July 8, 2024

Night shadows fall in love with Ji
brief introduction
[The light intensity of the house is lower than 3, and it is in a dark state at present, and level 1 weirdness appears after 45 seconds] Xu Le shrinks his feet [You are afraid that all weird foods will attract them] Xu Le? You’re not even allowed to shrink your feet? In a slightly flustered mood, Xu Le quickly gave birth to a fire light [the light intensity of the house is 4 at present in a bright state]. Xu Le just breathed a sigh of relief and found that all this was a distorted flame and formed a new text! [There is a body in the house that has been dead for more than 4 hours, and the body will become level 1 weird after 1 minute] [The current house is in a dilapidated state, and level 1 weird will appear at midnight after 14 minutes and 56 seconds] [The countdown to the Red Crescent robbery is 2 days, 14 minutes and 56 seconds] Shit! Damn it! Son! [You are angry. Anger is that all kinds of fierce bait will attract them] Xu Le? Trust me! I’m not angry! Really! Dark age of steam hides forbidden fruits and broken secrets. When night comes and darkness comes, when you walk in the darkness, they will also appear with you to avoid the darkness. You can wait for the light!
Chapter 1 Darkness
Some unknown changes are taking place in a cabin outside the city, which is similar to that in the suburbs of the old days
If someone looks at the wooden house at this time, they will find that there are waves of gas distortion here, which is probably like a pixel color block appearing in the normal line of sight.
In the dark, things are also looking at this dilapidated cabin, and it seems that they are also curious about what happened inside.
Until the log cabin is back to normal.
Xu Le’s simple action of slowly opening his eyes seems to be difficult for him at this time.
Slightly thin eyelids are particularly heavy.
"This is me? Is it dead? "
Several ceilings have been missing from the roof, and the hot night wind is whistling outside the door.
There is hardly any light here except the bright moonlight and the occasional dark green outside the window.
Sweat soaked the wound and the pain made Xu Le pick up his teeth.
Twist stiff neck Xu Le barely looked around.
In the shabby house, insects occasionally sing and there is a man in red with blood.
"Well, it doesn’t seem dead."
This environment is not quite right. This guy is not dead, is he?
The pain made Xu Le look back. He looked at the ceiling and took a few deep breaths, which could relieve the chest pain a little.
Even if most of them are psychological.
Just as he was trying to fiddle with a hair that was wet enough to block his vision, the wall at the edge of the vision suddenly twisted.
There are crooked words on the wall.
[The current light level 2 of the house is in a dark state, and after 9 minutes and 1 second, it appears level 1 weird]
The wall continues to twist and flow, and the wooden board sticks out like pieces of moving pixels, and that part of the wall gradually becomes a little girl.
Even if Xu Le’s psychological quality is still acceptable, he can’t help but feel a little numb.
In front of me is a girl lying in the arms of a black sheep, but Xu Le can’t see her face clearly.
This face seems to be covered by a few mixed color blocks, and the sense of disobedience is full of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which will suffocate you when you see it.
She was staring at Xu Le and pointed to the wall.
[The current light level 2 of the house is in a dark state, and after 45 seconds, it appears level 1 weird]
Looking at the text message, Xu Le’s eyebrows shook a few times, and he realized that he wanted to reach out and touch the little girl at the moment.
But before his fingers touched the girl’s side face, these unreal things disappeared again.