This makes them suddenly solemn. This is not Lei Guang, but a punishment! There is even a general oppression desire to prevent them from forming special nodes to guide their tributaries to the throne.

June 20, 2024

"Cut three bodies? What this involves is not that it is not a penalty, but that the change caused by this is the masked key! "
Li Yu came over in an instant. He first called out the North Taidi Jun to accompany Taiji, and then left the temple and entered Xianlian to follow this idea.
Soon he thought of all kinds of personification after the three corpses? Three thoughts and three thoughts, but not just this; There’s still a little too much insight in this. So what did he touch?
Li Yu reacted with a shock in his heart. According to the normal process, after being told too much, he will inevitably deduce to improve the three-corpse method, but it is an illusory need after the three-corpse is cut out.
According to your own ideas, you will inevitably look for the object, so what is the most suitable? Handle!
One of his thoughts is connected, and his thoughts used to be concealed, trying to reproduce the myth that the so-called three realms and six roads in secondary vocational schools all seem to have undergone changes, and they all show one thing in common outside the last column.
This is the root of the oppression of the scourge!
"So that’s it. This is the eternal solution to the future trouble."
Li Yu took a deep breath and turned this part of his thoughts into a catalogue. Here, he carved the word "career map" with the last clean face.
Then he left this picture book with Xianlian himself and returned to the contemporary node. This memory was already missing in his mind, and he quickly adapted to the career map and fabricated a false memory.
"Taoist friends and great talents can enjoy great blessings and great merits with this three-corpse method."
When he returned, the two men discussed it again.
"Thanks to the enlightenment of the King’s Hall of Qi, I am not alone."
Too smiled and shook his head and was not greedy for success. Naturally, they quickly deduced it. After this blue Millennium, they deduced a clue.
Li Yu’s concept of eternal life, the common development of the concept of "one gasification and three clean-ups", has finally found a way to combine the three corpses, nine insects and five possessions, and to cut out the persistent external things and fight together.
However, after all, this method is not really broken, but cut off, and there are three opportunities. Therefore, being cautious can be regarded as giving the thrones three promotion opportunities, but it is also difficult to live and die.
This is obviously a great achievement that shocked the world and did not touch the taboo. Therefore, it is time for the heavens to celebrate this skill.
"Thank you, King Qi, for being original. I’ll share the fruit with you. If there is any progress, I’ll inform the temple and leave first."
Too mind through with the direction immediately left in a hurry to return to Chu abode of fairies and immortals deduction to close.
"Cutting three bodies is also cutting three bodies, and this way can also be expanded. I should leave, so my mind is very strong."
Li Yu’s meditation in the temple lasted for a long time, and finally he raised his head faintly, fuelling the immortal lotus force, and suddenly he was wrapped in a heavy vortex and left the ancestral realm.
Chapter five hundred and thirty Wild ancient sentient beings Ji Jiehai eternity
One leaf, one sky, one turn, one amount of robbery
The misty fairy lotus is tall and misty, and Li Yu stands here with a sense of reality.
I don’t know when the fog in Liantai has already dispersed and become the reflection of the Ganges River. Ren Huang is fishing around and surrounded by several light spots. When you look closely, it is a world full of humanity and firewood, and it is a’ foreign sky’.
"In the reincarnation, the fairy medicine can’t rob the body, and the breath of Lei Di has disappeared. Where is this going?"
He even disappeared in the reincarnation of this place. The breath of two robbers disappeared completely, and even the brand in the past history was covered up and there was a strange smell.
In particular, the history of the chaotic ancient times has not fallen, and the texture should have changed, and it has been veiled with a hazy veil, showing a completely different route, which is very similar to its own means
"It’s just that we’ll know then."
Li Yu’s mind was once again filled with thoughts. As soon as he stepped in, he fished for the sky, and the breath soared to a horrible level, as if to give birth to some kind of immortal fetus and climb to another level.
Hey! Raise one’s hand and draw a stroke. The history of origin is derived from the reincarnation of humanity. The figure leaning on the throne is a bit hazy here, but it is enough to take up the fishing days.
When the last ripple was closed, there were ripples in the samsara, as if there were some kind of connection with this message.
Maybe some things, some people are not buried by the years, but go ahead with the river of time.
Huang Ji, also known as the age of sentient beings, has been 300,000 years since the Great Emperor achieved Xianwang Yandi and Xianwang Ren Huang achieved the true ancestor.
During this period of time, Amitabha the Great was also the achievement immortal Ken Wang, who took the title of "King of Immortal Monks". A lotus demon emperor in the eternal sky is also the self-styled’ violet king’ of the immortal king; In the mythical era, the emperor was unwilling to die, but after returning from reincarnation, he stepped into the fairy king level, which was a prosperous time.
It is also because they preach and praise the world that people know the field of Xiandao and how terrible Ren Huang is to go to such a lofty field
Kings complement each other, the world is gorgeous, and every time they go to die, there will be another brilliant continuation, which will make the world sigh
Those powerful people in the immortal imperial court also achieved the immortal position early, and now there are several quasi-immortal kings, but there is still a distance from the realm of immortal kings, and it is not easy to continue to experience in reincarnation
Ye Fan, the holy emperor, was not born after she re-entered the reincarnation. When they returned, she had already achieved the world of mortals. Many people speculated that if she walked out of the reincarnation, she would have two more fairy kings.
On this day, the will of all beings in the immortal imperial court hummed violently, constantly stirring, swallowing mountains and rivers, collapsing and reflecting a hazy figure.
Huge and magnificent, unobservable and unimaginable, just a hair across nine days and ten places!
This terrible body turns like leaning against a huge throne, and the roaring road rumbles and shocks the heavens!
"That’s … a hair? ! A hair runs through nine days and ten places! "
"God, the stalwart is not too big!"
"This echo makes the imperial court shake, and all sentient beings force me to be a fairy king. It’s Ren Huang! Ren Huang is back! "
In an instant, the strange world of nine days and ten places and fairy land came to exclaim.
These vision forces can know how to return and reappear!
Emperor!’ Emperor!’ Ren Huang!’