Rogge wiped his face with water and said excitedly, "Is it a success to be my water dragon?"

June 22, 2024

"No, it’s far from it. This is only the second paragraph. There is still a long way to go before the full paragraph. Don’t be complacent. The greatest enemy of martial arts practitioners is complacency."
"Yes, I remember, but but …" Rogge’s face was depressed. "It’s been practiced for a few days. Why do you still stay in the second paragraph? Isn’t it too difficult to sing this water dragon? !”
Rogge abandoned his sword and sat down on the lake stand.
Blackie’s body suddenly exploded and doubled, and suddenly it was as big as a Tibetan mastiff. This mutation made Rogge completely dumbfounded. Seeing that Blackie had doubled, he didn’t look like a cat at all. It looked like a strong panther in the forest.
"Hey, blackie, why didn’t you change before you grew up? Now it seems that this is a bit different."
See rogge xi xi ha ha sample became big little black didn’t take a reason him instead, little black face severe suddenly blow beard stare eyes a pair of hate iron not to produce angry "what? Just give up so easily? It seems that you still haven’t changed me. You suddenly changed from that day on, and you have expectations since then, but you let me down too much. You are still the same mediocre person who can live all his life. The bottom person insults people and tramples. "
Blackie reviled Rogge, who immediately woke Rogge up and picked up the sword, and rekindled his fighting spirit in his eyes. "Who said that I can’t believe that Rogge was born to be trampled on is not a little physical torture! I can still afford it. "
Rogge picked up the sword and ran into the water, soaking his body in the lake. Rogge practiced sword after sword. Take up your sword and draw it again. Rogge has no more prison sa and complaints.
In this way, Rogge practiced for half a month in a row. In the past half a month, he has been practicing for an hour by the lake before school and after school, and then he has been practicing by the lake until dark. After half a month of hard work and hard work, Rogge has obviously felt his progress.
Rogge came to a big tree in the sky. He slammed the trunk with one punch and immediately revealed a hole the size of a head. The whole tree shook and fell leaves one by one.
"Yes, overlord boxing has been full and has made progress!" Changed the body, the little black stands aside and praises.
I don’t know if there is any advanced water dragon songs. Rogge went straight to the lake and still held the heavy iron sword of Magnolia officinalis in his hand. He held the iron blade tightly and poured the true qi into the sword.
"The third style of Shuilongyin is proud of the sky!"
Shaped firm but gentle across the long to the lake.
Booming, fluffy!
There was a thousand layers of surf on the lake at once, and the lake sounded deafening. The explosion surf has been discharged to dozens of meters away, which is spectacular.
"It’s not bad for Shuilongyin to break through the fifth paragraph."
Rogge returned the sword to its sheath and turned into a big panther. Xiaohei came to Rogge’s side and put his sharp claws on Rogge’s shoulder.
"If you want to go further, you may not be able to practice like this. This practice is the end of the road."
"What do you mean?" Rogge felt a little surprised "what? You mean I can stay where I am from now on no matter how much I practice? But how can I make progress without practicing? "
"That’s not what I mean. I mean, it’s time to change the way you practice, because your body has reached its limit. If you want to advance your skills, you must strengthen your body, which means you need to get through the bones to gather more gas, and then you can fill it with vitality and know the sea. Even if you are strong, your skills can be advanced again."
"What? I don’t know too well. Isn’t a bone congenital? Can the root bone be opened by itself the day after tomorrow? " Rogge was completely shocked. Isn’t this bone born? Just like qualifications, can qualifications be changed? If so, how can there be so many ordinary people in the world? !
Rogge is a complete mess. Blackie’s theory completely subverts his outlook on life.
At this moment, Xiaohe looked up at the sky calmly. "Who said that a bone can’t be changed through the day after tomorrow? Most people in this world are ordinary people, and that’s because they didn’t realize it!"
"enlightenment?" Rogge bowed his head and thought, "Do you mean enlightenment?"
"Yes, it is enlightenment. If you are not a person with congenital mental retardation, most ordinary people can actually get through their own bones through enlightenment. Most people are unwilling to meditate. Another reason is that this enlightenment is too boring and lonely, just like my Buddha. However, people don’t know that Sakyamuni is also going through an extraordinary process, because it must be a painful process of breaking away from life, just like living like an ascetic. If you are lucky enough to realize something, you may immediately understand it. It can also be said that you have learned one.
Listening to blackie’s explanation, Rogge’s head is a little confused, because it’s really profound, and he seems to understand a little bit, but Rogge roughly knows the meaning.
"That is to say, people belong to nature and should be able to learn profound knowledge like everything else, and then make their own changes through this special ability. I wonder if I am right."
Blackie nodded. "Well, that’s roughly what it means, but enlightenment depends on himself, and others can’t help at all."
"Oh, I see. What should I do now?" Rogge asked
"Find a unique place for enlightenment."
"What? Do you still want to be alone? "
"This is a person who can’t help you. I’ll help you find it. Just be enlightened."
"How long will that take?" Rogge asked
"It will take at least a month," said Xiaohe.