Tree people are very powerful, especially in this lush and vast forest.

July 9, 2024

Just look at his attitude and you will know that this man must be stronger than Shuren.
There have been two orderly kindnesses and one neutral kindheartedness in the past.
The evil camp is supported by him and the hill giant. If there is another powerful one who hates evil, he doesn’t feel the need to stay here.
No matter how good you are, you have to have a life.
"All sentient beings can come and listen if they have the right mind!" Miao you ping he yin Dao
Although I don’t know what Dao Xin is, Lord efreet understands it through his wonderful attitude.
At present, this almost powerful god wants you to have the so-called orientation, and he doesn’t care about any camp difference
"I, Palmer, would like to learn from Jingqi." Palmer, the Lord of efreet, was silent for a while. After all, he did not want to give up so much energy and expressed his willingness to learn from Miaoyou.
Hill giant a listen to also hurriedly said.
He and Lord efreet looked at each other and saw each other’s thoughts.
They are all cunning people by nature, and they have been told from their childhood that nothing can be trusted.
Only powerful strength and eternal interests are worth pursuing.
There is a wonderful saying that they will not study, but it does not prevent them from compromising.
And this compromise is just perfunctory.
Wonderful can white their thoughts but don’t care.
A world is never single.
This is also the reason why Lingqing didn’t make Miaojing Emperor go to the nine levels of hell or the abyss to put a fire in front of him.
Although he has good intentions, he has never been an extremist.
Besides, he preached here not only because he had to stay here and have a dull chat.
I also want to use the tree people and the silver dragon to drive away those who want to destroy the world.
The Xuan Jing of the Cave of Natural Living Gods is a complete method that can directly point to the immortals.
You don’t need to give them all the wonderful things, but the natural practice contained in them can be realized by them.
He belongs to the model of transforming druids into immortals.
In front of us, these creatures can try to see what changes will happen when Xiandao falls into this world, and what kind of sparks will be sparked.
Different thinking and natural cultivation of immortals confirm each other, which is more conducive to the wonderful emperor to reach a higher level in the future
Just like Xu Hang, Zhuang and others in the Warring States period.
Verify one’s own Tao in the world of heaven and earth
Chapter one thousand seventeen Mind way
The Xuan Jing of the Cave of Natural Living Gods is a kind of spiritual species, which has an indefinite foundation and a alienated plant handle. It is a true species that looks like a charm, a pearl and a light.
Keep this true seed in your heart and wait for its refined soil to grow strong and grow fresh.
There are many reasons for the natural way. Nutrients take root, sprout and break ground to grow a precious tree of Yuan Shen.
Just as Lingqing preached in Lanre Temple when a group of female ghosts preached.