Or did you go back and forth and swallow it all at once?

July 3, 2024

This point is not clear.
Therefore, Xu retired and dared not behave in such a way.
This is the power of the four original palace sources. If it is swallowed by one of them, who can argue with it?
If we can’t control the four original palaces, the loss will be too great.
It is extremely important for Cai Shaochu and Shang Long to make the worst-case and worst-case plans.
If the allied forces of the three tribes enter Ceres from the small universe of heaven, then they will have two ways to go.
The first way is to fly through the universe to the planet with the nearest cosmic channel node, that is, Muneighbor, and then enter the cosmic channel through Muneighbor, and then kill Taoyuan Star through the cosmic channel, and then fly into the sun from Taoyuan Star, cross the sun, kill Mars or the moon nearest to Blue Star, and then kill Blue Star.
This road allows them to explore the shortest route for white foreign invaders from Ceres to Blue Star.
But this minimum will take about a year and a half.
And this speed is good at calculating the speed of nine satellites and stars.
It seems a long time in a year and a half, but if it really comes to that, will the blue star Terran transfer be completed?
But if you hold Ceres, then the invaders can enter Blue Star by the second way. The second way is to fly from Ceres to Jupiter or directly cross from Ceres to Mars.
In this case, it will take three years even if you are good at calculating the speed of nine satellites.
In three years, Blue Star can definitely transfer twice as many people.
But the question is, can Ceres hold on?
Three-clan allied forces can’t keep it.
But if you can’t keep it, you can destroy ceres!
It is necessary to destroy a planet, but at present, three-phase thermal explosion bombs can
Of course, a three-phase thermal explosion bomb is not enough.
Pangu and Huang Dou estimated that it would take at least 4,000 three-phase thermal explosive bombs to destroy Ceres, and it would take a long time.
Those four palaces are the best tools to gain time.
Even if you take the opportunity, you may pit a wave of intruders to death.
This big data model is very important for the control of the four original palaces.
Therefore, it will be very cautious to retire.
If the four-color ball of light formed by the fusion of the four major sources of power is swallowed by some guy in one bite, even if Xu retired, it would be a blue star sinner.
This can be the future life strategy.
But it’s obvious to retire, but a little active. At this meeting, everyone wants to let the four-color ball patronize like a peacock screen.