What a dead brain! I secretly scolded a sentence in my heart.

June 21, 2024

"If nothing, don’t be strong! "Lai male coarse cried to speak at the same time, he also went to the distant day chest thumped a.
Damn it! I’ve never seen such an arrogant guy! Anger has rushed to the top of my head. I didn’t think much about it. I just took out the compound shield from the warehouse and cut the other hand with a sword.
The sudden situation can make the other party look at me in amazement and react.
After I cut each other, the tone followed "Ding! The Dalai Cat maliciously attacked the player "Lu Da", and deducted 50 points from the hope value. The rest of the hope value ☆★〥 woke you up. If your hope value turns negative, you will be included in the evil list. Please pay attention to your own behavior. "
Strange, why can’t I hear the remaining points clearly?
Forget it. I don’t have time to think about it now. Let’s cut this guy first. Just when I want to swing the second sword, I’ve been caught by the distant sun and stopped by the swordsman.
"Cat, stop it! 」
"Let go! "I yelled at him angrily." What are you holding me for? 」
"You can’t-"
Before I could finish talking, a huge axe hit me in the chest and I immediately became a ghost.
"You …" Yao Ri stared at me with consternation. Lai Nan, who murdered me, didn’t expect the other party to have such a move.
"It’s good to teach each other a lesson and be cut down by each other …" I stared sullenly at Yao Ri’s own goal, which was the first time I met him.
"I’m sorry, I’ll help you resurrect at once." Yaori immediately took out the spell from his arms.
No, I didn’t intend to stay here. I immediately chose to move the cemetery to resurrect.
When I first saw the scene of the cemetery, I was a little surprised. It would have been designed as a ghost and the narrowest horror scene. I didn’t expect this cemetery to have a kind of sadness.
About thigh height, white reed flowers spread in groups, and the stroke in the cemetery blew through the swaying reed like a white sea of flowers. The graves in the cemetery were neat and clean, and the light mist in the forest covered the whole cemetery. The sun shone and the mist became white gauze, which gently covered the cemetery head.
After browsing for a while, I just wanted to find the cemetery manager to help me revive, when I heard a quick barking in my ear.
"woof woof! Woof! 」
Looking back, I saw a black dog assembled by a machine and barked at my feet.
"What’s the matter? What did you find? Follow that black dog, an old man wearing a brown cloak and hol a cane appeared.
The other person looks old in a cloak? Wear marks have appeared at the cuffs. Gray-black long hair reveals the eyes outside the hat like goldfish. Loose skin has dark brown age spots. Untrimmed nails are about ten centimeters long.
"It turned out to be a dead soul ….." The old man looked at me unexpectedly and then quoted me a number "3,000 yuan! 」
"ah? "I suddenly heard this number and I had a little way to react.
"The resurrection costs 3,000 yuan." The old man sounded a little impatient. "I don’t even know that. I’ve never seen such a stupid undead like you."
"…" Who knows what you’re going to do when you say such an absent-minded thing!
"Do you want to resurrect? Answer me quickly and don’t wave me. "The old man didn’t get angry and urged me."
I came here to resurrect. Can I say no?
After the quick payment, the old man lifted his crutch and drew a few laps, and I was reborn in the aura.
"Well, I’m going back to rest." When I spoke, the old man looked at me with a strange look. "Don’t even worry about it in the daytime. You’d better leave here early! 」
"eh? "What does he mean by saying this?
Before he could understand what he said, the old man’s body gradually turned into a nest, and the black dog at his feet disappeared with him.
Ali? So the ghost who helped people resurrect is really a ghost? Seeing him in such a strange way, I didn’t think the cemetery was gloomy, and I couldn’t help but feel a chill.
Perhaps I suddenly realized that the cemetery was quiet, and some sounds that I hadn’t noticed before gradually came into my ears. The sound of "cooing" called owl suddenly sounded far more than that of unknown insects recently. In addition, there was a female deep sigh and a low and painful moan.
But during the day, the sky here is a little dim and dazzling, and the light shines into the cemetery like it is absorbed by mist, and the light is extremely thin.
I can’t see a player in this cemetery except the grave, and I seem to hear strange beasts roar vaguely.
Let’s get out of here! I was just trying to find my way out when I suddenly heard a faint sigh.
Huh? It’s not a ghost, is it? I pricked up my ears and went into a state of alert
"Cat …" A soft voice whispered my name, and the ending tone seemed to be a little sad.
Did the ghost really come out? Although the sound is nice, it scares my scalp.
Do you want to run away immediately? But … I haven’t seen a ghost in the game for so long. I really want to see what the ghost looks like in the game. My curiosity makes me hesitate to stand in the same place.
Well, just turn around and have a look! If it attacks me, it’s a big deal to die again I slowly turned away …
A gloomy face zoomed in before me, and I was a fist away from him.
"wow! "The unexpected situation made me scream loudly and repeatedly retreated three steps.
"ah! "The other party was also startled by me and gave a surprised roar.
"You, you, you …" I became stuttering when I was in shock.
"Cat, why did you suddenly shout? Scared me, "asked Yao Ri, patting his chest with confusion.
"I scare you? I’m the one who wants to ask you why you want to pretend to be a ghost to scare me! "I didn’t good the spirit stare at him.
"I’m not pretending to be a ghost. I’m dead now." Yao Ri replied with a face of koo. When he spoke, he pointed to the floating ghost fire around him to prove that he was telling the truth
"How did you …" I looked at him puzzled.