Things for life? He doesn’t have anything precious except the achievement method of "Bite the Spirit", but he still can’t change the fate of two people being killed and one person being killed.

June 8, 2024

Wu Yu’s face was pale. At this moment, there was a shadow in her mind. "Before you came, King Jiuyou gave me a" secret of sealing spirits ".Now the whole stone room is sealed. If you want to achieve the goal of killing saints, you must kill everything. You must be white!"
Just hearing this sound, Wu Yu summoned the body "Magic Ji" soul. At this time, she also saw that the whole stone room was covered with several dark and dark secrets. All the secrets were combined into a strange array. This is a special array to deal with Wu Yu’s spirit.
Zhang Yanggen didn’t see Wu Yu Ying Hong visible.
In front of the law, Wu Yu did her best, but she still called out the magic Ji, who seemed to be asleep. She had already broken the link! It’s like disappearing into his soul!
For a moment, Wu Yu was pale and held Zhang’s palm tightly, fearing that Zhang would leave.
She’s scared! She doesn’t want to kill Zhang. She doesn’t want to leave Zhang, even if it is a funeral. Now he really doesn’t want to leave Zhang. If she has a choice, she would rather die by herself.
But when I think of my hatred for her, I don’t want to die. An extremely contradictory mood is entangled in my heart!
Shadow Hong Yin Wu Yu’s summoning is something that happened in an instant. After Zhang Yang finished, he didn’t know that he might really be unable to escape this time. The stone chamber was sealed and his strongest attack strength broke out, and it was a long way from Shadow Hong.
"two!" Shadow flood points per second
Zhang gently put Wu Yu in his arms and caressed the long black hair. "I won’t kill you, Xiao Yu, and I know you won’t kill me. None of us will die, believe me."
"no! He’ll kill you! Xiaoyang, I don’t want you to die! " Wu Yu tried his best to hug Zhang’s waist as if to blend into Zhang’s body.
Then she bit her lip and made a choice that she couldn’t believe. "Will you listen to me every time and this time? I beg you once, just this once, please kill me! I won’t live long when I come, but you are different. You still have a long way to go. I don’t want to die! "
Zhang froze the heart way "what? We’ve only known each other for a few months, and she wants her life for mine! No, I can’t let Xiaoyu die. Her words are false. It turns out that my predecessors said that there are still two years to live. Maybe it is true. At least it is valuable to die like this. "
"Three … four!" The shadow sound continues to be like the death-urging sound, which means that when it flows out, it goes back.
"So that’s how I ended my life, Xiaoyu. It ended well." Zhang Yangxin was not afraid but showed a cool look. In fact, he was also afraid of death, but there were many things more painful than death. He chose to die with his lover!
Zhang hugged Wu Yu tightly and felt the exquisite charming body and soft heart breed a satisfied mood.
Judo "When we met, there seemed to be a voice telling me that we were very much like being lonely and afraid of many things without our parents. I know that your indifference is not true. In half a year, we are not alone. In fact, it has been a long time. People always have to leave, but it is just a matter of length. If they leave, they will leave happily."
"Don’t! I don’t want you to leave! If you dare to die! I’ll kill your friend. You can’t die! " Wu Yu hugged Zhang Yang tightly and shouted tears, and a sense of strength grew from his heart.
"Magic Ji! Come out quickly! Please, please! I’ll give you my soul. Come out! " Wu Yu’s heart shouted
The body demon Ji suddenly disappeared, and she felt a kind of fear. This time, her fate changed because there was no card, even if she wanted to damage her soul, there was no chance!
Wu Yu shouted that Magic Ji was silent, and now she is a master, a little master whose fate depends on his hands.
"… five … six!"
Zhang Xiangying spillway "You persecute me so much that I am not afraid to kill you after I become strong?" Not afraid that I will ruin this organization? "
Ying Hong said indifferently, "Can you live to be the last one? Even if you live to be the last one, you can kill me, but now you are a chess player in my hand and you have to listen to me! The root of a strong organization is not that one person can destroy nine! "
When I heard the word "nine", Zhang Yang’s eyes flashed. I’m sorry. I caressed Wu Yufa’s palm and suddenly knocked out the girl’s neck!
From the first time we met, Zhang Yang hit Wu Yu vigorously and never hit him again. The little girl who hurts is still coming, so she won’t play again. Now gravity hits her again.
"The first side may be the last side!" Zhang Yangxin is bitter