But there is no way that no one is interested anymore. It can be to break your teeth and swallow it in your stomach.

June 17, 2024

Cui Chunmei didn’t rush to move after she got the birth certificate and key. She doesn’t plan to move there for a while. Both daughters are studying here, and it’s inconvenient for children to move to the nursery here. Anyway, Xu Damao didn’t rush her.
"Someone asked about your hospital that day."
"ah? Ask which hospital? Which one is bigger in the east? "
"Well, I heard that I want to buy it. It looks like a boss. I didn’t see anyone listening to people there, but no one told him who the room was. It’s best if Zhu Wen came forward and sent the man away.
It seems that you were in a hurry to buy the hospital and bought it right. "
"What’s the right thing to buy? I’m not going to sell it." Li Chu shook his head and bowed his head to the little stinky treasure in his arms. "Is that our stinky treasure house behind that yard?"
"Oh oh …"
"Sister, look, my grandson has understood."
"Snow …" Li Qin couldn’t help laughing.
"Are you really going to pave the back roads for them? Aren’t you tired?"
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-four Elder sister
"What are you tired of? It’s all your own children. Although my parents are not early, to be honest, our sister and brother have not enjoyed the shadow of their parents for so many years. This is their parents paving the way for us."
Li Chu said with some regrets
"Since our brother and sister can enjoy the cool of our predecessors, our descendants should and should enjoy it."
"So you not only paved the way for Wenxuan Wenhui over the years, but also paved the way for Jiadong and Jiayuan? Including work and housing. "
"That is a must. My family and Jiayuan are my nephews. I am not good to them."
"Alas, Xiao Chu, your brother-in-law and I don’t know what to say."
"What are you talking about? It’s not my sentimental sister. Without you, I don’t know how tall the grave grass is now."
"What nonsense are you talking about? Bah bah …"
Li Qin took a hard look at his brother after spitting, but he didn’t forget to wake up and say, "Spit at me quickly. Several people at home spit at me several times and then touch the door frame."
Then she stretched out her hand and touched the handle of the bellows at the bottom of the big stove. It was wood.
Li Chu darling vomited several times according to her sister’s advice, and then raised my hand and touched the door frame of a kitchen door.
Little stinky treasure has learned a new skill, and he can’t even poof-poof. By the way, he also blew a small bubble for the little guy. He giggled and laughed and continued to poof-poof.
This scene made Lai still angry, and Li Qin also laughed.
"Oh, my God, don’t say that. I’m your elder sister, like a mother. Who will take care of you if I don’t take care of you?"
"Still, I’m Jia Dong Jia Yuan’s uncle. Can I do without taking care of them?"
The word "elder sister like mother" Li Qinshen is vividly expressed.
When Li Chu was an embryo, he might not have existed if his sister hadn’t insisted.
After the afterlife, Li Qin was brought up with a handful of shit and urine
Don’t forget that she was only in her early teens.
Although Li Chu is not Li Chu now, it is impossible for him to forget the memory and feelings that he inherited.
After listening to my brother’s words, Li Qin smiled and didn’t say anything. Looking down, I began to glug. The medicine pot was a little wet in my eyes.
When Li Chu saw that his sister stopped talking, he sat back on the stone bench and let the little stinky treasure sit on his leg to play with some dogs.
"Xiao Chu, I gave the medicine to Qiaoyun."
"Please, sister."
"What’s the trouble? It’s not appropriate for you to come out and go in. That little girl can’t decoct medicine yet. I’ll teach her."
Seeing Gu Nai walking to the front yard, she was touching the dog’s head. Little smelly treasure suddenly pointed to the front yard and turned to look at Grandpa. Oh, oh, called two.
"Come on, let’s go out for a walk."
Li Chu got up with the baby in her arms and looked down at some dogs.
"You go out with us today in the second day of junior high school."
He hit the nail on the head with such a call, ran to the roof, grabbed a chain and ran over to wait for his master to bring it.
I said hello to my sister and Li Qiaoyun in the front yard and went out.
There are not many idle people in the working hours alley. Occasionally, a few people sit at the door and chat. They are also retired aunts and grandmothers. When they see Li Chu coming out with her child in her arms, they greet them warmly.
No sooner had he walked to the east than he was stopped by a voice behind him.
"Brother Chu"
"Chen He? What are you doing here without a good class? "
"Hey, Brother Chu, it’s not that you don’t know what I can do now."
Chen He went to the front and smiled and reached out to tease a little stinky treasure.
"Come to me specially?"
"Sort of. I heard a little smell outside and asked you about it."