Lu Lu shook his head and sniffed and replied, "Without the eldest brother, people who take away the source of chastity will go straight to evil, but the source of chastity will return to normal."

June 9, 2024

"Ha ha, you can still save the little girl." Yang Ye smiled but felt very uneasy. Many times, this kind of thing that you have to do without knowing the consequences is the most stressful and frightening.
Hesitated for a young night and suddenly thought of leaving Zhang Gushi Zhang Wenyu to say that sentence.
"Yang night I’ll let you wait. Haha"
Is this what Zhang Wenyu meant by changing from red to black? Let me die? Something that turns me into an evil spirit? So he sent me the previous and this "Jialan Classical" pages?
The three of them went to the Yangjia Houzhai together, and nobody said anything, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing and sad with their heads down.
Walking around Yang night, I looked at Nan Rong’s illusion and he laughed at himself gently. "Watermelon is an egg! I have neve slept with a girl on such a heavy mission! "
Nan Rong’s illusion and growing up didn’t laugh.
Went into the backyard and came to the front of the door of Xiao Nan. Xiaoxiao and tenderness greeted each other and looked at Yang Ye with a heart-felt greeting.
Yang night smiled south glory illusion and growing is a face of silence.
Xiaoxiao and tenderness felt strange when they saw the strangeness. Xiaoxiao hesitated to pull Lush aside and asked, "What happened to Lush?"
She cried before she could speak. Although she didn’t know what was going on, Xiaoxiao and Gentle quickly became worried and looked at Yang night together.
Yang Yegu smiled easily and asked, "Is she awake?"
"I woke up crying just now, and now I may be tired." Xiaoxiao replied softly and asked again, "What happened to the gentleman?"
Yang night a sad expression "there’s nothing to feel sorry for me, I’m going to * *" said at the south glory illusion stretched out his hand to twist the front door.
"Yang night you … be careful." South glory magic a pull Yang night want to talk but don’t know what to say, finally told out such a sarcastic words.
Yang night really laughed out and looked at Nan Rong Magic jokingly said, "I’m careful? Brother, I’m going to someone else now. You are not allowed to break into it even if she cries her throat later! I will degenerate to devil wears prada once now! "
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one "Late breastfeeding"
Nan Rong’s illusion looked dignified and tearful. Yang Ye held his head high like a hero who was about to die heroically, and calmly reached out and twisted the door of the small room.
Xiaoxiao and gentle side leng a listen to understand why the gentleman to hurry up.
Xiaoxiao took Yang Ye’s hand and asked softly, "Mistress, are you going to have sex with this girl … that one?"
Yang night watching xiaoxiao smiled a little bit.
Gentle also came forward and carefully interjected, "If the gentleman wants it, we will all … we will all be willing to be forced by the gentleman …" The gentle bow has been too small to hear.
Yang night shook his head and sighed gently and said, "Do you think I’m the kind of hard worker who can’t do it after knowing me for so long? I am so noble … You two don’t know what happened. Don’t make trouble. "
Xiaoxiao reserved a hand and gently pulled Yang Ye’s arm, and then took something out of his skirt pocket and stuffed it into Yang Ye’s hand.
Yang night looked down and turned out to be a guy with a packing condom who almost laughed and stared at Xiaoxiao unexpectedly and asked, "Girl, do you actually carry this with you?"
Xiaoxiao blushed a lightly chastising look up at Yang night and said with a shy smile, "It’s not just because you don’t know when you want to … but you always get it inside … Sisters are now unreasonable … I didn’t let everyone take it with you if it didn’t ring well for Yang’s shadow …"
"Line line" Yang night grabbed Xiaoxiao touched her face and laughed "You are the most careful. Okay, you all go home first" and turned to look at Nan Rong’s illusion and a crowded eye "I wish I could fix everything"
South glory magic low head suddenly eyes a bright step closer to Yang night ear low said, "Yang night or you what … something broke my body, I’m worried about you …"
"That’s no good. Does such a good girl let her give cucumbers for the first time?" Yang night a stare eyes sound didn’t lower.
As soon as I heard it, I came over and said with difficulty, "Nan Ge’s paper must be different or not."
"Did you hear that?" Yang Yeyi raised his neck and looked at Nan Ronghuan, then stretched out his head and said softly, "Don’t forget that I am a scholar and maybe I can resist!" Say that finish pushed the south glory magic a blunt in front of a few people a wave of his hand and then turned around and gently twist the small room crept in.
The little girl was really tired when she was lying in bed, crying and making trouble for hours. She didn’t eat or drink, and her strength was exhausted, even her head was a little groggy. When Yang night came in softly, she didn’t hear anything and almost fell asleep.
Yang night has reached the little girl’s bedside and looked at the bed. Little girl and her pair were so big that they almost burst into rags. * * I had quite a few mixed feelings in my heart. I never imagined that it would be such a situation and a background for me to have a real close contact with her for the first time.
Bend over and slowly approach Xiao Nan. At the same time, Yang Yexin really sighs that there are some tigers who know the mountains and favor the tigers.
Just as Yang Ye’s face was almost close to the front of Xiao Nan, his arms were propped up, and even his legs were stretched across time, Xiao Nan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the face in front of him in horror.
I was stunned and then I got a screaming scream.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! ! !”
Walking towards PianZhai building outside the door, Nan Rong stared back and then patted his head. "It’s over! Yang night * *! " When talking, the expression is painful.
She also looked back and silently bowed her head and wiped her eyes.
Xiaoxiao looked at Nanrong gentleman tenderly and strangely, and thought that the gentleman was going to have sex, not to the execution ground, so tragic?