Shinohara snow has a vision for the future in her heart and also has her own worries!

June 1, 2024

Su Ling slowly looked askance at Shinohara Snow, and somehow some lost look could not help but comfort and patted her hand. "What are you afraid of!
Even if Li Xinrou is a dormant tiger, meeting us is doomed to defeat!
If you have doubts about her heart, let Zhao Xiwen test her!
Anyway, it’s already like this now. Let’s get ahead of you before your brother knows about you! "
Xiao Xue was surprised. "Ling, what are you going to do?"
See shinohara snow panic took her arms Su Ling but say with smile "I don’t do anything!
This Li Xinrou is really quiet and weird! In that case, let’s explore the truth first!
If she has Zhao Xiwen’s consciousness, let’s be happy!
But if she is also a scheming woman, I don’t mind killing her mind in the cradle!
You don’t expect us to be good people after Shinohara’s accident!
After everything you’ve experienced since you went to the ruined city, we are destined to be a canary in the boudoir!
This day seems peaceful, but the undercurrent is normal!
On the contrary, after so much experience, I think it’s not unreasonable to have the first hand!
We have the ability to wait for things to happen before thinking about countermeasures! Right! "
Su Ling exhorted Shinohara to feel heavy again!
The more you get to this point, Shinohara Snow, like all ordinary women, will always give birth to a little worry and gain!
And the more you love, the more scared you are!
Perhaps Su Ling woke up, and after sunset, Shinohara let forsythia change her into a maid-in-waiting ornament!
Now they still live in the palace, and he hasn’t appeared once since yesterday when Huang Yin-li ordered Si Yu to send the envoys of the Southern Xia Kingdom to the palace in front of the Manchu civil and military officials!
It is precisely because he has not been here in person that he does not know that Shinohara Snow has been waiting for him here!
While the night is getting richer, Shinohara’s cheeks are getting more serious!
Aside, Su Ling sat lazily on the imperial concubine couch, ate a crisp bite of the apple, looked at Xiao Xue’s dress and said, "You really did your best to die after killing him!"
Although this shape is not appropriate, Su Ling feels like this!
"Miss, this is what you want!"
When Bi Rao came in from the palace with a few books, Su Ling’s eyebrows were full of smiles. "Bi Rao, come and sit!"
And with the appearance of Bi Rao Shinohara Snow is also a surprise "Bi Rao? When will you come? "
Said shinohara snow looked at Brigitte Rao a few eye kung fu let her even more surprised to find Brigitte Rao belly seems to be slightly uplift!
What speed are these people?
How come they are all pregnant!
Bi Rao’s plump face was full of smiles. She bowed to Xiao Xue slowly and then said, "Go back to the empress. I will arrive this afternoon!" "
When she finished, she nodded at Shinohara Snow and then handed her hands to Su Ling!
Su Ling conveniently took Bi Rao’s wrist and took her to her side. She sat down and looked at Shinohara Snow, but she didn’t say with smile during the event. "Why are you so surprised!
I’ve been watching the sky at night recently, and I feel that the good things in Qi and Chu are coming … Not only Bi Rao, but also Xiao Si will come with curly hair in a few days! "