The boy who was killed and stared at Jabba suddenly felt cold air swishing and stopped shouting involuntarily.

June 20, 2024

"Master, let me fight with him!" A tall martial arts school student in his twenties couldn’t help but say
Bao Yitian looked at the tall disciple and looked at Liu Xiaolei a little hesitant.
Liu Xiaolei is 1.2 meters tall and his apprentice is about the same height and weight, but this apprentice is hard-hitting. He is afraid that this young man who doesn’t know the little land will end up with a bad name as a bully in case of injury.
Zhuo Qiang saw Bao Yitian’s hesitation and saw that he might be afraid that his apprentice would hurt Liu Xiaolei and had a slight affection for the owner of the museum. He said, "The owner of the museum really didn’t compete with you. The idea is that Dong Xiaowei must pull us to believe it. You can ask these students!"
What he said is that it is to blame Dong Xiaowei for not letting Bao Yitian have a bad impression on himself after the competition. Anyway, he and Dong Xiaowei may simply offend him if they don’t ease up.
Besides, offending a garbage man like Dong Xiaowei will not bring any serious consequences to himself.
Bao Yitian listened to Zhuo Qiang and looked at Dong Xiaowei, a rich brother, with money at home and nothing to look for!
It’s really hard to add luster to his face through his own brand.
I wouldn’t have given him a good look if I hadn’t received financial help from his father before!
Dong Xiaowei was overwhelmed by Bao Yitian and said, "Who told him that the man was a martial arts section?" I don’t want to fight fake and shoddy people in martial arts! "
Now that Zhuo Qiang has broken the title, he is not finished with his war. When it comes to counterfeiting, his tone is actually impassioned.
"Okay, okay, I know what’s going on!" Bao Yitian rudely interrupted Dong Xiaowei’s words and then said to Zhuo, "There is no need to compete, but young people, I also advise you not to talk nonsense. Sometimes talking nonsense will cause big trouble!"
Zhuojiang is smiling and not talking.
"Uncle Bao has a try. Call him back to his original shape so that he doesn’t have to go out and lie again!" Dong Xiaowei knows that if he doesn’t come to the scene today, he won’t be able to hold his head high in school.
"Master, no matter how someone deceives you, you have to teach them a lesson!" The tall apprentice of the martial arts school is also unwilling to say
"Yes, brother Chen is absolutely right! You have to fight! " Dong Xiaowei eagerly looked at Brother Chen, who found a united front.
"Still dozen don’t play? If you don’t fight or leave, it’s too wave! My boss is very busy! It’ s really troublesome to talk to women one by one! " Ye Chuchu suddenly inserted at this time, and she also didn’t like these people grinding in front of her.
She scolded several men in front of her, which ignited the anger of the students in the martial arts school like a fuse.
"hit! Fight! Fight! " These brothers yelled at the freshmen on the second floor. What other serious incidents happened to them?
Zhuoqiang looked back at the fuse and sighed. A fight seemed inevitable.
Bao Yitian will talk again at this time, fearing that half of these students who have handed in school will drop out of school. You know, learning martial arts is not a coward!
"That’s a match!" Bao Yitian learned the name and future of the martial arts school, and Ye Chuchu’s comment on "sissy" finally agreed to the competition.
"Hongjiang be careful, don’t hurt anyone!" Baoyitian specially confessed way
Chen Hongjiang pinched his fingers, snapped his fingers, and replied heavily, "Don’t worry, master, I’ll be merciful to him!"
Zhuo Qiang, look at Chen Hongjiang’s expression, where there is no mercy!
He looked back and said, "That is so clear! You do this one! Remember not to hurt him! " He’s still a little afraid that Liu Xiaolei’s punch will make him less powerful and Ye Chuchu will reduce the possibility of injury.
"Good boss!" Ye Chuchu is also easy to have no chance to move hands and feet to hear Zhuo Jiang speak and jump to Chen Hongjiang.
Chen Hongjiang froze. He didn’t expect the other party to send a beautiful girl in a cold war. Do you want to fight or make a honey trap?
BaoYiTian also froze the ZhuoJiang want to do? Showing weakness to protect the impostor?
At this time, the group of students also gathered around. When they saw that Zhuo Qiang had sent all his girlfriends around him, they all hissed and despised Zhuo Qiang’s cowardice.
Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao are not too surprised, but they have seen Ye Chuchu badly. It seems that this Ye Chuchu is more malicious and vicious than Liu Xiaolei. I don’t know if there will be a chance of winning in the face of the martial arts school students. After all, people are also Wulin people.
Dong Xiaowei is directly shouted "ZhuoJiang shame on you! Send all your secrets to others! "
This remark immediately attracted contempt from both the martial arts school and the students. Some people even made Dong Xiaowei look very embarrassed by "Pei Pei".
Zhuo Qiang and other scenes calmed down a little and said, "This Ye Chuchu is my employee. She is a disciple of Liu Xiaolei. Please pay attention to it. If you look down on her, you will quickly cover your eyes and fall out!"
Ye Chuchu kicked off her shoes and walked barefoot on the cork shop training ground no matter what others thought of her.
Chen Hongjiang frowned and looked at a Zhuo Qiang and a pack of righteous days. Is it really necessary to compete with this beautiful and hot beauty?
Zhuo Qiang shouted "Chuchu!" when he didn’t want to surf any more.
Ye Chuchu should lean forward and kick straight at Chen Hongjiang alongside of.seem with a simple forward kick.
Chen Hongjiang saw that the other side actually kicked forward as soon as they met each other, saying that the actual combat experience of the other side was really bad.
Front kick is divided into straight kick and pick kick.
Straight kick is commonly known as kicking, bending your leg first, and then suddenly straightening out. When you move slowly and have great strength, you often abuse people.
Kicking hard means that you must practice kicking when you are just learning martial arts, mainly to stretch the ligament. It is a little stronger than kicking straight in actual combat, so it is a fancy decoration.
Compared with the side kick and the sweeping kick, the two kinds of front kicks are not much faster, stronger and more effective in actual combat, which is a world of difference.
Another point is that when you make a forward kick, your face is facing the enemy! The most taboo of martial arts is to face the enemy directly.
In that case, the fatal or important parts of the face, throat, chest, abdomen and crotch are exposed to the range of the opponent’s attack
When Chen Hongjiang saw that Ye Chuchu’s first move turned out to be a flashy front kick, he already classified the other side as a rookie.
It’s not common for a rookie to be able to do it, but it’s a very rookie!
Chen Hongjiang smiled and blocked his left forearm with a short body.