She won’t sleep well before the Chinese New Year. This year will be fine, and she will be justified in being lazy.

June 25, 2024

"Do you want to get up now? If you don’t think of it, you can say "Yan Gui Dao"
"Get up. Is it okay if I walk a little?" Sumian avenue
"It doesn’t matter if you wait for breakfast before calling the physician to look at that Xue Shi. There are some things." Yan Gui said.
"Of course, that’s the first female official in our big Yin. You won’t blame me for being independent, will you?" Sumian avenue
"Nonsense, I give you a profit, that is, you can do whatever you want. Mianmian is a sensible woman and won’t mess around." Yan Gui scraped her nose.
After breakfast, the first one to come was Empress Cihui, who was earlier than the physician.
Su Mian was very embarrassed to see her. "Mother … is a male and female servant, not …"
"What are you talking about? You won’t let me say that you are unwell at these times … And your queen doesn’t know about your heart? Why are you angry with her as soon as you come back? " Mercy queen mother to yan didn’t good the spirit way
Su Mian looked at them in amazement. Did the Queen Mother know all about it?
"Is it me or not …" Yan Guinai said.
"I don’t want to see you when I go out to mourn for my family," said Empress Dowager Cixi.
Yan to take a good look at Sue cotton out of the room.
"Mother, I don’t blame him. I’m angry with him, but I’m not so fragile. This child … has some problems." Su Miandao
"I know the physician said ah … you said it earlier. You are not comfortable. I will see you eating and sleeping every day. Your fetal image is very stable." Empress Dowager Cixi said.
"As soon as it’s really solid, I feel wrong in recent days."
"It’s already like this. Don’t think about it. You are all young and have children. Now it’s important to take good care of yourself." The queen mother said.
"It’s good for male and female servants to know their mother." Su Mian laughed.
"Ah … and they were afraid that you two would be angry and come early in the morning, so you are sensible." Empress Dowager Cixi said.
"I was angry yesterday, but it doesn’t blame him for not wanting to." Su Mian laughed.
"Well, that’s good. It’s almost the New Year, and you’re just resting." The queen mother laughed.
"That’s what I said just now. It’s a coincidence that I thought of it together." Su Mian smiled again.
Empress Cihui sat for a while and then saw the physician coming.
After feeling Su Mian’s pulse, Xue’s physician said, "The empress is weaker now. It doesn’t matter yesterday … it was clean."
This means that drug abortion is clean.
"Take good care of the queen. When she was young, she didn’t pay attention to being old, but she was going to suffer. She was fragile," said the Empress Dowager Cixi.
"It is the minister who must give the Empress a good look. It is good for the Empress to relax and cultivate for a month, and then she can recuperate for half a year to give birth to her offspring again." Xue’s physician said.
"Give him a pulse later. His leg injury hasn’t healed yet and he won’t say what’s wrong," Su Miandao said.
"Little Jiu-Er is injured?" Empress dowager cihui was surprised.
"Mother, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. It’s healed. I’m afraid she has any sequelae." Su Miandao
"Oh … please come!" Empress Dowager Cihui just said that Yan Gui was a little angry. Is it just a show to tell Su Mian to be relieved? Where can she be eccentric to Su Mian?
But Su Mian is not angry, so her mother-in-law is rare or royal.
Yan Gui hurried in or Su Mian had something to do. "What happened to the queen?"
Su Mian smiled. "I’m fine. Ask the physician to show you."
He smiled blankly. "I’m fine."
Sue cotton stared at him without saying a word.
"Good Xue physician, take my pulse." Yan said.
This physician Xue is really good at medical skills and involves many fields. Actually, her original study was illness and trauma. Later, her grandfather said that she was a woman. Is there any gynecology? This just learned gynecology again.
She was very talented and soon became a talent.
This will give Yan Gui a pulse and there is no problem.
Green ink hesitated for a while or took a handkerchief to Yan Guigai. In the end, men and women are different from each other. They are handmaiden. It’s just that Master Xue is a minister or a taboo.
Xue’s physician carefully examined the scar after taking the pulse. "It’s good to handle the serious injury this time. I can apply some ointment to relieve the pain and cooperate with the wound. Hurry up. It’s good to be afraid that there will be some stinging after the cloudy day and rain. I also have some medicine to drink according to the prescription. It won’t be like this after a month."
"Xue’s physician’s medical skill is really good, so go as you like." Su Miandao
"Thank you, Empress. I’ll go." Xue’s physician, another physician, withdrew from the golden phase hall together.
"What a worry!" Empress dowager cihui sighed
"Mother, don’t worry about it. I won’t get hurt after it’s all right." Yan returned.
Off the cihui queen mother Su Mian laughed, "I’ll eat after you get it!" The big man nourishes blood … "Shook his head." Call you to get hurt again! "
"Mianmian don’t laugh at me, I will be sad." Yan Gui smiled and hugged her.
"All right, but you should listen to the physician and take a good tonic. When I’m ready, let’s have a healthy and beautiful girl." Su Mian poked him in the chest.