"Can this really make this kid give up being a candidate?"

July 11, 2024

"Don’t worry, absolutely effective! But doing so may cause a heavy blow to Xiaolei’s spirit … Are you sure you want to continue? "
Shi Haiteng couldn’t believe that Zhuang could have this idea not far away.
But Shi Haiteng is an honest man. Not far from Zhuang, he really made sure that he could grind his teeth. "Strike, strike, strike! This child will go to waste again! Do not break or stand! "
Anyway, the child is terminally ill, and it can’t be worse …
Shi Xiaolei first said to his little friend on his mobile phone, "God, I want to take a monkey to learn! Do you think Teacher Liu will cry? "
For Shi Xiaolei, what he likes best is to enjoy others’ envious eyes, and the teacher has a look of hate and anger.
I don’t know how much trouble I caused, but I was dropped out of several schools and had to follow me to study in Virtual City.
Now the child’s whole world view is distorted, and no one will listen.
1V1 battle
Shi Haiteng stared nervously at Shi Xiaolei across the corridor.
Can a monkey play games when Shi Xiaolei doesn’t take it seriously?
Even if you can play games, can you compete with yourself? I am going to be a candidate!
A minute later, Xiao-lei Shi looked somberly and frowned tightly.
A minute and a half passed, and Shi Xiaolei was sweating profusely.
Two minutes later, Shi Xiaolei burst into a swearing sentence.
"Lie trough! Come again! "
"The child should swear …" Shi Haiteng wanted to go out and beat people and was stopped by Zhuang.
"Teng Ge, are you sure you don’t want Xiaolei to be a candidate?" Zhuang said not far away, "It’s rare for people who can play with you for two minutes. This kid is very talented!"
"no! No matter how talented you are! At this age, you must study hard and study hard! " Shi Haiteng is very determined.
"Well, then," Zhuang said sorry not far away.
Shi Haiteng wants to fly to Zhuang again. It’s not far away, you bear child. What are you sorry for?
How can a single dog like you know a father’s mood!
"By the way, why don’t you have a girlfriend? When will you get married? "
"Ah ah elder brother teng to break up? Do you still want to save Xiaolei? "
Can you chat?
"Then shut up!"
Two minutes later, Shi Xiaolei was so angry that she almost dropped her cell phone, but she held back.
"Come again!"
Yaowan rubbed his hairy head and looked back at another game not far from Zhuang.