Baiyun Tower timely answered the words, "Aunt, it’s my common choice to walk hand in hand with Chaoyang. At this moment, it’s getting late, and we’re about to leave. Recently, the celestial world has been lingering for too long, so I’m going to take this opportunity to take a walk …"

June 18, 2024

Upon hearing the senior brother’s words, Xia Chaoyang immediately took a phantom shuttle.
"When so … don’t forget that you two need to return to Kyoto in two days." Seeing Xiao Chaoyang’s intention, Xia Shigu didn’t forget to wake up again.
"Three days back to the door, we remember …" Speaking, Xia Chaoyang took his brother and jumped the shuttle.
"In addition, in the first month of marriage, try to return to the new house for the night …" Seeing the shuttle trying to escape Xia Shigu, I remembered another thing.
"I see …" Zhao-yang Xia didn’t stay any longer, and immediately after saluting in a hurry, the platform shuttle broke away.
The phantom shuttle broke away and instantly crossed thousands of miles. When it reappeared, it was already in a continuous mountain.
Just now, Zhao-yang Xia found a direction at random and didn’t want to come to the hundreds of mountains in the southwest of summer.
Looking up, the spring is full of flowers.
Such a beautiful scene suddenly made Zhao-yang Xia raise his hand with a big heart and hide the phantom shuttle’s top cover, which was swept by the setting sun and the spring breeze.
The beauty of such beautiful scenery really makes people forget their worries.
Shuttle flies through the mountains and passes by one cottage after another. Xia Chaoyang’s interest is greatly increased, and he waves his arms and greets you crisply from a distance.
Baiyun Tower also gradually released the immortal family dignity and occasionally shouted with Xiao Chaoyang.
After enjoying the tour, Xia Chaoyang remembered the business and asked, "Where did you plan to go?"
"As you like, since I’m here, I’ll drop by the Blue Cloud Valley …"
"Great, Sister Biyun Valley, Little Green Ant and Little Redjade are here …" With a silvery smile, the shuttle circled several times and finally found the right direction, which made it far away.
The sun sets in the west and the clouds set in the sky.
I don’t know when the peak on one side of Biyun Valley has also set up a small green bamboo building.
The small bamboo building stands out from the crowd with strange flowers and plants all over the peak.
The green ant knew that the elder brother had plans to come to Biyun Valley, but he didn’t expect to come so soon. Naturally, it was a surprise that he sent a field than he had prepared.
Redjade, a small bamboo house on the summit, chatted with Chaoyang, while the green ants took out various kinds of fruits and snacks to entertain elder brother and sister-in-law, and then took out several things and put them aside.
After all, my sister knows she’s here.
Baiyunlou secretly sighed with emotion and looked at a few things in the case.
These are all exquisite jade boxes left by Snow Silkworm Martial Sister, which slightly aroused the mind of Baiyunlou …
Open the jade box and only lay an ordinary plain ink pen with four beautiful small characters written on it.
Shun Xin er
Picking up the plain notes, Baiyun Tower, my mind moved slightly, and all kinds of things in the past gradually floated to my mind.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-four If there is a dream,
Sensing the change of senior brother’s mind, Xia Chaoyang looked up curiously and saw that the handwriting on the plain paper was faint.
"It’s a few things left over from Snow Silkworm Martial Sister. The past can be recalled, but it’s time to put an end to that vulgar thought."
Baiyun Building, with a happy mood, has long been able to face the past without hiding anything from Xiao Chaoyang, even if it is a love affair.
"Well, brother, just let it go." Although I don’t know the ending meaning in brother’s words, Xia Chaoyang believes that brother must have some truth in doing so.
Looking at several objects in front of me, the Baiyun Tower suddenly raised my hand to recruit a wisp of red silk thread, which is the embodiment of emotion.
Since I found my memory a few days ago, my love affair, which was cut off, has finally reunited with taxiing, which is a lot lighter.
As the taxiing string sweeps, several objects remain breath, and all of them throw themselves into the red line.
See the red line slightly solidified a little Baiyun tower can not help but eyes a bright.
Just a thought immediately put away the taxiing red line and tasted the green ants preparing all kinds of melon and fruit snacks.
Chatting for a while, Baiyun Tower got up with Chaoyang to leave, but I didn’t forget to bring a table of food conveniently, saying that I didn’t want to wave green ants.
It’s getting dark from the Blue Cloud Valley, and the two of them have been escaping from a fast-flowing river for a moment.
The river is rough and the water vapor is extremely abundant. It is the big river that runs through the north and south of the country.
It is the plan of Baiyunlou’s trip to revisit Daheguo with memories of the past.
As a guess in front of the Baiyun Tower, although the snow silkworm pool has already been lost, there is still a breath of the past in this world.
On that day, Ziyan’s marriage tree had an epiphany, so the Baiyun Tower woke up this morning and felt the change in the depths of her thoughts, so she had the idea of going to the river.
Returning to the old Baiyun Tower, the mind was slightly moved, and immediately the red line of taxiing was once again royal, and the reason for this trip was slowly told to martial sister Chaoyang.
Knowing that the unexpected recovery of the string will face another dissipation, Xia Chaoyang suddenly felt more anxious.
"Brother, you once said that all the dead phases have their reasons. Isn’t this string extremely tough? Even if the snow silkworm sister really falls, can this love thread fade and dissipate? "
Looking at the fingertips to manifest the red line, the Baiyun Tower replied with emotion, "The affection of the true feelings is tough, but it is not eternal, and sometimes it is difficult to reach the invasion of time …"
"This past love has been lost in the long river of time, and it is hard to hurt the roots because of the breath of time. Besides, there are signs of dissipation again."
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia couldn’t help but face a tight, and some carefully asked, "Brother, then we are string …"
Looking at the nervous little appearance of Chaoyang Baiyun Tower, I couldn’t help but bend my mouth slightly and immediately raised my hand to show a red rope with a finger thickness.
One end of this red rope is tightly bound to the wrist of Baiyun Tower, and the other end is also tightly bound to Xia Chaoyang’s wrist.
Compared with the red line, this dazzling red rope suddenly looks dim, which can be regarded as delicate.
"Er, this … brother, the red line between us is a little too much. No, this is where the red line is …"
When speaking in amazement, Zhao-yang Xia also saw the clue and then said, "And this red rope is still littered with fairy light. This fairy light can’t escape …"
"With the school sister’s affection, this red rope is said by the old-timer personally to be a treasure in the closet of the marriage temple. Even if it is separated by several boundaries, it can be induced. It’s not bad. Hey hey …" Baiyunlou looked at the taxiing red rope with a satisfied look.
"Turns out to be the old baby. It’s really extraordinary. Hey hey …" Zhao-yang Xia couldn’t help admiring it.
"Since the elder brother moves, I don’t worry …" After a meal, Xia Chaoyang’s eyebrows slightly raised and he asked curiously and sadly, "What is the elder brother’s sister Ziyan’s string like …"
Seeing Xiao Chaoyang’s playful appearance, Baiyun Tower’s spoiled little face was pinched, and then it was carefully observed for a moment that a touching red line was carefully revealed.
This red line seems soft but extremely strong, and it is tightly wrapped around the left index finger.
On one side, the red rope fairy shines, but the two qi machines fit perfectly.
"It’s good to have no influence. Hey hey …" Xia Chaoyang looked at the interesting agent and pointed to the smart red line and gently touched it.
Don’t want the jade fingertips to touch the flexible string and explode instantly.
I ran into a disaster, and Xia Chaoyang scared me to escape and hide behind my senior brother.
Baiyun Tower is also a face of micro-Hz, and quickly converges the qi machine to calm down the string as if it had been ignited.
"It’s all right, Ziyan is still closed, and the change can be reflected." After careful induction, Baiyun Tower gently comforted.
"Nothing is good, nothing is good …" Zhao-yang Xia still has some shock, hugging his brother’s arm and lamenting.
"Brother Ziyan’s sister turned out to be all busy in the Three Realms because she was closed this time."