No matter whether the jade old man appeared or not, Ye Han answered a big secret, that is, understanding Yuan Dao. Now Ye Han has encountered problems again, and the jade old man has appeared again. What can this prove? I’m afraid this question is stupid enough to be white.

May 30, 2024

Ye Han isn’t stupid, but it’s better to see the jade old man appear, and he’s still stupid to go to what he came to do on this trip. Just asking this, he was met with two women’s dirty eyes on the spot. Yu Yanxin saw that both women were winking at him, and it seemed that they didn’t lose or threw themselves at Ye Han.
Ye Han wronged himself. Did he say something wrong? Why do the three women around you treat themselves like this? Is there any justice in this? Who’s in charge in this family?
Jilted to jilt head Ye Han consciously think slanting what this home that home is not a family? But he seems to understand that it is not a good thing to have more women. Think about how sad you will live if you marry these three people!
I dumped my head again and still feel that I think it’s wrong. When did I think so far? It’s like I’ve become a family with them now. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it is. Ye Han shook his head and dispelled all these abnormal thoughts from my mind!
The suspicion of the jade elder is the most surprising thing for everyone. Everyone doesn’t know how to solve this disharmony between Yin and Yang. Now that he has appeared, the problem has been solved by half. Perhaps the jade elder has shaped an omnipotent person in their hearts several times ago, and this is precisely the jade elder.
Jade old man seems to see everyone’s worries, and he is busy with emotion at all times. He looks at the side with a blank face, and Yan Xin immediately gives a wry smile. "It seems that you are still not deep in life. If you encounter a little difficulty, you will have no choice. This makes me feel at ease and give you this salvation day!"
Yan Xin didn’t feel much after listening to the words of the jade elder, but seeing Ye Han and other three people, there was always a faint sense of guilt. I thought it was also a little difficult and I was knocked down. How can we save the vitality? When the mainland saw the appearance of the jade elder, it handed over the problem to him. Do you have to rely on him to appear every time you encounter difficulties?
Ye Han and others know that the jade elder is not very idle or his chance of appearing is not very great, and the elder’s appearance of three people this time is also white, because a jade appeared at last, otherwise I’m afraid I don’t know when to see him.
This time it can be said to be a fluke or a coincidence, but it is only a coincidence. Who can guarantee that this coincidence will happen all the time? Who can be sure that it will be even more difficult to encounter the same difficulty again? He will appear in front of everyone like today.
The jade old man is not an unreasonable person. As he himself said, Ye Han and others are people who are not experienced in life and have some difficulties. It is not something to blame for them to get through it. He does not blame Ye Han and others too much.
"Yin and Yang repel each other, which is an eternal truth, but it is also a natural law that Yin and Yang can be well integrated if they are properly transported. Since you all know this, what is there to worry about?" After a while, the jade elder just smiled and laughed
Ye Han and others suddenly froze when they heard what the jade elder said. They just wanted to ask more, but they listened to the jade elder and then said, "Well, I can help you with this matter. You don’t ask me much, and you won’t say much. Everything depends on yourself!"
After being said by the jade newcomer, all of them suddenly became dumb, just thinking about asking the jade elder what he should do. Now think about how extravagant it is, but he may as well stop asking according to what the elder said.
Seeing that everyone said that the jade old man smiled with relief. "Well, this matter is solved by yourselves. I have more important things to tell you!"
Ye Han, a serious jade elder, and others dare not neglect the busy meditation to wait for the advice of the jade elder, but rather reprimand it. After all, from the moment when the jade elder appeared, they didn’t feel that he had any banter and had always been serious.
Seeing this situation, the jade old man smiled and nodded, and then said with a tight face, "Now four jade pieces have appeared, and your corresponding life star is bound to appear. After you solve the existing problems, you can officially become a four-star bearer!"
With that, the jade old man paused again and then said, "Remember I once said that when four stars gather in the sky, they will be involved in the war. After the four stars formally gather, you will really take up the task of saving the sky!"
After a pause, the old man hesitated for a moment, and then said, "That’s all I have to say. I hope you will be good. After that, I may not appear again. It’s all up to you!"
Seeing that the jade old man hesitated, he still had something confidential to say, but he didn’t want him to say these words. But everyone had to nod and agree with the old man’s request. At this moment, the jade old man suddenly disappeared.
A breath disappeared from the cave, and the jade old man left this time. As he said just now, I don’t know if I can come back this time. Maybe this is the last time I have appeared in front of everyone. After this, Ye Han and others can save everything on their own!
Naturally, they also know that even if the jade old man will appear, they can’t pin everything on him. Self-reliance is the only way to live. If possible, no one wants to send someone to the fence!
Until the jade old man’s breath disappeared, everyone was relieved. This naturally includes Yan Xin. Although he is still not very familiar with the true identity of the old man in Bai Yushi, she saw that Ye Han and others are respectful to him, and this jade old man’s identity is not unusual at the moment.
Off the jade old man, but they didn’t feel relaxed. The jade old man’s words are engraved all the time. Four life stars have appeared in their hearts, and the situation will soon appear. Instead of feeling relaxed, they are worried.
However, all the worries are unnecessary, and they are whiter than others. Now it is necessary for them to have no choice but to try their best to follow the original route, although it will be very hard!
Yan Xin didn’t think so much. After all, she also learned a thing or two from Lengling’s mouth. She never thought that such a small jade could be connected with the whole world.
Just because Yan Xin is not white doesn’t mean Ye Han and others are not white. They know very well that they have accepted the solution to the world disaster now, and there is no choice but to work hard.
The jade old man left nothing but the bad news of the world chaos. From the mouth of the jade old man, they learned a truth. Yin and Yang are mutually dependent, mainly depending on your fate. In other words, everything is unpredictable.
"Well, now we should think about integrating the jade with the spirit of inflammation, or even if we find four life stars, it will be futile to win one of them!" After a long silence, Ye Han took the initiative to speak out and broke the long-standing silence.
Quiet or surprisingly quiet. After Ye Han’s words, the three girls are still at a loss. Obviously, there is still a plan for this matter. Ye Han can also deeply appreciate it. After all, even he himself has not been able to find an effective way. The jade old man’s words are a little show. It can’t be a little show!
Ye Han is not white. What exactly does this jade old man mean? Although Yin and Yang in this world restrain each other, it is also possible to merge with each other, but this is a statement after all, and it does not say exactly what to do ~
[3] [Worried]
"Is it the fusion of Yin and Yang?" Suddenly Lengling exclaimed that everyone looked at her face at the same time and suddenly flashed a blush, and her eyes were also watching Ye Han closely. She seemed to want to say something, but she finally said it.
Ye Han looked at immediately one leng to listen to this LengLing exclaimed is obviously thought of what good way, but what words haven’t been said but suddenly stopped? Is there something to hide?
Well, it must be so. Ye Han feels that Lengling always seems to be talking to himself. At this time, he suddenly behaves so shy and thinks of something that he is embarrassed to say at regular intervals, and this matter is likely to solve the existing troubles by himself.
LengLing a face of shy silence for a long time, this just quietly faded face faint red soon slowly came to Ye Han side ear what he said in his ear, careless face and cloth layers of faint hongxia.
However, at this time, Lengling’s shy expression did not fall into Ye Han’s eyes. By comparison, Ye Han’s face expression was more peculiar, and I don’t know what he heard from Lengling’s mouth, but it turned embarrassing for a moment!
Ye Han didn’t end up in an awkward situation, but his eyes were inflamed from time to time, and he seemed to remember what it was. It seemed that he was thinking about Lengling’s previous good idea and was planning to implement it!