So many people died in the auction, and there are still a few silvers, but Shan Gang and Tianyuan Union are like not seeing them at all.

July 5, 2024

The city was quiet for several days.
Quiet and weird!
Time falls to show one’s figure
Zhou Jia sweep eye host send array several people frown asked.
"Brother Hu is not here?"
"Are you …" A person with doubts looked at Zhou Jia for a moment before his face suddenly respectfully upon.
"It turned out to be Zhou’s predecessor!"
If we say which silver is the least known in Luan’s city, Zhou Jia is definitely a top player, and he has not attended several formal banquets for 30 years.
I really can’t recognize you if I haven’t seen your portrait.’
Hu Ming bowed their heads and secretly lamented at the same time mouth to say
"My ancestors were invited by the wooden patriarch the day before yesterday to the border and are not in the city at present."
"So …" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Ambassador Yun didn’t start sending troops just now?"
"Inspection makes cloud predecessors?" Hu Xun shook his head again.
"She didn’t come here."
Didn’t come
Then go somewhere else.
"Start to send the array" Zhou Jiakou walked forward.
"I’m going back to Yuancheng."
"back to yuancheng?" Hu Ming face slightly looked up and said
"Can the elder have Jia Tang as the master?"
"Do you need it?" Zhou Jia frowns
"Need" Hu Ming nodded.
"If the silver in the city wants to go to the deep city, it needs Jia Tang’s master to send it to the array. This is the Bianhuang rule."
Zhou Jia didn’t say anything, and his ears trembled rapidly.
A moment later
He shook his head a way
"What should I do if Jia Tang is not in town?"