Ye Han bitter sigh a mind not only didn’t continue to fall, but was awake a lot. It was his face that inadvertently left a bit of Nai color and said with a wry smile.

June 17, 2024

"So I want to take this opportunity to let you let go of this bad feeling completely. I wonder if you can promise me?"
Ye Han has expressed his heart and let Yan Xin ponder over it. All this is indeed as Ye Han said. Although she once let it go, she still failed to let it go deep in her heart.
Now Ye Han mind she has white he is not just want to let the original scene repeat this to dispel the bad feelings and completely solve the knot.
But Yan Xin is a little difficult at the moment. Do you really need to do this? Is this really the way to solve this problem?
What if it finally fails?
"If you fail, you will fail. If you fail, just consider it a matter of husband and wife!"
Hesitated for a moment inflammation hin heart have the answer to Ye Han nodded his head in agreement.
Ye Han looked at face nai color this just cut a lot and turned to a smile hanging cheek corners of the mouth also can’t help but reveal a crooked smile.
"So it’s better for the husband to be respectful than obedient. Madam, I’m coming!"
Finally, it can solve the crisis of ice spirit fruit. Ye Han’s carefree ratio in his heart doesn’t know whether it is like lifting the bondage of the whole body. The whole person has fallen down with inflammation and body, and he doesn’t know whether the bondage of inflammation and body is like solution.
In an instant, everything in the room was unsightly, and at the same time, a series of provocative sounds came out without disguise.
The sound fills the air everywhere in the room, and it is a very beautiful music that can’t be dispersed for a long time …
【 638 】 【 sudden change 】
Xingyuanmen was destined to be an extraordinary place from its appearance 【
Leaf soft holding LengLing charming body flash into the star gate just built palace group soon found a quiet place to prepare her healing.
Lengling was exhausted all over the stars. This situation is not careless. Although Ye Rou is now somewhat helpless, he chose to take her to heal. It is purely a chance.
In the attic room somewhere in Xingyuanmen, I put Leng Lingping in a bed, but I am a little confused. What should I do now?
Leaves soft don’t know lethargy LengLing nature more from that.
Gal the original still have some ideas, soft leaves will be more useful, at the same time, he also secretly thought that if Ye Han here, I’m afraid things would be easy to solve.
It’s a pity that Ye Han doesn’t know where Yan Xin is happy now.
Naturally, at ordinary times, she will definitely go directly to find him, but today it is different. This Ye Han is suffering from the danger of ice and fruit, and everything is forced.
"What should I do? Cold son, tell me what I should do! "
Looking at the bed, lying still, cold ling leaves and soft hearts are anxious in every way.
Anyway, let’s give her some vitality and save her life for the time being!
Finally, Ye Rou made a relatively good decision, so she lifted Lengling from the bed and climbed into the bed to sit behind her.
Ye Rou’s palms lifted slightly and clung to Lengling’s back, and then she injected a fire into her body.
"hey! So smooth? "
Yuzryha was very shocked at the scene that her vitality got into the cold ling body and soon followed her various meridians through.
It’s not surprising that everyone is nine planets. It’s not surprising that there is no inflammation, cold and irregularity, but she didn’t expect everything to go so smoothly. After this vitality entered the cold body, it actually turned into her own vitality without hindrance.
Is it … Four-star fusion power?
"Well, in that case, I’ll sacrifice one!"
It seems that the problem has been found, and the key leaves are soft, and I don’t want to speed up the output in my hands and blend into the cold body at the fastest speed.
At the same time, another bed in Xingyuanmen is playing an imaginative scene.
Ye Han party phlogistic Xin fell asleep when I didn’t know.
Falling asleep is not a highlight of the scenery in the room. The problem is that both of them are naked, which is a highlight.
There is one thing that is a pity that the body of Yan Xin should be hidden, but it is blocked by Ye Han. It can’t penetrate the light!
It’s a pity that it’s a pity that it’s a pity that it’s also a great girl in mainland China. It’s a great pity that this Ye Han seems to be worried that others will see it and it’s blocked.
Ye Han slept soundly. After some actions, he also felt tired. This ice-free fruit energy has not been refined, so he went to sleep.
Naturally, the ice spirit fruit has not been refined at this time, but it has lost the force of itself, and the burning sensation that it brings to Ye Han’s body has already dissipated.
Watching Ye Han fall asleep, Yan Xin’s heart can’t help but move. This cold brother is still an underage child. It’s actually quite cute when he sleeps!
It seems that at this moment, she has forgotten her age, even Ye Han is inferior to this child.
Patted Ye Han back inflammation hin also slowly closed his eyes to get a good sleep before that she is not easier than Ye Han.
However, as long as she closed her eyes, a strange feeling came to her mind.
Ye Han went to sleep because of fatigue and never really left her body. At that time, I don’t know that wonderful feeling actually appeared again.
I feel that this inflammation is busy with my eyes open to see what tricks this Ye Han is playing.
But when she opened her eyes, she found nothing. This Ye Han actually slept so soundly as if all this had nothing to do with him.
Naiyan Xin closed her eyes again.
"Brother Han, stop fooling around and let Xiner have a good rest!"