Although they are content to stay in the post palace, they have sent people to stare at all the movements of the East China Sea Palace.

June 7, 2024

Knowing that the emperor was seriously injured, the emperor’s illness was getting worse and worse, and the empress in the palace was not depressed because of her son’s death. On the contrary, she immediately took drastic measures to adopt the dead mother in the palace, who was only ten years old and nine emperors to her own name.
Therefore, the courtiers in the court were divided into two factions, one to protect the throne of Zhao Wang, the imperial concubine of Min, and the other to protect the throne of the queen through nine emperors.
The courtiers of the two factions attacked each other every day and fought with each other until they developed and fought as soon as they met.
The prince of Zhao used thunder to control a number of courtiers in the court, and also took control of an army in the hands of the emperor. Then this army took control of the Empress Zhengde Palace and jointly controlled the Nine Emperors, who were only ten years old and just started to dream of the emperor.
After the prince of Zhao controlled the queen and more than half of the courtiers in the Nine Dynasties Hall, he immediately issued a letter to inform the sky that the East China Sea Emperor was seriously injured by an assassin, and he chose a day to go to the throne ceremony because of his first visit to the court.
It is a great relief for outsiders to report to the capital, no matter who is the emperor, it makes no big difference to them. It is necessary for someone to sit on the throne.
Save the prince of Zhao and the queen who pinch and fight every day. If you go to their East China Sea like this again, it will be a mess. Now the prince of Zhao is in the throne.
There is still not much provocation to Zhao Wang, a subject in the East China Sea. Zhao Wang has always been strict with people and has never made a big mistake. He is deeply favored by the emperor, and his accession to the throne is also widely expected.
Xiao Ye and Jun Li of Yi Palace have received invitations from ministers to invite Xiao Ye and Jun Li Feng Linglong and others to observe the ceremony in the former palace.
Although it is a small ceremony to ask questions about the DPRK, it is also the first step towards the throne.
There is no reason why the prince of Zhao, whose eyes are on the West Chu and the North Jin Qing Xiao, whose country is in the East China Sea, should not invite them to the ceremony.
Xiao Ye, Jun Li and others smiled and said hello to the East China Sea Minister after receiving the invitation. Early in the morning, they would surely go to the palace to watch the ceremony, so please rest assured at Zhao Wangdian.
Hearing Xiao Ye and Jun Li’s words, the courtiers who came to deliver the letter breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the palace to reply.
And Feng Linglong and Su Wan and others also received invitations. Mother and daughter sat in the bedroom to discuss the matter.
"Didn’t Zhao Wang ask uncle to help dad take the throne in the East China Sea?"
"The day must be a major turning point. Your uncle and your father will definitely rip off the face of the base man of An Wang in front of the Manchu Dynasty, and then he will successfully ascend to the East China Sea."
Feng Linglong Feng has clear eyes and dark eyes. She not only believes in Feng but also believes in her younger brother. Together, the two of them will surely get the throne in the East China Sea. She is not worried at all.
Su Wan also believes that my uncle’s ability is obvious to all. It must be easy for him to help Dad to take the throne in the East China Sea.
When things go wrong in the East China Sea, she can go back to the Western Chu State to get married.
Think of this Su Wan’s face unconsciously filled with happiness. Her face is slightly moist, and her lip angle is a sweet smile. When Feng Linglong looks at her, she will know that her daughter is thinking of her lover. A woman who thinks of her lover’s shyness and happiness can tell at a glance.
"Wan son, do you think of the Jing Wang Shi in the Western Chu State? Mother hasn’t seen that guy yet. Is he really that good? Actually stole my baby daughter’s heart. "
Feng Linglong raised her hand and touched Su Wan’s little head with eyes full of reluctance.
She should make good compensation for her absence from her daughter for so many years, but she didn’t expect to get married.
"If that bully tells your mother that she will take care of him for you."
Su wan smiled and said "good"
Slightly proud in my heart, I must tell Xiao Huang what my mother said later. Don’t let her have no one to back her up, but her mother will back her up.
However, it makes sense to think that Xiao Huang Su Wan thought that this guy had not appeared for several days. According to the truth, he knew that she had found him and should secretly visit her every day. Why didn’t he show up all the time?
Sue wan was slightly annoyed and secretly thought that she must tidy him up when she saw him later.
She thought about it sweetly in her heart, and Feng Linglong naturally laughed when she saw her shyness.
It’s just that you want to be happy. The mother-daughter relationship in this world can’t compare with a lover who really loves you.
Will accompany her is the person who will accompany her all her life, and she has heard from her son that that guy Xiao Huang is sincere to his daughter.
So she has nothing to worry about.
What a worry.
Mother and daughter whispered in the bedroom for a long time again.
Later, Su Wan waited for Xiao Huang in her bedroom, but this guy still didn’t show up. Su Wan was a little impatient and angry.
Why didn’t this bastard come to her? Didn’t she know she was happy and wanted to share it with someone?
Her father will get the throne of the East China Sea on the day of her father’s emperor. She is the princess of the East China Sea, and it is not a loss for her to marry him.
She wanted to share it with him, but he just stopped showing up.
Su Wan wanted to get more and more angry, and finally simply rolled over and went out of the window to wander in the back garden.
But she has been shopping for two times and still hasn’t seen Xiao Huang appear. This Su Wan is really angry. She immediately called out Yun Ge in the dark and said, "Go and tell your master that I want to see him and let his horse appear, otherwise don’t blame me for being angry with him."
Yun Ge should flicker into the darkness.
He was not long before a ghostly figure appeared in the back garden of the palace.