Lv Dongbin suddenly drank a glass of wine and said, "I just can’t see my heart clearly, so I feel scared."

July 10, 2024

"I have something here that can help you. Would you like to try it?" Lingqing said backhand to reveal a red bean.
Lv Dongbin looked at it in his hand and asked, "Is this red bean?"
Lingqing nodded and replied, "Eating acacia beans can make you see the person you want to see most in your heart."
This red bean is acacia cultivated by Nie Xiaoqian.
When Ling Qing broke through the fairy, she didn’t just recover her past life.
When he first came in, all the magic weapons and tiger skins he had brought with him came to him.
It was he who took this acacia bean out of the tiger skin bag
And he himself has eaten one and saw a figure.
Either he, Xiugu in Huangliang Dream or Xiangu.
Unconsciously, dreams have been replaced by reality.
Even if he cut off Lv Dongbin’s emotional robbery, he will continue to kill him.
"Does it really work?" Lv Dongbin looked at the hands of red beans and then at the eyes.
Lingqing said, "Don’t you just try?"
"Good" Lv Dongbin nodded and swallowed it.
Then a figure floated from his mind, which was the back of Peony Fairy when he was in heaven and then reborn.
He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, but he caught a mass of gas.
I didn’t want to catch it until I knew it was true or not.
A tear slipped slowly from the corner of his eye.
"Is this the fear you have experienced?" He gently wiped the corner of his eye and asked, "Fear that it is not true and fear that it is true."
"People’s hearts are unpredictable, and it’s even harder to see them clearly," said Ling Qingdao. "Fear is not terrible, but it will make you lose the courage to face it.
And when you have the confidence to face it, you will find that it is not so terrible and there is no such fear. "
Lingqing added, "Immortals came into being at the historic moment, but there were also doom."
Lv Dongbin said, "I know that beauty, eating, gambling, jumping, killing, sex, wealth and laziness should be in us."
Ling Qing nodded and said, "It’s a kind of doom. The easiest thing to spend is beauty, eating and gambling."
Because they should be in Tie Guai Li, Zhang Guolao and Hanzhong respectively.
The three of them have the highest morality and the strongest heart.