The wonder is that this ability judgment is very strange. It is not necessary that Chu Hangti’s fire release skill is controlled by him and attached with the ability to extinguish inflammation. Injurious skills can also have this effect, for example, he can attach this ability to artillery shells in his hand.

July 7, 2024

Xia Mi’s representative is Yin Tu. At this time, all the defense laws in the world she lives in are attached to herself. As a member of the law system, Liu Chen is hard enough. With the assistance of Xia Mi, the golden body is not bad at this time.
At this time, for the first time, Lu Chen enjoyed the bonus of array skills, and he was even more intoxicated with the extreme rise of strength.
His nerve reflex speed increased by 1%, and his soul source consumption decreased by 6%. Attribute+1 point, all attack damage independently increased by 3%, all resistance increased by 5%, and the damage ratio decreased by 5%.
Among many effects, adding a little effect to the attribute also contains lucky attribute, but there are also some places that weaken it, such as charm attribute, which decreases a little, even though the panel is still-34+
In addition, the attribute plus one can’t break through the extreme of the ninth order, but Lu Chenyuan’s many States have triggered the sinner and the situation has reached 34 points. At this time, the panel has changed again
At this time, all the main battle attributes of Lu Chen have become 34+!
There is still a difference between extreme attribute with plus sign and without plus sign. At least at this time, Lu Chen feels that his strength is still rising. The bonus effect of this attribute is not without it.
State increase Lu Chen’s appearance is simply harsh and can’t be looked directly at. The other side is boiling mysterious blood. Because of the auxiliary ability of painting pear clothes, it is also dyed with a touch of gold.
The dark side of Shaqi billowed like a tsunami and hit the world in all directions. Shaqi and Soul are all his ways of perception. Everything is hidden several times faster than god’s mind and vision to perceive the enemy because there is no time delay.
"Looking for light soon predicts that Lu Chen is very dangerous, and the secret blood is cultivated in such a state that the forbidden art makes it easy, but the secret blood is the perfect device. If the recovery is stronger than that of the past, it is not necessarily."
Dust looked at Liu Chen light way sumeru a left a right blocked but Liu Chengen not ready to run.
"It can really hurt taboos, and there are only a few people in ancient and modern times. You are the most."
Sumeru commented that it was obvious that he had been at the peak of the secret blood fighters in his past time, and it was not clear that he was too successful or not as an outsider.
Lu Chen also didn’t ask who is the land of zhongzhou, probably one of his ancestors who once reached the peak of true self. The secret blood fighters may be stronger than Lu Xingtian, or no one knows.
He doesn’t care so much, knowing that the two taboos in front of him are against his relatives and friends to hunt himself.
Then it’s good to hack to death
The rubbing sound of regicide blade and scabbard is crisp and sweet. Those creatures in the world are like a prelude to the movement of death. They deeply understand the horror of Lu Chen.
"If you have this strength without taboo, you really can’t leave it."
The figure disappeared with a spike in the cold road.
They didn’t say that they were going to attack Wu Sheng and others at this time, and their first priority was to surround and kill Lu Chen before they could cut the grass.
Lu Chen is also a fiercely in his heart, because he lost the trace of the other party after the martial arts eye. The speed of the other party is absolutely faster, and his speed is also limited by the other party. He can’t hide from Sumeru by slapping him.
If you can’t hide, you won’t hide. It’s a conventional field. He can understand the concepts of ability. He’s completely hard!
Just at that moment, I’ll see Lu Chen’s long knife drawn out of its sheath and step forward to dominate the world and cut a knife.
The ghost earth’s ability to breathe is 100% dead, which triggers the knife to cross the sky. With taboo blood falling, the sky in the world is split.
The edge knife is intended to break the walls of the clouds. This knife breaks through the surface universe and crosses the true spirit world, breaking the whole territory of Gaoshen soil into two parts!
The original dynasty Lu Chen pushed Sumeru, and the whole person was cut off from it. The taboo eyes in orange clothes were still stunned. It seems that I didn’t expect myself to be so vulnerable in front of Lu Chen.
At the same time, Liu Chen’s eyebrows are embedded through a nail, and the shooter is Juechen.
Juechen’s eyes were also amazed at this time, not that he didn’t expect Liu Chengen not to hide, but that he didn’t expect Liu Chengen to cut off Sumeru with one knife.
Sumeru is a taboo expert, so how can the concept force be broken by the attack force in the conventional field? Even the source is almost defeated! ?
What makes him even more ridiculous is that Lu Chen didn’t stop after his knife, and the other hand leaned forward and grabbed his collar, as if he had planned the battle for a long time.
Then Lu Chen leaned forward, and the nail of the origin level penetrated his head. The situation was brazenly forward, and the magic lines on his face made up for it. With a ferocious smile, he pulled the dust closer to himself with his hand.
Liu Chen bumped into the dusty head and unexpectedly smashed the taboo head.
Sumeru’s figure was condensed in the rear at this time, while the figure of Juechen was retreating. His clothes were torn by Lu Chen and his head was slowly reunited.
At this time, Liu Chen’s eyebrows showed a hole, and the blood kept taboo, which caused the injury to seem to be not so good. The original nail of the other party had a special deep red mysterious blood flowing from the eyebrows across the ends of the bridge of the nose, like a new magic tattoo on his face. When the blood slipped down the corner of his mouth, he stuck out his tongue and licked his mouth, and it was hot and red mist sprayed out.
This situation makes Lu Chen’s teammates watching the battle in the rear feel outrageous.
Chuhang and others have always known that Lu Chen’s style of warfare has been exaggerated. This is a life-for-life brutal play.
In particular, wasn’t that just a move for ordinary street hooligans to fight? Lu Chen also hit his head in a fight with taboo! ?
But in fact, Lu Chen’s tactics have worked, because he has a natural intuition that can tell him when and what tactics to take to maximize the damage to the enemy.
"That’s it? Come and hunt me, too? "
Lu Chen’s horizontal knife immediately swept coldly at the two taboos in the world of Yang. "One can run fast and the other can be big or small. I am just a waste in front of me."
He is not an imaginary potential, but he is easier to understand and cope with than the strange abilities of the inner world taboos, which can directly interfere with and control his thinking ability.
To put it bluntly, at present, the two taboo strong men belong to the type of frontal combat, and Lu Chen is never empty in frontal combat
In particular, he is at the peak of the attribute theory at this time, and he will never lose his attribute because of many bonuses. He is stronger than taboo power!
"Let’s limit him together!"
Juechen did not quarrel with Lu Chen, but seriously released the war plan.
To be honest, they never thought that Lu Chen would be so powerful. Although this may be because they angered Lu Chen, Lu Chen’s strength is not rooted in the realm attribute, but in the excessive expansion of the same order.
Liu Chen stepped forward at this time while bleeding from the eyebrows, killing the king and drawing out his sword for hundreds of millions of miles
The powerful root, the soul, the spirit, and the spirit trace back to thousands of times. The law of a dark sword escapes from the void, just like hiding a killer in the shadow and harvesting life and death.
A hundred times the real injury taboo can’t stand being cut by Lu Chen once, which is the source of arterial bleeding.
One brake, two taboos at the same time, sumeru taboo will turn itself into poverty and dodge the root cause of landing morning attack. At the same time, the soul will turn Lu Chen into poverty and let Lu Chen face the dust attack and avoid it