See Su Ling still "attitude elucidates the facts". Even Rio Tinto’s eyes can’t help but flash a bit of appreciation!

June 10, 2024

When he walked slowly to burn old and Su Ling’s desk, his eyes flashed aside, and then he set his sights on Su Ling’s face in a low voice and said, "Princess Dust is really smart!
But if your mother had been as smart as you, she wouldn’t have ended up in the original scene!
If Wang is right, your mother should be Feng Yun, a descendant of the Phoenix family and a white tiger guarding Feng’s parents! That’s right! "
Hector even Rio Tinto may know that he didn’t have to look back and worry, so he dared to blurt out the facts!
After he finished, Su Ling felt a feeling of tightness in her heart!
It turns out that the white tiger really has an inseparable chapter with the phoenix family, and the love song of 493 Hector even drinks poison
"If the king said yes, your mother should be the white tiger, the descendant of the Phoenix family, who guarded the parents of the Phoenix family! That’s right! "
He Liantuo’s voice settled, and Su Ling’s heart seemed to have been severely punched!
At this time, he can tell her mother’s identity with great scruples. Even Rio Tinto is by no means as simple as it seems!
How many years have passed, even if her appearance has shocked so many people!
But no one can be so accurate by guessing!
He Liantuo, how many secrets does he have that outsiders don’t know? !
If he really has talent, but he is willing to stop even the tribe for nearly 20 years, it can be seen that his forbearance is an ordinary person!
Su Ling’s eyes have been stuck in Hector even Rio Tinto engraved with proud cheeks!
For a moment, she seemed to see a flash of murder in his eyes!
Corner then flash to burn the old body but see him Toshiko is pale!
In a moment, Su Ling’s eyes drooped, and her eyes appeared Gherardini.
Half a soldier’s salary was originally scheduled for two people’s table, and Hector even’s love song full of pain looked at his cheeks.
After the corners of the mouth smiled faintly, he continued, "I think you two already know the fact that your life is dying soon!"
Say you don’t blame me! If it weren’t for your aggressiveness, the king wouldn’t have made such a move!
But you don’t have to look at Wang San so much. Wang San is disdainful!
If you want to blame, you can blame you for not knowing people clearly! Making friends from the heart may be the real executioner’s hand in the end! "
Even if Su Ling and Huang Lao are indifferent and silent, what he says is just a love song!
At that time, the lip corner of Hector’s love song was bitter and full of fatigue!
Looking at the proud Liantuo, his thin lips wriggled before whispering, "Father, is this what you want?"
Smell Hector even Rio Tinto look breath immediately narrowing her eyes looked at Hector even love song light sneer at a way "ah! What do you mean Wang Yao?
As you can see, this huge Hector even tribe has been prosperous in recent ten years!
But it was this time that they appeared and the tribe was broken for a long time. Can’t the king do something to resist? !
Besides, Wang did nothing! Love songs, don’t forget that you just filled their wine bottles with your own hands. If something really happens to them, it’s nothing to do with Wang!
I even the tribe is bound to grow! And you are always a hostage. Who are you to question the king? ! "
At this moment, even Rio Tinto’s true face is revealed in front of people!
And his attitude towards Hector even love songs is no longer as pleasant as before!
"Father, am I really that worthless in your heart?"
Hector even love song Hector even extension in front of a few steps away irrepressible trembling!
It seems that even his voice is shaking, his eyes are full of sadness, his face is pale and he doesn’t see any blood!
Look at this Hector even love song Hector even Rio Tinto seems to have so moment hesitation!
But soon his nose moved and he looked at Hector’s love songs without any affection from his father.
After a while, listening to his cold words is as hurtful as possible. "You are just a profitable chess!
I have a Wang Shihe monarch in the Hector tribe. Would your king have left you alive until now if you were not still valuable? !
Remember that when you were born, it was just your shameless mother climbing the king’s soft couch!
Don’t expect anything from him! "
Words fall HeLianTuo coldly left sleeve spin potential will go back to his mat!
And at this moment YunMan looked at Hector even love songs and Hector even extension cheek also don’t across a sneer at!
Even Rio Tinto just took two steps forward and then came a strange ring behind him!
He frowned and looked back at the sight of the company. It was convenient that the pale lip corner of Hector even’s love song was spouting blood!
He couldn’t help staring at this situation, and suddenly there was a strange feeling in his heart!