The man behind me fired two shots in a row, but he was also slightly shocked. It is estimated that he didn’t expect Zhouyi and Zhou Chi to be so agile with their backpacks on their backs.

June 16, 2024

The man with the camera in front did not immediately throw away his camera when he saw his companion hit him, and also took out a gun to retreat. Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi had two shots. His gun was a May 4th pistol, but the gun body was lengthened and the barrel was equipped with a silencer.
Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi have eyes behind their brains, and the general route has cleverly avoided two bodies and jumped to the willow tree by the river.
The first time I was shot after Zhouyi and Zhou Chi, I was a little nervous, because the gun guy was very accurate just now. If Zhouyi and Zhou Chi didn’t feel his murder, they would have been shot dead.
Zhouyi and Zhou Chi were suppressed by two guns, and the willows dared not stick their heads out, while the two men in coats strode towards them. At this time, the fields were silent, and no one else had a thick murder.
"What about Xiao Yi?"
Zhou Chi hid behind the willow tree and asked Zhou Yi.
"Have a good time with them. Master was an expert in the knife. We may not be able to ask these two guys what they came from first.
Zhouyi replied that life and death were really a slim line just now, but now his mind has stabilized, and these two guys actually came after him and came to Yuquan Town, so there must be a mastermind behind the scenes, and Zhouyi is eager to know who wants him dead.
"Who are you from? What is going to kill us! "
Zhou chi hiding from the tree coming towards the two gunmen shouted.
"You are Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi, right? Anyway, you are very close to death, so I will tell you to make you two die white and not be confused ghosts."
Two gunmen strode in tandem, taking cameras earlier. The gunman was a little older. As he walked, he said coldly, "I think you remember Lin Buqun when you were young, right? I can find you for a while. I came to Hangzhou from Hong Kong, followed you from Hangzhou to Shandong, and then came to this bird-free town. It will be really unlucky to find a mobile phone! "
Go ahead, the gunman is about 35 years old, go behind, the gunman is about 30 years old, they are tall and big, and they are very similar. They should be brothers, and they are more tacit than ordinary people.
The two brothers blocked the Zhouyi and Zhou Chi from different angles with guns in tandem. When Zhouyi and Zhou Chi were hiding in the willow tree, they would shoot them. Now they are constantly moving closer to the willow tree. The older they are, the more dangerous they are.
"Lin Buqun was found killed? Didn’t I ask Yang Silang and Laobai to clean up the scene? Didn’t these two guys handle things well? "
Zhouyi heard this slightly older gunman said today (Monday), the in the mind a surprised couldn’t help thinking.
"So you are sent by Lin Haonan."
Zhouyi leaned against the willow tree trunk by the river and replied that the horse had reached the highest state of energy. He was not sure about dealing with two guns because of darts, and he felt that the two gunmen were old hands and the marksmanship was quite accurate. If he and Zhou Chi poked their heads out, they would probably be shot in the head.
It may take people like Qinglong and Master Zhou Shan to win the fight against the gunmen, because their posture has reached the point where ghosts and gods are unpredictable, and it is difficult for the gunmen to shoot them. Unless they are shooting with machine guns, they can get close to the gunmen for a short time or kill them.
"It’s good that because of you, Lin Lao and Lin Buqun were all lost by Tiancheng Media. Some companies are estimated to be dead except Lin Buqun. Lin Lao said that whether you killed this Lin Buqun or not, but this account is always your head. Just accept it. Today is the memorial day for the two of you. It’s a blessing for you to die here."
The older gunman sneered. He was very calm. When he and Zhouyi were hiding in the willow less than 30 meters away, his speed slowed down. He was afraid that Zhouyi and Zhouyi also had guns, but this guy was very confident that Zhouyi and Zhouyi would die even if they had guns. Because they were famous killers in Hong Kong, the two brothers jointly killed more than 100 people. This remarkable past gave them strong confidence.
"This guy claims that Lin Haonan and Lin Haonan are not just Lin Haonan’s killer."
Zhouyi’s brain is running fast.
"Then who are you? Chapter 88 Flying Tigers with double guns.
Zhou Yi asked, now he finally knows who wants to die by himself. I thought this Lin Haonan was really vicious. He didn’t know that Lin Buqun was dead. He called Kexin Yu himself and fired Lin Haonan and Lin Buqun. He was going to kill people []
"You are dying to know so much to do? Don’t generation want to revenge us two brothers? Even if you have a generation, we won’t give you this opportunity! " Slightly behind a few steps, the younger gunman replied
"Two people can’t be a confused ghost, can they? I hate you, but you help Lin Haonan to kill me. My generation will naturally not let you go."
Zhouyi said in his heart, but he calculated to save himself or kill the two gunmen.
"Haha, take revenge on our two brothers. My eldest brother and I came out to make a living in our teens. I killed before I was fifteen years old, and my hands were hundred. I haven’t seen anyone who dares to take revenge on the old man after reincarnation. If they dare to find me, I will give him another shot."
The younger gunman sneered at Zhouyi’s provocation and said, "It doesn’t matter if I tell you that my eldest brother and I are Hong Kong’s’ Xinyian’ and the famous’ Flying Tigers with Two Guns’. My eldest brother Zhao Fei is Zhao Hulin, who is always our Xinyi ‘an guest. Although he bought it with money, he is still a veteran. It’s not your turn to bully the younger generation. You have figured out the cause and effect, so you can go to death with peace of mind?"
"It turned out to be Xinyi ‘an, but the biggest gang in Hong Kong, Zhou Chi, they are very close to us. As soon as I shoot darts, you will quickly approach these two gunmen. Now you should know that we also know what we are doing. Just kill them without mercy."
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