"Well, Baobao Long was cheated by the black domain master, saying that the night attack had turned to another door, so Baobao Long could also turn to meet at night. Baobao Long’s mind was short of strings without saying anything, and he filled in the application and transferred to the black domain master door, but later he didn’t know."

June 21, 2024

Baby long hesitated for a while with his head down, and then said, "I came to the main gate of the black domain. I saw my brother in the night attack. The Lord of the black domain lied to me and said that the night attack was sent to carry out the injury and I couldn’t come back for a short time. Let me be patient and so on. I will wait until now …" I suddenly looked up and said angrily, "I finally met you now! I just know that the black domain owner lied to me! "
"How about it? Haha, I said she was stupid! Actually waited so long … "The hot sun grinned and pointed at the baby, and gradually found that the baby’s eyes were shining and the hot sun’s face smiled and gradually froze. The horse let go and changed its tone and said," This … I think it’s also a kind of persistence! It also proves how precious and indelible the baby’s feelings about the night attack are! Ha ha ha ha … "
South glory magic eventually didn’t speak expression some stuffy slightly low head.
Yang night noticed the mouth and asked, "Ah, what does Nan Rong fantasize about? Immersed in past memories? "
Nan Rong Magic shook his head and didn’t lift his eyes to see Yang Ye replied, "It’s not that I feel strange."
Lan Yao was a little surprised to get rid of Yang Ye’s hand, but he didn’t get rid of it. Yang Ye glanced at him and asked, "Didn’t you remember all about the night attack?"
Nan Rong Phantom shook his head. "It’s not that I remembered and the baby’s things. What you said was still very vague to me, but I really remembered something when Lan Yao chopped and scorched the sun."
Lan Yao hesitated for a moment and said, "I don’t know if I should tell you about things that have happened and have passed, which may be strange to you …"
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Nan Rong illusion was in a daze, as if he didn’t catch Yang Ye’s words clearly, or he was surprised and unbelievable at Yang Ye’s words.
"What did you say? You want to save him? Save this orc madness? " South glory magic stare big eyes "Yang night he is not a black domain main door repair shi? What the hell are you doing? "
Yang Ye smiled and kept lying on the other side panting in the scorching sun. "You ask him, I want the scorching sun to save me."
South glory illusion dumped Yang night turned around and walked a few steps to squat down in front of the scorching sun and asked mercilessly, "scorching sun, did you just say don’t kill crazy?" What do you mean? "
The scorching sun laughed and gasped and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "Hey, hey, I didn’t say I wouldn’t kill him at night, but this old beast still asked me to kill him. I have to kill him myself!"
Although the crazy man over there can’t get up, he doesn’t even have the strength to lift his head, but he still has the strength to bicker with the scorching sun. When he heard the scorching sun say that, his horse replied, "Bah! You dream in the daytime! You can’t kill me! "
The scorching sun ignored the crazy challenge or looked at Nan Rong’s phantom face with a hey hey smile. "The night attack this time, I tied with this old beast, but it was my carelessness, otherwise he would have been lying down."
"Fat! Don’t cry roast meat! What do you mean careless? You can beat me if you are small and old? " The horse over there is talking like a hobby, but he can’t see anyone, but he keeps shouting, "Maybe you let them let the night attack and the red dagger move us together now. You see, I can’t bite you!"
The scorching sun was also anxious to owe a little head and shouted, "Shut up, old beast!" Then he released his head with a heavy load and continued to say to Nan Rong Magic, "I have to find a decent chance to beat this guy at night and beat him myself!" Ok? "
Nanrong Magic stared at the scorching sun for a long time until the baby gently touched his back and took a long breath. Nanrong Magic said slowly, "I’m not too white to save the mad man, which means we have another enemy, but you are qualified to decide everything."
The hot sun grinned and blinked hard. I haven’t spoken so gently yet. At this moment, my voice is gentle and I said a sentence "Thanks, brother"
Yang night crazy Xiang side to the blue demon cut a smile and then squatted down and stretched out his hand and took a crazy Xiang body.
Crazy to show a shake and then pull up the voice shouted "don’t help me! Don’t! You mustn’t do that in the hot sun! Do you want me to owe you one? You are dreaming! "
Pause for a hot sun suddenly angry voice also come back over there "red Bi! Don’t save him! Mother! Bake him for me! I’ll chew the bones for him! Kill him! Kill me! "
Yang night nai smile nostril vent slightly on one side of the head found that the orchid demon chop has also walked to come over. Yang night looked up at the orchid demon chop and smiled. The orchid demon chop also smiled. This smile made Yang night feel relieved. The orchid demon chop has not been so affectionate and so cute. She smiled at him.
It’s a love smile that only lovers and lovers can have.
"You have a nice smile." Yang looked at Lan Yao at night and blurted it out.
"Go to hell!" Lan Yao cut one leng and then took a white look at Yang Night, which was full of intimacy.
Experienced once again, where will you go Yang night and Lan Yao beheaded what emotions need to be covered up again. That kind of tacit understanding and intimacy is natural, and the feelings are also natural. It is self-evident that two people look at each other and see that feeling.
"It’s really beautiful!" Yang said at night, kiss and tell and sigh gently, "Lan often thinks that you will smile beside me now, but I’m not sure whether you are near or far from me …"
Lan Yaobehead turned out to be very feminine, with a red face on her cheeks, and then stretched out a finger to stare at Yang Ye and said, "Are you talking nonsense that I am not close enough to you?"
This sentence has been said too much.
"Need Distance" Yang Ye made a short concluding speech.
"Red Bi, you are really annoying, really annoying!" The blue demon chop suddenly became a good woman. Oh, this is said in a tone of anger, but his face is shallow and deeply smiling.
At this time, I was lying beside Yang Ye and Lan Yao, with a dull face and a look of Alzheimer’s disease. Then I said faintly, "Listen to the hot sun and kill me. I can’t stand you two killing me like this!"