A lotus flower shield spread from the card to cover the whole room.

June 19, 2024

Three cards
The first one makes Gu Qingshan sleep.
The second one is to prevent him from waking up before one thousand and directly forcing him to be trapped here
The third one-
Although people will not be hurt in Abreu, Su Xueer took out the strongest defense card to protect the room.
Three cards together to launch Su Xueer was really relieved.
Touching Gu Qingshan’s face, she whispered, "If … I didn’t come back …"
She kissed Gu Qingshan.
This is a real parting kiss.
"You should live well."
Then she disappeared from the room.
Gu Qingshan is left in the room
Gu Qingshan lay still with his eyes closed.
A kiss from a witch will put him to sleep for three days.
In this whole process, the call of thorn birds will end.
In fact, when the thorn bird senses that there are enough people, everyone will enter its world, but some people can challenge it first
At this rate, it seems that Gu Qingshan can’t catch the call of the thorn birds this time.
This is also Su Xueer’s order
Three cards will ensure that Gu Qingshan can’t do anything-of course, he won’t meet danger.
Time goes by slowly
Su Xueer’s departure gradually subsided.
The room was quiet.
Suddenly, a sword like colchicine appeared from the virtual appearance and turned into a lady in Tsing Yi.
She looked at Gu Qingshan sleeping appearance can not help but feel difficult.
Gong fell into a deep sleep. What can I do?
It is true that her sword spirit can indeed break all laws
But Su Xueer is so clever that all her techniques are aimed at Gu Qingshan’s launch and Gu Qingshan’s least prepared moment.
Mountain girls can break all laws, but they are really not affected by cards.
But Gu Qingshan has no defense and has been recruited.
Now Gu Qingshan himself can’t get rid of these three cards.
It is difficult and moving in the heart of Shannv’s bedside.
She couldn’t help sighing, "I didn’t think there was such a woman."
Suddenly a man rang.
"What kind of woman? It’s just a silly girl. "
Gu Qingshan eyes sat up from the bed and said
Chapter five hundred and nine Regression
Gu Qingshan sat on the bed and glanced at the interface of ares.
Rows of fireflies in the retina record everything that just happened.