If Ling’s weapon was a whip, he put a poisonous whip and didn’t defeat the other side.

June 23, 2024

The other side dodges nimbly
Silver needle!
If Ling throws a whip and the other side throws a fine needle.
If the other party quickly avoided the whip and if Ling Ling … it was a careless injury to the shoulder.
Xiao Yu-min saw each other stabilize their center of gravity and wanted to swing a row of silver needles.
Xiao Yu Min pushed the training room door regardless of them.
"Stop! Stop it for me! "
But at this time, the other party has already waved his hand. Guess there is also a root.
【 a haper1
If Ling holds a whip in one hand and the other hand is aching from being shot by a silver needle.
This place has experienced pain, but it still hurts.
Shinohara Min rushed to Ruoling’s side to catch all the silver needles thrown and then throw them back.
I didn’t hurt myself or Ruoling killed Ruoling’s opponent.
"Palace Lord … you this …" Falling wind looked at the dead couple and said, "You violated our fallen palace order."
"The rule is that I decide that I have violated the order I have made. She is my sister! Do you want me to watch her being killed by the other side and be indifferent! "
"Mins" went to Xiao Min’s side and put her arms around her waist and lips and put them in her ear. "Did you miss me?"
Shinohara Min looked at Ling’s hand and pushed it down, but he was indifferent, seemingly refusing to return the favor.
"Yes, I think" Xiao Yu Min’s voice is so light that she can’t hear the words herself.
Shinohara min felt as if she had uttered the words and choked her throat and didn’t say anything.
But she can be sure it’s Ruoling. She didn’t hear Luoling. It’s not clear whether she heard her or not.
"I miss you, too," Luo said. "I miss you more than you miss me."
Shinohara Min looked up and said softly, "If Ling is watching, you are her."
Shinohara min turned his head and looked into Jing Xue and Yuan Xuan.
Is if ling and they have all gone out.
"Shinohara min" fall Ding gently shouted.
"Sit down," said Shinohara Min sitting on the sofa.
Luoting smiled and sat down beside Shinohara Min. Her waist was soft and thin.
Shinohara min stared at the fall. Instead of holding Shinohara min’s hand loosely, he held it closer.
Shinohara sensitive head against the chest.
His chest is hard and warm, which makes Xiao Yumin very comfortable.