A little while

July 4, 2024

Bai Xiu sighed lightly and gradually walked away.
Zhou Yi hid in the dark, motionless and thoughtful.
It’s really evil. These people know all about it, but the Jade Fairy asked about it outside. Is it her heart?
And waist Yu Pei …
Just now, that woman has something in her mouth. It seems that the Jade Fairy Master has arranged herself to enter the execution court with other plans.
Who’s the one who’s hurting our own people?
Many doubts come to mind one after another.
Looking up, Zhou Yi’s eyes were as bright as a knife, and he cut through the melancholy thoughts in his heart.
"If I am strong enough, all problems can be solved. I need to pay attention to what others do. If I want to, I need to improve my strength."
"When you become a refined gas, big problems will become small problems."
"If it is Daoji, the problem will no longer exist!"
Ascension is not a day’s work.
With the help of alchemy income, Zhou Yi started with some fierce pills and agarwood pills from Xiang Shen, but the slender progress was still slow.
What’s more, there are three yuan to collect interest and hang on to the mirror, and advanced gas refiners need to cultivate, and the gradual change is far away.
Veterinary hospital handover incense sink eyes wide open pan surprised and asked
"Do you want to ask the Jade Fairy Master for a method of offering sacrifices and refining utensils?"
"Not bad"
Zhou yi nodded
"Elder martial sister, give me a black flame stick. Now it’s a multiplier. If I can practice magic sacrifice, my strength will be doubled."
"Even if you meet a gas refiner, you can’t touch it."
"In addition …"
He continued
"I’m lucky to find a treasure in the criminal court. It’s a tripod. If it’s refined, it can also be used for alchemy."
Chapter 16 True Yang Lian Bao tactic
Seeking a ritual refining method from Jade Fairy Master Zhou Yi’s words made Xiang Shen shake his head again and again, which in her opinion is no less than a fable.
The Jade Fairy Master climbs high above the roots of two people.
Zhou Yi was still punished. He was convicted of murder and kept in prison for ten years. Even he was blacklisted by Xianshi.
Even if XianShi has a good personality, he didn’t agree to the reason.
However, Zhou Yi could not bear to ask Xiang Shen one after another, and she should have come first to find a chance to inquire for the Jade Fairy Master.
To her surprise.
The gloomy and cold environment of the punishment court is covered with Tsing Yi, and the temperament of the jade is not matched at all, which makes this woman more detached.
Back and forth around the giant tripod with both hands, jade rubbed her smooth face thoughtfully with one hand.
"I seem to remember this instrument!"
"You are lucky to find a traditional Chinese medicine instrument, or you can hide real fire and refine Dan medicine treasures."
I can’t remember the origin of the giant tripod. Jade simply stopped thinking about it and turned around to look at Zhou Yi and laughed