A group of people watched Feng Yang for a moment in the room, and said, "Let’s go to work. When Feng Yang wakes up, I hope to see that everyone can finish it perfectly."

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Wu Hua, who was hit by Jin Fu on the same day, was somewhat improved. When he should be taken seriously, he wouldn’t pose as an idiot who could make people angry. After Xi Yu said that, Wu Hua went to the auction house to practice fatigue, and the auction house specially released a message of purchasing’ Yang Ying Hua’ worth tens of millions.
The auction house is not short of cultivators, and it is afraid that there is not enough money if there is no goods. The auction house bought the cultivators of Juxian for about half a month. Obviously, this is a serious overdraft. Juxian owns the whole dream street, and its monthly income is 10 million yuan. However, the price of cultivators of more than a dozen people for half a month is as high as 10 million yuan, which is equivalent to the current situation. Juxian can’t let himself practice for 30 days a month.
This made Wu Hua have an understanding of money for the first time. Ten million yuan seems to be a huge fortune, but now it seems that ten million yuan doesn’t seem to be as much as he imagined. If the scale of gathering talents is still more than a dozen people, if it grows to hundreds or thousands of people one day, what will tens of thousands of people use to support such a huge consumption?
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Chapter four hundred and sixty-four Being cheated [Chapter III]
Welcome you to come.
For the first time, Wu Hua will think about this kind of problem independently and find ways to solve these problems, which has never happened in the Empire or Feiyun Gate.
Perhaps this is also the reason why Fengyang keeps distributing it to Wu Hua separately. Fengyang has long planned to cultivate Wu Hua’s independent thinking ability in this way instead of relying on others blindly, and he can do whatever he wants to do without thinking about the strength of Wu Hua’s empire. Unfortunately, this is the mainland, and he doesn’t know how to die if he has enthusiasm and brute strength.
If you want to live in the mainland, you must learn to think and practice your ability to live independently, and you also have some remorse. If you don’t monopolize everything when you fly to Yunmen, you probably won’t develop their dependence. Now the remedy is to give out what everyone is good at and go far and high in this field so that you can live.
In fact, Wu Hua doesn’t know that his mind has quietly changed. It seems that there is no wind. He has learned to think independently and solve problems independently.
For such a big auction house to entertain a waitress, Wu Hua was treated like an uncle, which made Wu Hua experience some imperial enjoyment, and the waitress had implicitly and euphemistically expressed that Uncle Wu would like to have a long talk on the second floor to exchange an emotion.
However, Andy is just a casual man who is not interested in this kind of woman who has groaned in the crotch. He thinks that this kind of woman can’t even compare with a prostitute.
Brothel girls are less fair and aboveboard, and they are also sold at the marked price. How can these waitresses be high-class bitches in essence, but they still have to pretend to be lofty and pure, showing coquettish and swaying in front of some big rich people?
Although Wu Hua refused to let the waitress secretly scold the man without losing his wit, it was probably rare to die young ~ but he still smiled on the surface. Wu Hua was as low as a lamb, saying that once someone auctioned the Yang Hua auction house, people would inform him at the first time.
Wu Hua, who is away from the auction house, is still thinking about how to solve the problem of money needed for everyone to practice in Juxian. He has a very innovative idea. A powerful woman brothel invites a group of men to have sex, and some lonely and hungry young women or widows specialize in brothels. He intends to make himself the number one in this brothel because he thinks that business will definitely be very hot and he will earn endless money.
"Hey buddy"
Suddenly, Wu Hua came to his side and shouted. He turned around and saw a well-dressed and handsome young man around him. The young man’s behavior set off a noble public temperament from his face with a smile.
"What can I do for you?" Wu Hua suspicious asked
The young man never forced Wu Hua to smile, but he was not afraid that Wu Hua would turn away from him and smiled indifferently. "Did you buy Yang Mianhua?"
"How do you know?" Wu Hua’s doubts have not been solved yet. Here comes another doubt.
The young man was otherwise arrogant and said, "It is difficult for me to learn a little news from the auction house."
Wu Hua saw that the tone of the other party was arrogant and a little handsome. You can see at a glance that it is a battle suit with excellent quality and high price. This is not an ordinary person who is willing to dress, but he also believes the words of young people who call themselves Jie Shao.
Wu Huadao said, "Do you have a flower?"
"No, I won’t come to you." Jie Shao said with a smile.
"How are you going to sell it?" Wu Huawen
Jie Shao pondered for a moment and then said, "The auction house with a turnover of 10 million will be drawn 500,000 yuan, so it is better for the auction house to earn 19.751 yuan each and save 250,000 yuan. What do you think of this proposal?"
Wu Hua really has a crush. After all, he just realized that he can save 250,000 yuan if he has no money. This makes him not be tempted, but he still stares at this handsome young man with a little aristocratic temperament. "How do you want me to trust you?"
"That’s up to you. Anyway, there are many people who buy Yangyang flowers. There are several buyers here. They don’t have enough money. I’m in a hurry to ask you. Since we can’t talk about it, I don’t mind waiting." Jie shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave. Wu Hua couldn’t see a sneer at the corner of his mouth. He secretly sneered at the old man and didn’t believe you.
Wu Hua, this nasty flower is a rare thing in the world. Maybe after this village, there will be no such store. It would be a pity if you miss it now, and you can save twenty-five million yuan. This is not a small sum.
At this moment, a figure suddenly blasters from Wu Hua’s head, and a breeze blows over Wu Huajiao’s head. The figure of that person has fallen like a ghost. The front of Jie Shao is full of style. Ling Fei came over. The man is also a handsome young man wearing a rare suit. He stopped Jie Shao and said, "Jie Shao, wait, I have 9.5 million short of 250,000. I really need Yang Hua for a few days."
This man suddenly appeared, which made Wu Hua feel that his things had been robbed, and he cried and chased Jie less over there.
It’s like buying clothes. There’s one set left in this dress, but it’s a little expensive. I’m still struggling to buy clothes. Suddenly, a person comes over and likes this dress at a glance, and when he wants to pay for it, he will lift his own things and be robbed. It’s also a morbid psychological thing that someone grabs something is a good thing.
"I didn’t have the money to buy anything, but I went to buy it." Wu Hua was very domineering and pushed the man and then took out the wind and gave it to him. Kolor came out and transferred twenty pieces of hardware to his place for convenient delivery. "Nine million seven hundred thousand gold was paid in one hand and delivered in the other."