"Doing elder brother’s poison business is the main income of our loyalty hall. Last year, 40% of our income was poison. How can we live if we break the poison road?" Before Hu Debiao could speak, Chen Hu said excitedly that the drug business is indeed the main source of income for all gangs. Because there is a channel, it is equivalent to a printing machine with countless money

June 19, 2024

Dry elder brother looked at Hu Debiao and OuYangCheng also a little not determined so seriously said, "We don’t want to let the generation of Loyalty Hall nest in the harbor. We want to make it Dongshan Province, even the mafia boss in China, with this promise is no good! I mean, no drug trafficking, pornography and gambling. I’m not against it! Remember that those who achieve great things should not take care of the small interests in front of them, but take a long-term view! "
Even Hu Debiao felt that the young man did have a leadership style and ideas at present after hearing the reprimand from the dry elder brother, so Hu Debiao, with his head down, was the first to say, "Do everything as you say! I believe you! "
And OuYangCheng and Chen Hu also got up and said "dry elder brother is what you say! If you don’t get involved in drugs, you won’t get involved in drugs. It’s really unnatural. "
Brother gan looked at the three of them and said seriously, "I really came to help the loyalty hall, not to harm it!" The drug business is the dirtiest business in the world! Remember that poison is an untouchable warning line in our loyalty hall! Whoever touches the waste! " Dry elder brother said majestic gas clouds Chapter 43 Red top gang ()
Chapter 43 Red-top Gangster () "Ah Fu will do it according to Xiao Gan’s instructions and gradually cut off the drug business from now on. Remember two points: one is to be quick, but to be steady. We don’t do it, but we don’t have the ability to stop others at this stage; Secondly, talk to our partners about the plan, return the poison to them at twice the market price and apologize. If there are still some unscrupulous people who tell them that this is a harbor where a strong dragon can’t overwhelm a local strongman, they can’t mess around! Xiao Gan, what do you say? " Tiger ye arranged Chen Hu to dry elder brother asked.
"Tiger Ye said that it may be a little hasty to solve this matter in less than a month, or the brotherhood of Tangkou may be puzzled. Why do you leave the profitable business to others without doing it yourself? Don’t when * * also set up a memorial arch? I can understand all this, because in the eyes of ordinary people, our gangs are just some evil men, which is even worse for ourselves. Therefore, we are synonymous with walking majestically and arrogant in the countryside, bullying men and women, and killing each other! My Wang Xiaogan is trying to change this state and change people’s understanding of us! " Brother gan became more and more excited. He didn’t know that he had unconsciously integrated into the loyalty hall. He didn’t know why he was so impulsive. Maybe there was something restless in his sex bones.
"Then who will be afraid of us if we gang don’t get worse? How can we do things if we are not afraid of us …" Chen Hu asked.
"For us, it is necessary to be’ bad’ and cruel, but we must be’ bad’ and cruel. For those bad people, we must be bad. Are we also bad for those unarmed iron men? ! Then we are still human! ? What a beast! " The more he talked, the more excited he became. Then he closed his eyes and adjusted his mood. He said, "I’ll tell you a true story, and it happened around us. The protagonist of the story is a veteran who is almost fifty years old. There is no mansion at the bottom of this prosperous city, and there is no wife who lives in the shabby urban-rural junction of this city. But he has not lost hope for life because he has a wife who will fight with him and never abandon the dross. More importantly, he has a lovely little princess who is only in his thirties because he joined the army. He married his precious daughter, and this little girl is clever and sensible, which makes him live happily every day because he knows that he is getting old and trying to make money to save his daughter’s education. So he and his wife set up a food stall on the street in the harbor in the evening to earn one more point, and one more point, and one dime. He is very kind and doesn’t want to offend anyone, so when those hooligans come to collect protection, he always gives them a low salary and pesters them to save one piece, but those hooligans don’t spare them because they are poor and low.’ Don’t you want to give less money? Then eat you!’ Every night, a group of ten people sit around and eat hard, and then leave, scaring away all his customers. Finally, one day, a man’s wife was severely kicked in the middle of the abdomen by a punk because she asked them to eat less because of her junior year. That’s a middle-aged woman in her late fifties!I can almost be the mother of those punks. I don’t know how they can get it My man will fight with them, but the man is holding his wife and not talking. Tears in his eyes just endure not falling, and his fists are thumping and knuckles are thumping! Others are still watching, but I can’t! At that time, I beat up a group of punks. The coward in my eyes couldn’t even protect his wife. Later, he said to me,’ Brother, if you beat them, my business would be gone. If I could beat them, I would have beaten them! Brother, I don’t bear the battlefield of Vietnam’s self-defense counterattack. I killed four Vietnamese ghosts with my bare hands! I am also a big man! But my current wife has children, and I can’t help but think about them!’ The man held on to the tears and said, at that time, I suddenly found that this man in his late fifties was so manly, though humble. Later, the gangsters really retaliated and took his baby girl to him, so I didn’t get involved. I went to find their theory alone. He knew that if I didn’t pay anything, I would never get rid of the gangsters’ entanglement, so he changed his daughter in accordance with the rules of the gang. A man in his late fifties stabbed himself in the thigh with a knife, which was so neat and so painful that he simply bit his teeth. Do you call this a man? ! Do you think those punks should be killed? ! "The elder brother of the dry after finished to the three men asked.
"Is a pure yes! Those punks should also be killed! " Hu Debiao seems to think of his red eyes mercilessly said many years ago
"Hehe, do you know who that man is?" Dry elder brother looked out of the window and Xiaoli was frolicking on the beach with happiness than Xiaocui asked.
"who?" Three people together asked.
"Is Xiaocui’s father a real man …" Dry elder brother still looked out of the window and said seriously that three people also looked up out of the window after listening.
"And that group of punks is our loyalty hall baldheaded is their little boss! But our seats! It’s all their bosses. I, Wang Xiaogan, am also a member of Loyalty Hall. I don’t shirk my responsibility! If they should kill, then the four of us should kill first! Old Dalian’s own younger brothers are not well educated, so what’s the point of killing them! ?” Brother gan said excitedly!
After listening to this, all three people bowed their heads and stopped talking. If outsiders saw this scene, they would be shocked and speechless. The three bosses of the Harbour Loyalty Hall actually sat there like primary school students, and a young man in his twenties taught them a lesson.
"Tiger Ye Cheng elder brother emoko things in the past is the past, I don’t turn over old scores, but from today on, loyalty hall must have loyalty hall! The word loyalty and righteousness is not for fun! It is made! " Dry elder brother temper a diverting.
The three men raised their heads after listening to brother gan’s words, and the gentleman should be able to afford it. If it is wrong, it will be wrong. If it is wrong, you can change it! Brother Biao looked at Brother Gan and asked, "Why don’t you just say it? What should we do to become a’ red top gang’?"
"First of all, to master brothers fighting capacity gang to develop have to expand territory, how to expand territory have to play! At present, most of our loyalty halls are too weak except Tiger Brother, which is the most fatal problem of a gang. Secondly, money laundering should be done as soon as possible, and the main industries of gangs should be gradually transformed into formal industries, so that gangs can have enough funds. Without money, there is no confidence in doing anything! The last and most important thing is to educate the brothers in the gang, which can also be said to be brainwashing! Let them be men, men with indomitable spirit, not bullies and gangsters! My Zhongyitang brothers must be loyal people! " Dry elder brother looked at three people seriously said.
"Good Ah Fu is in charge of training brother Cheng is in charge of expanding our industry and company, but I really can’t find a suitable candidate for ideological education …" Hu Debiao looked at Brother Gan and said.
"Grandpa Biao still needs to find the most suitable candidate. This is not far away. Why don’t you teach all three of us a lesson? Don’t talk about those little guys!" Ouyang Cheng looked at the dry elder brother and said with a smile
"Ha ha, yes, you are the only one who does this job!" Hu Debiao also react to dry elder brother said with a smile.
Looking at three people is like three hungry wolves looking at the little white sheep and smiling at themselves, and saying, "Why do I feel like being pulled by you again?"
"Haha, you are already in the water and you want us to pull!" Hu Debiao corrected with a smile and said four * * laughed so heroically.
"By the way, brother Gan, we won’t have a casino nightclub, will we?" Chen Hu looked at dry elder brother asked.
"That what this is our main industry casino for the time being but to regulate the rules and harm people as little as possible! Remember that casinos make money for rich people. We make 70 cents a dollar and leave them 30 cents. Don’t drive people to ruin! And for those corrupt officials who squander money with ordinary people, it’s time to get rid of it and abandon it. In nightclubs, it is even more important to standardize. Let me say that we must ensure the dignity of the ladies. Although they are selling, they are also parents. If they are not forced by life, they will not sell! They are no different from us. The only difference is that we gangsters sell their lives and prostitutes sell meat! If you promise to give them, you must do it. In addition, don’t force good prostitutes. If one of them wants to leave, give them a home and let them remember that they are also part of the loyalty hall. The society abandoned them. We want it! There is also to ensure that their customers are the emperor, but the emperor can’t abuse them! Because they work for our loyalty hall! " Dry elder brother heart "miss" sufferings said.
Although Hu Debiao has never heard these words from a Taoist priest and never thought about them, he just feels that it is human to listen to them, so that a young lady should live with dignity, which requires an equal mind!
"Tiger Ye, Cheng Ge, Emoko, let’s join hands to create our red-topped gang. By that time, when we walk, no one will point at us to educate our children and say that we are bad people! By that time, every brother in our hands will be happy and live with dignity. By that time, there will be no more bullying and bullying in our territory! At that time, we will often hear about the good people in Zhongyitang! At that time, our children’s association proudly said in school,’ My father is a great hero!’ Instead of now we don’t even have a proper job! "dry elder brother to three people describe the future loyalty hall beautiful scene.
The four men held hands tightly and looked out of the window at the marginal sea, looking forward to the future of Loyalty Hall Chapter 44 The lonely residual arm.
Chapter 44 The lonely and disabled arm talked with Hu Debiao for a long time that day. He gave Hu Debiao, Ouyang Cheng and Chen Hu Zhongyitang a picture of the future of the red-topped gang, which excited them. They seemed to have a hunch in their hearts that the "people" were combined.
Brother Gan became more and more excited, and the three people became more and more fascinated until Mrs. Hu Debiao returned to the living room with two little girls who had just finished playing by the sea. She interrupted them with a smile and said, "Why do you guys talk more than us women? It’s almost nine o’clock. Let me make you some supper …"