and other female brothers’ early double cultivation with different people. * * * She has kept her virginity completely today, and with her excellent conditions in all aspects, it is difficult for many men to refuse her devotion. It took two or three rounds, and the backstage brother has become hot-headed and irritable. If Qi Feifei is persuasive, he finally kills the winner under Qi Feifei’s guidance. At the same time, he is full of joy and sneaks out of the heart of Hehuan Valley with Qi Feifei.
(To be continued)
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Mistress
….. Very smoothly. Qi Feifei went all the way in the direction of Hengduan Mountain. She vaguely felt that throb should come back from that direction. Although she didn’t understand that throb was opposite Hengduan Mountain, where was the most dangerous desert area?
Unfortunately, before she walked out of the halfway, something happened. The young master who was tricked around by her little tricks finally couldn’t help it. It was easier to escape after breaking through the elixir early with Qi Feifei’s double major. How could Qi Feifei promise this kind of thing? Repeated excuses finally made the gentleman suspicious.
Qi Feifei also knew that if she went there again, I’m afraid things would be exposed, so she pretended to promise but it was secret. She had prepared poisonous wine in the early years, poisoned him half to death, and directly wiped him out without mercy, eloped him and swept away his belongings.
However, it never occurred to her that this gentleman also had an ancestor in his infancy, who would naturally be banned after he loved him. Once he died, the ban would give her some strange things he saw before he died. Of course, the distance should not be too far, and the place where Qi Feifei killed the gentleman was just within the scope of prohibition.
As a result, Qi Feifei’s murder was exposed. After sending someone to hunt him down, he quickly found out the cause and effect of the incident and inferred that Qi Feifei might have a beloved man outside before he could make such a betrayal of his legacy.
According to Qi Feifei’s previous contact with outstanding people, there was a lot of noise before the inference. Now that it has disappeared for a long time, throb came into the eyes of Acacia Sect. Few people will deny that throb is a rare talent. After all, it is a fact that he pressed all factions in the temple of demons for a hundred years. At the beginning, Qi Feifei seemed to be close to him and was a temporary ally. But now, after such an accident, one can’t help but wonder what happened to throb and Qi Feifei in the temple of demons.
This has been learned from the fact that no matter what happened to them at the beginning, Qi Feifei’s line is definitely not a case of Yin and Yang, and she can endure a large number of pursuers to arrest Qi Feifei alive, no matter what mistakes she made, and then kill her after the elixir characteristic method is erased.
Qi Feifei is not a three-year-old child, nor is she an underage naive little girl. She has lived in such an evil sect as Hehuan Zong all the year round. She has already honed her maturity. Even if she didn’t know that she had killed the gentleman, she was very cautious. Although the direction is still Hengduan Mountain Range, she took the route from Langya Mountain to Tianyin Palace, and finally she went straight to Kongoji territory instead of into Tiandao League.
These are the right path, large sectarian sites, and these sites are all very big. She Qi Feifei’s goal is small and easy to conceal, and her acting skills are good. She is constantly changing her identity all the way, but nothing has happened. However, it is not so convenient for Acacia to pursue people. The heterodox sects think that searching in those right path sites is suspected of delivering food to people, and it is even more difficult to find a needle in a haystack to search for a person in the vast crowd.
After failing to trace Qi Feifei for several times, Albizia Sect had to issue an arrest warrant to Qi Feifei, and the wanted reward was as high as ten million spirits directly. Now even if the effect of this elixir is not needed, Albizia Sect will have to pay the price, so that even those decent people will secretly note Qi Feifei’s fall.
Poor Qi Feifei has just arrived in Kongoji, and it’s hard for her. Although she hasn’t given away the clues for the time being, she will be caught by people sooner or later. Even Brother then will be tempted.
It’s a few months later. Qi Feifei’s life is very bitter, hiding like a street mouse. Although she accidentally exposed her whereabouts, after she escaped, her approximate position was also exposed. She was not going after her, and she had to find her out. The posture drove Qi Feifei to want to die.
Her only spiritual sustenance is that her telepathy with willy seems to be getting clearer and clearer.
On this day, Qi Feifei hid in a barren mountain cave, but was blocked at the entrance of the cave by two monks in the right way with a ticket to build a foundation.
Qi Feifei tried to charm art, but hiding in Tibet for a long time has already made her dusty. Where will charm art be effective? Instead, it caused a piece of smug criticism and foul language. When Qi Feifei became angry from embarrassment and decided to fight for death, a strong pressure fell from the sky, and it was dark for a while. There was a black woman looming in the magic package to disdain cold hum.
"It’s monty!" How well-informed and well-informed, Brother then was so frightened that he was paralyzed that he couldn’t even give birth to the idea of running away. Monty was fierce and ruthless, but he never showed less disdain in ordinary times. But now Monty really appeared in front of people, but it was so powerful that he had an idea that it was over.
Monty didn’t let them down, and the magic gas was vertical and horizontal, but he went to coagulate the actual situation and turned it into sharp arrows. Those monks who built the foundation naturally destroyed one arrow and one body and spirit, while the two monks who lived and died struggled to dodge and cope with it. After all, they were doomed.
Qi Feifei, an "everyday magic adult", is also horrifying. Her slender legs are so soft that she can hardly stand on her heels. She never thought how Monty could appear at such a time and seemed to help herself. Does she want to kill herself or take herself for a reward? However, although there are a lot of Lingshi, it should not be in the eyes of such characters as Monty, right?
"Hum ~"
Monty’s face appeared in front of her with a cold face and glanced at her coldly. She asked in a slightly hoarse voice, "Where is the throb?"
Qi Feifei was a little dumbfounded. Where would she think that Monty was coming for thunder? But she was really not sure whether she was an enemy or a friend. When her eyes turned, she shook her head blankly and said, "Monty’s adult, do you mean Brother Lei?"