"Brother Qi, do you have anything on your mind?" Xiao Ni walked beside JiNa sat holding his arm and asked tenderly.

June 26, 2024

JiNa this just came back from daydreaming busy way no excuse to say that today’s training is a little tired Xiu Xiu a listen to hurriedly heartache JiNa massage up muscles to JiNa also don’t refuse to lie down on the sofa with Xiu Xiu knead mind but still think of qin like water.
The wall clock "ticks" and Xiu Xiu is working hard to help Qinan massage this body. Qinan is enjoying Xiu Xiu and thinking about Qin Yishui. After a while, Xiu Xiu stops his hand and gently asks, "Is Brother Qi still tired?"
JiNa return to absolute being, Xiu Xiu gave himself a hard slap in the face. In front of him, Xiu Xiu’s face was full of fine sweat, his mouth was dripping with sweat, his mouth was panting slightly, and his eyes made JiNa feel ashamed. When he was with Xiu Xiu, he thought about other women. He was so sorry for her. JiNa held Xiu Xiu in his arms and kissed Xiao Ni gently on his forehead to express his apologies. Xiu Xiu felt a little suspicious in his shame and joy. His brother seems to be a little wrong today.
Leia had already discovered this problem because he was worried about Qin, but he didn’t care too much. In his impression, Dominica was a very self-disciplined person. It shouldn’t be because of any irregular life that he was in conflict with his little girlfriend. Young people have their own young people’s solutions, and they don’t interfere too much. A genius like Dominica should not be affected by trivial things in life, Leia thought for granted.
But in fact, Qi Nan is also a human being with worldly desires mortals. He doesn’t jump out of the three realms, and the gods in the five elements are no longer bothered by the mundane things in the world of mortals.
Zhou played against Reggina at home, and Qi Nan was in a surprisingly poor state. There were many inexplicable mistakes in the game. Rhea had to be present at the game for 70 minutes, and Naples finally lost the game. Reggina took a set-piece opportunity in the 15th minute and their striker Amoruso headed the goal to kill Naples.
After the game, an article in Napoli Sports Daily titled "Without the support of fans," Santo Dominique fell to the world, commented on the performance of Qinan as the "mouthpiece" of Naples Club. They didn’t criticize the performance of Napoli, and they were also very worried about the performance of Domenica, because the Napoli round will be away against Serie A giants AC Milan. If Domenica is still in this state, then Naples is likely to suffer a two-game losing streak, and if it loses again, the league ranking will be in jeopardy.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four We will levy San Siro
Recently, Rhea was also a player who was suspended for the first two home games, and suddenly lost to Reggina at home, which put him under great pressure. Faced with media questions, he chose silence to communicate with Dominica when he didn’t. He now regrets it. The next day after the game with Reggina, Rhea stopped him from the dressing room and prepared to go out to train Dominica. They had a heart-to-heart talk.
"Monica can tell me what you have recently? Did you have a fight with your girlfriend? I think you are a little tired during your recent training, "Rhea asked, pointing to the chair next to you and gesturing for Qina to sit down."
"No, something happened to a friend in China, and all the worries may lead to a little ups and downs! ! !” JiNa also didn’t hide too much.
"Very important friends?"
"well! ! ! Sort of. Don’t worry, boss. I’ll adjust. I know the importance of this game. "
It’s not good for Rhea to ask the coach again, and it’s not good for him to interfere too much in the private life of the players. Domenica is not Beckham, nor is he Ferguson. He still knows that Domenica is a wise man. He just needs to be appropriate
Sure enough, in the training that day, Qi Na didn’t wander as he did a few days ago, and his performance was very positive and active. However, in fact, Qi Na’s worry about Qin Yishui didn’t decrease at all. He buried that worry deeply in his heart.
Three days passed quickly. On Tuesday, Naples embarked on a journey to Milan to adapt to the venue and atmosphere of the away game. Naples usually arrived at the away game the day before. This is always the rule. In fact, most teams in Serie A will do this. This month, Serie A will be a one-week double match, which is also a great test for players’ physical strength. Fortunately, Naples has no other games except the Italian Cup. If it wants to participate in the Champions League like Milan and Juventus, the existing squad of Naples may be a little weak, but it is more than enough to cope with these players in the league.
To the team’s surprise, there are many media waiting for them at the exit of Milan airport. Seeing the arrival of Naples, the reporters are waiting here, and they are as enthusiastic as if they have been in the spring for a long time and waited for their lover. Of course, the targets are Dominica and Rhea.
"Dominika, what do you think of this game? Do you think you will win? You know, you just lost to the underdog Reggina at home, "asked a reporter holding a microphone with the logo of Milan Sports Station on it."
Qi Na is no stranger to such a scene for a long time. It can be said that he has been through a lot of battles. He didn’t stop because he knew that he would be trapped in the encirclement of reporters when he stopped. He replied as the big troops advanced.
"I know that AC Milan is a strong team, they have Kaka and Ronaldinho, but we are not afraid of the actual situation. I don’t want to say that we have a learning attitude. We have come to have a goal, that is, to win but draw is acceptable, that is, we have not considered losing." Qinan is in a bit of a bad mood these days because of Qin Yishui’s missing team’s home loss. He heard the reporter’s criticism from Milan Sports Station, and he rarely replied with some anger, modesty and caution.
How crazy! ! ! Milan Sports TV reporters are not angry but happy. It is rare to hear Domenica’s arrogant speech title come out. "Domenica vowed to score three points in the San Siro." Qi Nan said that the draw was acceptable and he automatically ignored it.
Next to the reporter, he was about to ask again that Dominica had followed the team to the hotel bus, and they had to turn their target to Rhea, the last of the team.
"Ai Du, Mr. Yado, Dominica just said that he would score three points in San Siro. Is that your plan?" The reporter also practiced kung fu out of context.
Hmm! ! ! Always modest and prudent. Dominica would say such a thing? Rhea was a little puzzled. Just now, he was far away from Domenica, and he didn’t hear Domenica’s answer in an interview, but he didn’t hear or ask reporters like this. He could find a hundred ways to answer in one minute. He wanted to play Tai Chi with reporters as usual, but he suddenly changed his mind. He wanted to try his best to make the players with a little low morale, especially Domenica, excited again.
"Are you? Did Dommonica really say that? Since he said so, I’ll just pick it out. Yes, we just scored three points and got one point. We can’t accept it. This is not only what I mean, but also what the team means. We will recruit the San Siro! ! !”
A reporter is in an uproar! ! ! Is this still the calm and calm coach in my impression? How do you feel more and more like Munio? Munio made similar remarks last season, which led to a war of words between the two teams. Now even Rhea has become like this. It’s incredible. It’s incredible
Leia walked quickly on the team bus, leaving a group of reporters who were stunned and waiting for them to wake up. The bus in Naples had already left.
Naples couch hotel is a distance from Milan airport. The bus carrying Naples players, Rhea, told the players at the door of the car what he said in an interview just now. As soon as the car was finished, Hamsik got up first and asked timidly
"Boss, when did you become so crazy? You know who we’re playing against, AC Milan! ! ! It seems that no one but Munnio dares to say that he scored three points at the San Siro. "
Don’t you have so little confidence in yourself? "Rhea eyes a stare frighten Hamsik hurriedly shrink into the seat.
"The reporter outside Domonica Airport said that you also said that you should take three points, right?"
JiNa nodded without much explanation.
"Well, it’s good that you have such an idea, Marek. Look at Domenicardo’s confidence. Where is it like you are afraid before the war?" Hamsik hid behind the seat and spit out his tongue, but he didn’t dare to refute it.
Rhea then mobilized, "What happened to AC Milan? It’s just slightly superior to us. It’s not a dream for us to play our own level and state to score three points at the San Siro. I hope that you can surprise the whole of Italy in the next day’s game and let those who see us clearly know that we are no longer a weak team and we have been able to compete with giants like AC Milan. "When Rhea said these words, the bus stopped at the entrance of the team couch hotel.
"Okay, remember, I’ve released in front of the media to take three points. You don’t want me to lose face, do you? Of course, I’m humiliated, and so are you. I hope you can let me leave Milan with my head held high instead of going back to Naples. Have a good rest tonight and go to the training ground for adaptive training at noon. "After the training, Rhea led the team members into the couch hotel to rest and prepare for the day’s competition.
In the hotel room, Qina was lying in bed, thinking about Qin Yishui and meditating. Hamsik pushed the door and came in stealthily.
"Monica go out to play? Staying in the hotel is suffocating. It’s hard to come back to Milan. You know Milan is much more prosperous than Naples. "
"You are not afraid of the coach pulled out your skin? But he told us that we can’t go out for any entertainment, and I don’t want to go. I want to be alone in my room. "
As soon as Jina’s words caught Hamsik’s death hole, don’t look at Hamsik’s usual smirk in front of Rhea. In fact, he was most afraid of Rhea and couldn’t seduce Jina Hamsik. He had to hang his head and go back to his room.
Jina took a shower and was about to go to bed when her mobile phone rang and took out her mobile phone. It turned out to be Xiao Canghai.
Is it that Qin Yishui has news?
"Miss Anan has news." Xiao Canghai’s first sentence made Jina relaxed these days. Xiao Canghai then said, "Today, Miss took the initiative to make a message and let Qin Ye not worry that she will come back when she is alone in the field, but she won’t say where it is."
"Didn’t she say anything about dropping out of school and going to other places for fun?" Qina asked.