Catherine and Eidson looked at each other and accepted Liu Xin’s compromise method. Avery interrupted and simply wrote a word platinum, shaking his head and refusing Avery’s coquetry to change the platinum decision.

June 27, 2024

There are not many people in the Irish office, such as Ireland, Qiushui, Platinum, Yang Qinghua, Liu Xinyu, Ye Yuhan, Ivell, Catherine and Eidson.
Liu Xinyu and Yang Qinghua helped the handyman to prepare pen and paper. Ye Yuhan took the opportunity to coquetry and said that she also wanted a picture of platinum at the back of her forehead. Yang Qinghua also had a picture of Liu Xinyu and a sketch of Ai Weier’s street show. Counting it, Ye Yuhan did not have a souvenir and readily promised.
Ye Yuhan smiled and asked for the last two sentences of Qin Guan in platinum. Liu Xin also asked for these two sentences. What’s good about these two sentences? Ye Yuhan nodded with a face of injustice.
Ye Yuhan smiled sweetly on his face, kissed a mouthful of platinum and gave it to Catherine and Eidson. It was a six-centimeter-wide banner with five characters. The family and everything wanted to think about it, and the date and name were left in the right corner.
Eidson held out his hands and shook his hands. He was full of praise. Ye Yuhan asked Qin Guan for the last two sentences. He found no reason to refuse the 5 cm wide and 8 cm long banner and wrote the famous sentence "If the two love each other for a long time, will it be morning and evening?"
Eidson approached Platinum and asked him if he had listened to what Avery said. Platinum shook his head and said that this is experience. Don’t talk about the cultural differences between the East and the West. Many rich families are prone to emotional problems. There are too many cases of family breakdown and marriage failure because of mistresses or third parties.
Eidson patted his chest and promised that he would try his best to control his emotions, keep his family intact and give Avery a warm home, perfect family and sweet parents’ love.
At midnight, everyone gathered at the top of the central building to set off fireworks together. Fireworks were the most extravagant part of the whole birthday party, with 18 tubes of 1 yuan per tube.
Ivell counted three times and there were 179 barrels holding platinum arms and coquetry. Did he make a mistake? Yang Qinghua giggled and glanced at the children, saying that every child could count 18 numbers, and he would never make a mistake. The last tube was modified by platinum himself, and there was another mystery in it, and it was finally set off.
Ivell was curious and asked him what mysterious gift he had prepared. Platinum refused to tell her to wait patiently, and then it would be white. Avery pulled colchicine around but couldn’t find the last tube.
When placed in the 175-barrel, Platinum made a gesture to Qiu Shui, and Qiu Shui blew a whistle. The children jumped to use the secret weapon, 16 colorful balloons, and when they rose to 5 meters high at the same time, the balloons were automatically arranged, and each one was enclosed in a big character.
It’s always sixteen words. Every year, every morning and evening, happiness lasts forever. Sixteen words of blessing have just finished the last row of fireworks. The first row of four words is "Happy birthday" and then "Supermodel’s ten peerless elegance". It’s always ten words and four words.
Ai Weier’s vision gradually blurred and moved to tears. After the fireworks, there was an episode called "Flying Happiness", which contained two jokes, but it was original and innovative.
Catherine, Eidson, Liu Xinyu, Yang Qinghua, Ye Yuhan and Platinum accompanied Ai Weier on a helicopter night tour of Linhai City while enjoying the night scene and releasing 16 balloons. Each balloon has a message of blessing.
Aiweier’s method suppressed his emotions, and his arms were tied tightly to the platinum neck, and Zhang Yinhong’s lips were printed. In the past, the platinum method avoided holding her pretty face and greeted her warmly.
His lips touched him for a while. Ivell once said that she was not only a virgin but also kept her first kiss. At this moment, he completely believed that the soft red lips were mellow and sweet, and the body fluid was full of fragrance and charm.
Less than a second later, he felt a significant change in his body, took a few greedy sips and quickly let go of her ear and whispered that he was getting out of control and couldn’t kiss anymore.
Avery succeeded in giving her first kiss, and her heart was so sweet that she shrank into his arms and spoiled him. She really needed it. She wouldn’t refuse. She could give everything at any time, and she didn’t need to promise to have a night of fun.
Platinum helped her with a wry smile and told Ireland to take the children back to rest. The rest of the program belonged to several of them. The children finished it, and they all raised their right hands and waved goodbye.
Ai Weili waved the jade arm and walked back to the helicopter reluctantly. Liu Xinyu waved goodbye to the children and ran to the helicopter together. Catherine and Eidson didn’t take the helicopter until the children were in the building.
Chapter 87 Beauty gives birth to hemorrhoids
After just a few days of business, Platinum went to the clinic early for fear of negative impact. He had not done cleaning yet. A tall, slim and beautiful woman poked around and asked him if he had any other doctors.
Platinum smiled and asked her if she was sick with a woman. The tall and beautiful woman’s cheeks are reddish, saying that her back hurts, and it is estimated that she has hemorrhoids. Platinum shook her head and said that she is alone for the time being. If she sometimes sits for a while, a female doctor will come in an hour.
The tall beauty shook her head and said that she couldn’t wait for platinum to tease her when she was in a hurry. If she was not afraid of what he saw, she would accept him for 4 hours. The tall beauty twisted her cheeks and nodded to warn him not to peek.
Platinum laughed and asked her if she knew that there was a fine line between the body structures. If she looked at the hemorrhoid site, she would surely see a beautiful woman in another place, swallowing saliva and walking behind the curtain. Platinum laughed and followed her in and came out in less than a minute.
Platinum with good medicine told her to eat less spicy food and medicine three times and twice before going to bed at night, cleaned it and stuffed it in. It was the first time that a beautiful woman had hemorrhoids and had a suppository when she was sick, but her cheeks were red in front of it and she asked, Will it flow out?
Platinum told her that the suppository is a solid preparation, and it is still semi-solid after melting. The fluidity is very poor and it will not flow out. Don’t worry about plugging it boldly, and don’t worry about soiling pants or sheets.
The beautiful woman paid the money and just went to the door and turned back to ask him if he could treat cancer patients. Platinum Zheng scrutinized her look to make sure she was not ill. Who is still sick?
The beauty gave him a white look and said that it was not her illness but her friend who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. At present, the hospital is in an early to middle stage of transition, and its attitude is vague and it does not really mean yes or no.
Platinum smiled and said that he can’t give a promise. From the current medical level, no matter what cancer is, it is a challenge. A few cancer patients can be rescued in the early stage. Once they reach the middle stage, it is more dangerous. Patients with advanced cancer are equivalent to signing a contract with death to live with their fingers.
Wang Keer gave him a white look and asked him if he could? He’s a private clinic. Don’t play games like a hospital. Be frank and direct. Don’t beat around the bush. Just do it or not.