"hey! Grandpa, why are you here? "

June 18, 2024

Just as Lin Zongsheng was sulking, a sound came not far away, followed by three beautiful images. Looking at the three people dressed up, I knew that it was just from Xingyuanmen to Lengling and others.
They wanted to come as soon as possible to help Ye Han, but they didn’t expect their grandfathers to be here, so they couldn’t help but be surprised. One of the speakers was always impatient and eager.
Yan Xin saw his grandfather leng leng first, but soon he was a little happy and worried that the three of him couldn’t help Ye Han. Now that his grandfather is here, it’s good to say that there must be a way to solve all this in front of him.
Huh? That’s not right. Didn’t it just happen? Why does it seem quiet again for a while? Don’t you come too late, the apocalypse is over? That ….. that cold brother? Isn’t he having a robbery? Why haven’t I seen him? Has he been killed by the apocalypse?
"Grandpa, what’s going on? Where’s Brother Han? How is he? "
Feel the beauty of phlogistic hin is worried and can not consider many ran over to embrace phlogistic fire arm like a little girl while shaking anxiously asked.
When I saw the fire, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. This little girl is already a woman, and she is still like a child. Not only does she have no opinion, but she is more excited. That’s not good. Ye Han is here. She didn’t even find it. What an idiot.
"Ah …"
It seems that I have detected the inflammation of the fire, and Yan Xin suddenly fell to the side and fell to the ground with blood. Ye Han was shocked to see Ye Han in such a mess.
"What’s the matter? Xin Er, what are you yelling about? "
Yan Xin exclaimed and suddenly took off the arm of Yan Huo, covering her mouth with her hands and eyes full of surprise. Looking at the front, Ye Han fell behind, but Lengling and others have not noticed Ye Han for a while, so she tried to ask.
"Cold brother … cold brother he …"
Being asked by LengLing, Yan Xin suddenly came to my mind, but I couldn’t say half a sentence. The whole sentence pointed to a great silence not far ahead. It was to see that her situation was obviously stimulated by something and almost dementia.
"ah? Han Er Han Er, how is he? How did this happen? "
Looking down Yan Xin’s gesture, Lengling was immediately shocked by the sudden appearance of his Ye Han, but he didn’t expect that he would be so embarrassed to look at the sample and still hurt.
"Cold son, don’t scare us!"
Ye Rou soon saw the current situation of Ye Han. When he saw Ye Han’s bloodshot face, he couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart. This cold son will become like this. The injury must be very serious. He must be very painful, right?
I don’t know that every time I see Ye Han injured, she will feel distressed. This may be because Yan Yunzong got into the habit at the beginning. At the beginning, although she knew that her master cared for Ye Han very much, she still rushed to take care of him involuntarily, and she also recognized that this was because Ye Han always told her sister to take good care of her younger brother on the principle of being a sister, but she didn’t want to take good care of him until later. It turned out that all this was not so simple, and she actually had other feelings for this younger brother.
At this moment, seeing Ye Han injured again, she seems to have found that feeling again. Not only this time, even if she sees Ye Han injured, she will feel this way. It seems that Ye Han will be injured and then she will go back to the past and the days when she took good care of Ye Han.
"Don’t worry, he won’t be in danger for the time being … This nine planets array is extremely difficult to solve, and now we can also help him heal!"
Seeing that these three girls are in such a hurry, Lin Zong can’t help but shake his head. These three girls are really dead set on Ye Han’s deep feelings. Isn’t it a little bit seriously injured? Do you have to die like this?
Although Lengling and others didn’t show any actions or words to try to die, they all had this idea in life. If Ye Han really fell, they might not try to die as simple as that, but just go with him.
After hearing what Lin Zong said, Lengling and others were relieved. Although Ye Han’s injury was quite heavy, it would be good if his life was not in danger, but they were somewhat sad to see him hurt like this.
"Wait, you said he wouldn’t be in danger for a while. How long does it mean for a while? Does he …"
Lengling seems to be sober and simple. After recalling a Lin Zong’s words, he immediately found out the flaw. He said that Ye Han would not be in danger for the time being, but he didn’t say that he really wouldn’t be in danger. How long has it been for this time? What will be the result?
"Yes, cold brother, what happened to him? Can’t even the four of you save him? "
The original Yan Xin has been relieved a lot, but as soon as she heard Lengling’s words, she was anxious again. At the same time, she could also put things on them because she knew that there were four of them who could save Ye Han now. If even the four of them couldn’t help it, let alone the three of them.
"This …"
The four old guys smell speech, and suddenly you look at me, and I look at you, and you never give an answer. Now they also want to save Ye Han, but there is no way. The nine planets array is too strong, and no one can solve it. It is even more impossible to save the people in the array.
"I don’t care if brother Han has an accident, then I won’t live alone in the world!"
Yan Xin was cruel and finally said what she said from the bottom of her heart. It was her words that came from her heart, not to force Si Lao, but as she said, if Ye Han was hopeless, she would definitely follow him.
"Silly girl, we didn’t say we couldn’t save it. It’s this nine planets array … alas, there’s nothing we can do without it!"
After listening to Yan Xin’s words, Yan Huo suddenly cried and laughed. This granddaughter is really threatening. Even a casual truth is full of threatening meaning. Alas, you are the only descendant of Yan Jia nowadays. If you don’t have it, then this Yan Jia can really be a descendant.
"Sister Ling, we don’t know if we can crack this nine planets array with our three manpower?"
Leaf soft has been trying to find a way to see if it can solve nine planets’s large array trouble, but after thinking for a long time, she didn’t think of a good way to finally shift her attention to Samsung and nine planets. Can’t Samsung solve this nine planets large array? Even if you can’t get rid of it, you should be able to find a chance to save people, right?
"That’s a good idea. In that case, let’s do it!"
The original Lengling was also a fool’s idea. Now she thinks this method is feasible and there is no way. Even if it is not feasible, she should try her best. If she fails, she will have to say something else.
Then she posed to decorate a large array of Samsung at any time to borrow its strength to see if she could help Ye Han. However, at this moment, Lengyuan suddenly burst out laughing.