Shaking his head gently, Yunyang had a choice. He planned to look around first and then go far away.

July 6, 2024

It’s time for Yunyang to fly and disappear into the sea of clouds in a blink of an eye.
About a wick of incense, Yunyang came to a deep mountain and dense forest and felt the breath fluctuate to his feet. Yunyang immediately converged and the breath fell.
Soon Yunyang leaned over a leaf near the ground and looked around carefully.
This is a mountain surrounded by mountains, and the peaks on both sides of the mountain are towering, and there are a long and narrow valley with some simple grass houses, large and small, about a hundred.
There is a small river in the valley that flows through the whole village and forms a backwater in the middle of the valley, which is the densest part of the hut, about thirty or forty.
Among these huts, there is a three-story temple that stands out from the crowd.
At the moment, there are hundreds of corpses lying around the temple. Brilliant red blood has dyed the earth red, and the wind is filled with thick blood smell. The scene is terrible.
Those bodies are ordinary people in terms of clothes. They are men, women, old and young, with their heads pointing in the direction of the temple, and several gray faces with anger and longing. It seems that there are still many unfinished wishes before they die, and they are all unwilling to die.
At the entrance of the temple, there is a gray figure, which looks like a stone statue with hatred and sadness on its face. It is looking at a few feet away, and there is a middle-aged man whose body shines like a god.
This man is dressed in a golden gown with a handsome face and a conceited smile, as if Putian could not find anything to impress him.
Chapter five hundred and fifteen Shocking
In the face of hundreds of bodies, the handsome man smiled calmly, looked at the gray shadow at the entrance of the temple like water, and said, "There is only one person left. Are you really not considering it?"
Gray shadow body shook untidy long hair to reveal a beautiful face of Zhang Xiuqing. At most, she was in her mid-twenties, but it was hard to hide her beauty in a cloth.
This is a dignified woman with a vicissitudes of face. After listening to the handsome man’s words, her eyes can’t help but move to the other side.
On the steps of the temple, there is a child in plain clothes. The female is about twelve or thirteen years old. She is thin but strangely beautiful. She has a light aura and gives people an extraordinary feeling.
The little girl struggled to lift her head and eyes motionless, looking at the entrance of the temple. The girl in gray was full of sadness.
When I came into contact with the little girl’s eyes, my body trembled, and there was a kind of excitement that was hard to imagine, but I was forced to press it by her a moment later.
Looking at the half-British handsome man with a gray shadow, he hated, "What do you think I have left at this moment?"
Handsome middle-aged man chuckled, "Can you really give up your kinship?"
Gray shadow laughed. "What if you don’t give up?"? Do you think I will believe you? "
Handsome middle-aged man laughed. "Try it. Maybe I’ll spare you mother and daughter."
Grey Shadow hesitated to look at the little girl and asked sadly, "Do you blame your mother for being single-minded?"
The little girl shook her head slightly and struggled. "Mother is the best mother in the world, and she will not blame you for being single-minded. Why should this bad person do this?"
Gray shadow said sadly, "He did the same thing in the temple."
The little girl asked with all her heart, "Since it is one thing, why won’t Niang give it to him in exchange for his life?"
Gray Shadow sighed, "You are too young to talk about whether Niang will give him something or not, and he will kill our village."
The little girl nodded with a look of relief when she heard the news. "Since all of them are dead, we would rather die than never give them to him."
The gray shadow smiled and looked so sad. "My mother is so happy when I grow up with all my heart. Even my mother can’t save you. Will you hate the sky?"
The little girl shook her head wholeheartedly and said, "No, I won’t hate the sky, let alone my mother. My life is not long, but it is full of love. I hope that even if I die, my life will be colorful and memorable."
The handsome middle-aged man laughed. "It’s a pity to hate sensible little girls."
The gray shadow glared at the middle-aged man and then looked back at his daughter and asked softly, "How old are you?"
The little girl paused and replied, "My mother is twelve years old this year."
Gray shadow whispered sadly, "Twelve years old is a sensible age. Do you remember the ballad that your mother taught you?"
The little girl recalled a nod and said, "I will always remember what my mother taught me."
Gray shadow smell speech with tears in his eyes slowly walked to the little girl and bent down to pick her up and then turned back to the temple gate.
Stopping in the gray shadow and looking at her daughter’s drooping legs, she asked, "Does it hurt?"
Shake your head with one heart and smile and say "no pain"
Handsome middle-aged man smiled. "Her legs are temporarily unconscious. If you are willing to hand over something like that, I can restore her to her appearance. If she refuses, she will die next to you soon."
Gray shadow glared at the middle-aged man angrily and said, "You will get what you deserve!"
Handsome middle-aged man is not very pleased with laughs "karma? I just want to try one. "
It’s also good for the gray shadow to be angry and know more, so she looks back and looks at her daughter in her arms with soft eyes and feels guilty. "Don’t blame your mother for not being able to protect you."
Smell the words with one heart and smile on your little face. Stretch out your hand and stroke the gray shadow cheek to comfort. "Don’t blame yourself with one heart and understand your duty. Although death tastes terrible, you are not afraid with one heart."
The gray shadow cried sadly, "What do you wish for before you die?"
The little girl looked up at the sky with a pious face and said, "It would be a pity if I could change my mother’s life with one heart."
The gray shadow trembled and choked, "Don’t you hate fate with one heart?"
The little girl said bitterly, "hate! But what about that? I hate this bad guy even more. He destroyed everything here, but what can I do if I just hate him? "
The gray shadow trembled and was very excited. "Don’t you ever think about revenge for your folks?"
The little girl chanted, "I won’t hesitate if I can give my life for it."
Grey shadow cried, "If this is your wish, I believe that heaven will see."
The little girl asked, "Mom, what do you want?"
The gray shadow almost fell when she shook her body, and her eyes swept around the scenery. The blood of those bodies was like a few sharp knives in her heart.
Looking back, the gray shadow looks a little strange, and the eyes are complicated. Looking at the daughter in her arms, she whispered, "Mother’s greatest wish is to listen to you sing that ballad again."
The little girl nodded and smiled at the gray shadow, and burst into melodious songs with inexhaustible desolate desire.
"Only your love is perfect; Tianya remembers your heart; Only you love me and gave it to him, making him laugh like a mother-"
Gray shadow, face, tears, both holding their daughters tightly for fear that someone would take her away.
A semi-handsome middle-aged man with a smile on his face seems to have turned a blind eye to this and is not affected by external emotions at all.
In the distance, Yunyang Yuanshen attached to the leaves and felt more shocked than shocked at the sight, burning with anger.
The secluded mountain village is a river of blood. On this day, the wild mountain village is very similar. Yunyang feels natural.
However, Yunyang is different now. Although he is extremely angry, there is no horse showing up. This is his change
Yunyang, a master of repairing amazing things, was angry and looked at everything in the field at the same time
First of all, Yunyang sensed a threat to the handsome middle-aged man.
This says that the man is serious and has something that makes Yunyang feel uneasy.
I also feel a little strange about Yunyang, a little girl with a gray shadow. This mother and daughter are different from ordinary people, but they can’t sense the slightest breath of cultivation. What’s the difference?
The third temple is also quite strange. In terms of appearance, the people here should often worship sacrifices and incense in the temple, but the plaque at the temple gate is white without leaving the name of the temple.