Looking at Su Ling’s gradually tense face, he couldn’t help but want to stretch out his hand to smooth her brow, but the slender and coarse fingertips still stayed, but when he saw Su Ling’s eyes blink quickly, he retreated to two meters away and he silently relative!

May 29, 2024

Burn old cold eyes a slight look at their fingertips can not help but sigh "do you have to do this? Su Ling, some things are not what you think! "
"Not what I want?" Su Ling eyebrows sneer at burn old immediately gathered a naughty hair in his ear and looked at him with a heavy face and continued to smile. "Burn old, what do you think? Look at this look on your face. You are Gulan’s sister, and your life will soon be over! Just now, she fainted and walked towards you in my hospital according to the plot. Should you have a big fight with me or just divorce me? Then live with her! "
"Su Ling!"
Burn the old suddenly low and complete roar for a moment, the whole person’s momentum suddenly burst, Su Ling’s voice fell to the ground, and burn the old body almost jumped to the iron wall in front of Su Ling in the blink of an eye, and it was still necessary to turn the tide and hug Su Ling.
But this time he acted as usual but was stopped by Su Ling!
Seeing that the quiet person who was in his arms burned Lao San’s slender legs so quickly, spinning in place and driving her skirt to float up layers of ripples.
And burn the old iron wall just stretched out in front of her when Su Ling stopped it with one hand and then directly pushed his arm back to his side with full force.
Everything happens when you breathe in and breathe out, until Huang Lao realizes that Su Ling is different. When you look carefully, you will find that she is three meters away from herself again.
"Burn old talk! Don’t touch your hands. Not every woman is like your sister Gu Lan. Even if times change, she can lick her face and come back for your good fortune! I’m sorry, I told you that my man can have me as a woman! If you decide to have Gulan, don’t mess with me. You are shameless and I want it! "
Su Ling’s words are full of coldness, and now it’s a love rat in her eyes!
She really feels that her front eyes are covered with snot now, otherwise how could she believe what he said!
"When the king said to her? You’ve always been a woman in this palace! "
Huang Lao’s remarks made Su Ling feel powerful!
Can’t help but sneer at a way "what is that Gulan? Do you want to show your masculinity by putting new love and old love together, or do you want to tell me that Gu Lan is always different in your heart? "
"Su Ling! What, you won’t believe it? Have you ever thought that you can really look at me from now on, and you can really understand me? You are skeptical about everything I do, and if it doesn’t go your way, then you are selfish and think I did something wrong!
Su Ling, you’ll never know what I did! You will never be white. My heart is not as heavy as a hair of your hair! It happened that after you saw these things, you believed what you saw but refused to look back at what I did! "
This is the first time that Huang Lao and Su Ling quarreled together, and they are usually not good at expressing themselves and don’t like to explain. Even if Huang Lao is angry, he still doesn’t say anything!
However, Su Ling was slightly stunned in his slightly accused words. This is also the first time for her to reflect on whether her practice is really like what Huang Lao said!
But what she saw and heard really gave her this feeling, didn’t she?
"What do you do? Huang Lao, you say you are so wronged. Why don’t you tell me what you did with Gu Lan last night? And how did your waist strap fall into Gulan’s hand? Explain these clearly before you accuse me of problems! Such as? "
Even in this situation, Su Ling still maintained a rare calm!
Burn old cold eyes have dyed a few strands of red silk and face Su Ling questioning burn old thin lips tightly sipping cold arc moment eyes suddenly closed nose Weng move half a soldier and then open your eyes again with anger faded a lot!
"I went to the Valley Pavilion last night because Wang suspected that she was not Gulan!" Burn old suddenly become low hoarse voice as if with a tired spin face the window lattice side slowly cavity.
While smelling this Su Ling was frightened and couldn’t help looking at his outline. Toshiko asked in a low voice, "What do you mean? With your understanding of Gulan, can you still tell the difference between true and false? "
Su Ling was surprised but calm! She really doesn’t believe what Huang Lao said, but when you think about it, he has no reason to lie to himself!
What’s the point of lying to her because it has reached this point!
Burn old low sigh and then eyes side looking at Su Ling lip Angle full of doubts wryly, "if Wang Zhen knew her, he wouldn’t be able to tell the truth from the truth!
Did you let Birao go to the Valley Pavilion to embarrass you? You and I went to see her late at night to rekindle the old relationship with her? You and I allow her to live in the palace because I still have a heart for her? Su Ling, have you ever thought that every time you say that you can leave me at any time, it sounds like a heartache to me! Do you know that you and I believe that every accident will be hit like never before!
And you neve tell me what you think or what you do! So every time I naturally arrange everything, I get an answer from you!
Su Ling, what is my weight in your heart? Are you clear? "