Seems to be able to feel Du Yun provocative flame beast Lord roars behind him, and the flame beast roars one after another and then runs towards Du Yun.

June 14, 2024

Their hooves moved around this area, and suddenly it seemed like an attack by hordes. Cracks appeared faintly on the ground, and there were vibrations around them.
However, it is obvious that when the Dean set this point, he may have considered this point, and each layer of the fire cloud cave will be more stable than before.
Only in this way can we withstand these powerful flame beast attacks without causing collapse scenes. Du Yun secretly marveled at the fact that there was no hesitation in his hands.
Party day painting Ji shook out a trace of flowers, followed by Du Yun, whose figure changed suddenly, and Ling Fei got up and came to the back of several flaming beasts.
The body Lei Guang flashes the mysterious vein and operates two completely different forces, namely, the instantaneous generate comes out and then turns into a series of quintessential spiritual forces wrapped in Leili, and gradually condenses the halberd head of Fang Tianhua through Du Yun’s right hand.
"Wind shackles!"
Du Yun light way left hand hurricane sharp blow and then gradually formed a huge prison instantly appeared in front of a flame beast.
Then the prison mouth Zhang Instant is to bind the flame beast that is charging. Du Yun immediately turned around and drew a halberd with a three-meter long handle, and the flame beast appeared like thunder.
This series of movements is completed in a flash. Du Yunfeng’s shackles just appeared, and then the thunder surged gradually, and the dry Kun was condensed and formed.
A lot of thunder is like a bucket. Since Leihai emerged behind Du Yun, it has been continuously split out. Suddenly, these flame beasts are panicked.
Du Yun Fang Tian painted halberd and hit the flame beast. At this time, the wind chains have dispersed. The flame beast was about to turn around when it was turned into a stick by Du Yun Fang Tian painted halberd, and its hooves were deep in the ground.
"Hey!" His four-headed flame beast was struck by a thick lightning strike, and suddenly the layer of fire cloud armor was chopped out, and then blood gurgled and raw and roared in succession.
Lord of the Flame Beast, a roaring flame beast suddenly struck again, and the head of the flame beast went deep into the ground with four hooves. A flame beast spewed out a flame, and the ground suddenly collapsed, and then it escaped.
The five-headed flame beast Lord ordered to huddle together again. It can be seen that this flame beast Lord is very wise, but he turned his back on his companions.
In this way, no matter which direction Du Yun attacks them, it will be the first time to find that Du Yun smiled and praised the wisdom of the Lord of the Flame Beast, but it was not.
Brush a Du Yun without confronting the five flame beasts. When the figure flashes, it disappears and a ghosting image stays where it is. Although these flame beasts have some wisdom, they don’t know that it is Du Yun ghosting, so they attack one after another.
Five salamanders spew out hot lang, however, they don’t know that these flames are the ghosting of Du Yun, and Chapter 76 Flame Beast Lord.
Du Yun’s five-headed flame beast moves around. These five-headed flame beasts are comparable to the fifth floor flame beast Lord Du Yun, and he can’t be careless about the Xuan Tianmai running to the extreme shape and leaving the ghosting effect.
Five salamanders; spewing out is in the middle of Du Yunliu ghosting, and the ghosting is broken like a broken glass, which makes Du Yun sneer at one.
The five-headed flaming beasts saw that they spit out flames and shattered the Du Yun ghosting. Their wisdom was low, and their Du Yun had been defeated by their flames. They all gave a howl of excitement.
Just at this time, the figure has come to the back of the five-headed flame beast. Du Yun suddenly reappeared. The five-headed flame beast suddenly showed a state of crashing and another human came.
It’s normal for Du Yun to look at the flame beast. It’s almost natural that he can’t tell who is who. The flame beast is low in wisdom, and now Du Yun is a newly emerging human being
Du Yun Fang Tian painted halberd shaking, halberd head sparking, a fierce flame burst, and bang, the fire cloud armor of that flame burst suddenly.
Party day painting halberd with a strong airflow around the gas suddenly stopped flowing bursts a sharp halberd head suddenly into the flame beast fire cloud armor burst body.
Du Yun once again moved Fang Tian to draw a halberd and drew out the back of the flame beast. Suddenly, he shot an arrow with blood more than one meter high, and then the flame beast roared in pain and circled in the same place.
Then Du Yun didn’t stop there, but chased after him and turned around. His body disappeared again like thunder before a few flame beasts.
In an instant, Du Yun reappeared, and the injured flame beast’s side painted a halberd, and the head of the flame beast was smashed into a pool of blood and mud and died.
He looked at a few flaming beasts and couldn’t help but have generate’s violent breath. Four flaming tongues merged into one, and a strong flaming tongue spewed out. Du Yun’s heart sneered and retreated, and he attacked the flaming tongue with a square painting halberd.
When that strong flame is near Du Yun’s side, it is in this area that the eyes of the four-headed flame beast are gradually taxiing and dissipating.
"death!" Du Yun drinks a lot and flips a somersault, and then the painting halberd falls from the sky and becomes a stick, and suddenly a flaming beast head is displayed.